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Wondering how to change your gear oil?.. Install PIAA's? Integrate Phase-shifting technology? Well..mates...you've come to the right place. This section is my humble effort to make installs and some maintenance procedures on late model BMWs a little easier for you, the esteemed (and quasi-esteemed) BMW rider. In this section I have accumulated "How-To" info from all around the world...from fellow riders, factory manuals, my own experiences, quadrazine hallucinations, etc.. I could go on but I know your attention span is about as long as a gnat's pube... with that said... BEFORE you proceed ... please read my DISCLAIMER. You'll find it on the same page as the picture of a naked Angelina Jolie on a K1300S.
Did you read it? or have someone read it to you? OK.. Do keep in mind that the methods shown below are NOT the ONLY route (or the best or the smartest way) to get the desired results. Each is just one individuals' idea of how to do a project. Alrighty then... hope the following links help with your mechanical endeavors. May your respective god(s) have mercy on you and bike. Proceed at your own risk. Note: A special thanks to the many individuals who contributed to this section.

Motorcycling 101 How-To

Heated Grip Replacement With ANY Grip for Cheap
How-To Survive on Your Motorcycle
How-To Survive the "Tail of the Dragon" at Deals Gap
A Complete Parts Fiche for Your BMW

How To Pick Up Your Dropped Bike

BMW K1600GTL / K1600GT How-To

How To Install Remus Quad Slip-Ons on 2022 K1600 Bagger
How-To Change Low Beam headlight bulb on K1600GTL
How-To Install Air Filter Replacement on K1600
How-To Pick Up Your Dropped Bike

BMW K1300S / K1200S How-To

K1300S Radiator Fill and System Bleed
Oil Level Sight Glass Replacement
How-To Change the Spark Plugs In BMW K1300S
BMW K1300S Coolant Change (Vacuum Method)
How-To Remove the Front Wheel on K1300S / K1200S (Same as 2009 K1200GT
Definitive Guide to Accessory Rear Lighting for the BMW K1200/1300S
BoosterPlug Install Pictures K1200S
How-To Install Verholen 85mm Handlebar Riser Installation on 2010 K1300S

How-To Install the Beautiful BMW K1300S LED Taillight on a K1200S
How-To Install a Kisan License Plate Frame on a K1200S
K1200S Accessory Outlet Modification
/ 2005-2006 Models
A Complete Parts Fiche for Your BMW

How-To Install Fiamms on a K1200S
How-To Install the Verholen K1200S Bar Risers

How-To Pick Up Your Dropped Bike

BMW 06-2008 K1200GT / 08-2012 K1300GT How-To

K1300GT Owners Manual
BMW K1200GT Cam Chain Tensioner and Jump Guard Modification Video
How-To Install R&G Frame Sliders on the 2008 BMW K1200GT
How-To Change the Oil in a 2006 & Later BMW K1200GT
How-To Pick Up Your Dropped Bike
How-To Remove the Front Wheel on 2009 K1200GT
K1200GT Clutch Removal - BMW Procedure

BMW 98-2004 K1200RS / 02-2005 K1200GT How-To

A Complete Parts Fiche for Your BMW
Every Freakin' Torque Value On The K1200RS
HID Headlight Upgrade How-To for a 2003 K1200GT
How-To Install the BRAKE LED Kit Inside the Clear K1200RS Taillight Housing
How To Install a Gorilla Alarm on your K1200RS
How To Install the K1200RS Verholen Short Shift Kit

How To Replace K1200RS Fuel Cell and Filter
How To Remove/Install K1200RS Fuel Pump/Filter
How To Install Fiamm Horns
How To Remove Your 97-2001 K1200RS Fairing
How To Install Ohlins Shocks on K1200RS
How To Install Wilber Shocks on K1200RS
How To Install a Staintune Exhaust on a K1200RS
How To Install the Electronic Cruise Control on BMW K1200RS
How To Remove the Factory K1200RS Windscreen
How To Install Comfort Screen on BMW K1200RS

How To Install The Scoop on BMW K1200RS
How To Install Verholen/11S Mirrors on 97-01
How To Install a Valentine1 Detector On K1200RS
How To Cut Down That Godawful Ugly K1200RS Fender
How To Install an LT 4-Pot Caliper on the K1200RS
How To Lower 97-2001 Pegs by Machining a Rear Set
How To Change Gear Oil on BMW K1200RS
How To Change Rear Wheel Drive Oil On K1200RS
How To Install Driving Lights on BMW K1200RS (by Electronic Connection)
How To Install the K1200RS Protector Cowling Screen
How To Change Your K1200RS / GT Oil and Filter
How To Adjust Your Valves
How To Change the Angle of Your Barbacks
How To Install Lite Buddy's
How To Install the Solo Seat Cowling for BMW K1200RS
How To ReWire Your Headlight for Higher Wattage Bulbs
How To Install K1200RS Steel Braided Brake Lines
How To Install the K1200RS Pirates Lair Stealth Backrest

How To Pick Up Your Dropped Bike

BMW R Bikes - R1200GS / R1200RT / R1200RS / R1200R How-To

Denali SoundBomb Installation on 2016 BMW R1200RS
Denali SoundBomb Installation on BMW R1200RS
How to Install Wunderlich SaferView Mirrors On the R1200RS & S1000RR
Mounting a GoPro Camera to a 2016 BMW R1200RS Motorcycle

Misc How-To

H7 LED Installation on BMW S1000XR
How To Install a Cam Chain Tensioner On BMW S1000XR and S1000R
How-To Install a Nautilus Air Horn on Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS
How-To Install a Nautilus Air Horn on Ducati 1098

Disclaimer To Protect Ye Capitan's Ass: Be advised that there is no representation of accuracy of any of the information presented on this web page relative to BMW motorcycle modification and that the material is presented for information purposes only. In no case will Jerry (a.k.a. Pirate) Finley, Pirates' Lair, Pirates' Lair staff members be held liable for damage (consequential or otherwise) resulting from or arising out of alterations you make to your motorcycle due to opinions displayed within. You are encouraged to seek qualified assistance before undertaking any of the procedures outlined here, and are here by notified that, should you decide to proceed, you do so at your own risk. Blah.. Blah..