Take me home, El Capitan!

Anyone who knows us will tell you we're motorcyclists first.. vendors second. That's the way it is now and always will be. So it is written.. so let it be done. We treat our customers simply as we'd like to be treated... With respect whether you plan on buying from us or not. A simple philosophy yes, but our customers tell us that our service and atitude are world-class when compared to the big outfits.

We are proud of the fact that we were 10 time I-BMW.com #1 BMW Accessory Vendor of the Year winners.. And by a wide margin. Our customer return rate is an astounding (at least to us) 92%! We never take it for granted. If we don't have what you need, we'll do our best to help you find it. We'd hope you'd do the same for us if the situation were reversed.

Feel free to peruse the following customer comments and judge for yourselves if we're worthy of your patronage. If you are a past or present customer, and you'd like to contribute your own comments to this page, please e-mail them to: pirateslair@gmail.com Without the input/feedback from our friends and patrons.. both positive and negative, we can not improve and grow.

Latest 3/11/23: Jerry... A small note of Thanks. The gas cap from SSR arrived yesterday as planned. I really appreciate you taking the extra effort to help solve my problem - and to then ensure it was actually delivered. Well done! Just another reason why I recommend your store every time I can.
Perry Redmond / New Caney, TX

"Irrr rrrecieved miar Smartskin grirps.” Okay my Pirate speak is a little weak. I received my Smartskin grips OGT-AB-LT. They are a great product, especially since BMW grips are small for me and mine were getting a little worn and slick. My impression is the Lite version is slightly fuller than some OEM grips such those on my Triumph Bonneville. You guys are great to deal with and in my web favorites now to source parts. Thanks for a great buying experience. Calm Seas Ahead.
Darryl Turpin / Danville, Va
Thanks Jerry. I really appreciate the quick action to resolve the mystery of the lost order. Hey, stuff happens.. Such is life and we roll on. Your business truly has the integrity I've read about and what was the deciding factor for going your way. Word of mouth is a powerful advertiser.
Steve Hammett / Cass City, MI
Pirate -- I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for supplying me with a couple of excellent products. I recently purchased my first BMW K1200RS. I am absolutely pleased with this purchase and I am coming to believe the machine is superior to any other machine I have owned. I don't think I will leave the BMW family.I purchased Lite Buddies (rear kit) and Run N Lites (front kit). I have to say the product, kit, and the instructions exceeded my expectations. In the today's world I find this rare - Keep up the good work as this is the reason I will be a returning customer and will recommend your site and products to others.
Jay - Owner / New England Motorcycle Emporium, LLC / Plaistow, NH
What can I say? I shop extensively on the internet and your customer service and quality of product exceed 99% of all companies I deal with. You took time to answer a question about my K12 and I was impressed. You will get my return business. Thanks for you integrity and K12 support.
Dr. Wes Baker / Ontairo, California
I am VERY pleased with you folks. You give new meaning to "customer service". All too often people are quick to complain when something is not to their satisfaction. I am quick to point out when something is. And you guys have a great thing going and many pleased customers. Thanks for caring. Customer for Life :-)
Demetrios Mirissis / Huntington Station, NY.
Jerry, you are so refreshing and a wealth of knowledge to new BMW riders like me, every rider and enthusiast should have your website and access to a friend like you, lord of the BMW K12. I have now completed customizing my bike to the point where I feel it is mine and not the factory beemer from Germany. I thank you for your imput on the exhaust systems, I will be waiting for the pirates lair to hook up with staintune so I can order from you, it is a long summer and I can wait. In the meantime I can order the bolt kit, cowling, plugs, hats and everything else I can use from Pirates Lair where the truth is told. My danger be with you. Best Regards.
Dennis Hannibal / Accident, MD.
Thanks for the great service, and huge discount on a very nice passenger backrest for my K1200RS. The lady in charge (your wife) was very professional in handling my order, and made some good recommendations on future equipment. Oh, and I liked the wax seal on the documents that came with my order; nice/elegant touch.
Jim Hathaway / Foxboro, Ma.
Sure is fun to deal with you--the air pump I bought is made about 2 miles from my house, and they could not sell it any cheaper than you did (so I had to make sure the fed ex guy got paid) UNBELIEVABLE! The coolest thing I've gotten from you is the sucking tankbag (big spender that I am). You really should bring that back--mine is almost worn out! Thanks for the good deals. Peace and Speed.
Doug Denison / Seattle, WA .
I wanted to thank you and Amber for filling my order and delivering it to me so quickly. I even received "the goods" before the bike I purchased was delivered! Also.. thank you for your time and all of the extensive exhaust information that you provided. Your site (as well as Vic's) have been invaluable tools in educating myself to these wonderful machines and I look forward to continuing my education and contributing when appropriate. Excellent service! Cheers.
Jeffrey F. Koopman / Philadelphia, Pa.
Paralever Torque Arm. The essential cosmetic addition. Why didn't BMW source this? Lite Buddy's. Discreet and effective additional stop-lights (especially with clear signal covers) Z-Technik Tank Protector. Oh my, it's expensive. Oh my, it's gorgeous. No regrets. FIAMMs. When it's needed, scares the cagers shitless so good in my books. Who needs loud pipes? And many other things I have planned ...And superb customer service. Even to Poland without any problem. Best wishes.
Andy Cranmer / Warszawa, Poland
It's nice to know that there are business people in this world who go the extra mile. thanks!
Robert Stothoff / Flemington, NJ.
Jerry/Amber.I ordered the parts on Monday & they arrived on Wednesday. I don't know how you do it nor do I care.. Just keep it up, you have the others beat.
Ron Wigal / Stow, OH.
I ordered the 50 mm barbacks on Thursday, July 3rd. I called on July 8th to find out where they were. You had no record of my ordering them. My customer was leaving town on July 10th. Thank you very much for ordering another set and shipping them to me next day air at no charge. I got them at 11:45 am, July 10th. The customer was waiting at the shop with me for the package. We installed them in about 5 minutes and my customer was off on the road at 12:05 pm. I got a cell phone call from my customer about an hour after he took off, he said he loved the barbacks, just what he wanted!! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things turned out. Great!! Thanks for your help.........'Keep the breeze between your knees'.
Chad Mechelke /Westside Cycle / Eau Claire, WI.
Just had to write you, what an absolutely outstanding website, your information is bloody phenomenal, keep up the work. I just bought a 98 k1200rs for $7700 with 5600 miles for my 4th trip from Scottsdale AZ to Laguna Seca, it is a seventh bike for my collection. Nowhere have I found any resource for any of my bikes as good as yours, your customer for life!
Mark Taylor / Scottsdale AZ.
Hello, Danger... Among many K1200RS fans in the country of the rising sun, I would be a minor one to comment in the foreign bike website. The greater popularity goes unfortunately to R series here, a lot of domestic and imported products are available for R series but a few for K series. I bought some of the products from Pirates' Lair, which is really a gem box for K1200. Take care and see you over the great lake/The Pacific Ocean.
Kunihiko Takenaka / Tokyo, Japan
I entered my bike into the concourse at the Northern Cal BMW Club 49er Rally on Memorial Day and it won "Best K Bike"! No doubt it was because of all the goodies purchased from your company. Glad to deal with a merchant that has great customer service-not to mention lots of cool stuff! All your hard work and diligence shows. And no . . . I'm not asking for anything! ;-) Keep it up!
Kendall Lee / San Bruno, CA.
Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the prompt service in delivering my order. RS Protector (Black) and Cap KIt Complete.Thanks as well for the complimentary hat. All arrived in A1 condition and I am totally impressed with the accessories. So impressed in fact, that I just might purchase other accessories from you in the future. Thanks again
Phil Bryce / Brisbane, Australia
I received your Stealth Backrest and installed it using your detailed instructions. I'm not a wrencher but was able to pull this off without a hitch. It is a quality piece of work. Your company is a class act. Thanks again.
Richard Clompus / Roanoke, VA.
It is refreshing that you take great pride in customer service. These days, sometimes that is hard to come by. Thanks for your personal touch. A happy customer ...
Curt Hills / Rochester, MN.
Thanks to you and your staff for an excellent transaction. Really appreciated the prompt service, and the "personal" touch of a $5.00 hand written check in the return package. Hugs and kisses. Let's Ride!
Lew Barrett / Seattle, WA
Well you have surpassed yourself. I collected my goods yesterday from FedEx. Thanks to your invoicing I had no additional duty to pay. I look forward to purchasing more goodies from you in the future. Keep up the good work.
Peter K Samways / Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Just thought I would drop a note after my recent bike mods. Once again thank you for promptly sending me my much needed stuff. I'm riding a new GT and contrary to anything else heard, this is a spectacular bike. Great power and handling and serves my needs perfectly. I installed Run-N'-Lites front and Lite Buddys rear. I think this is your best choice for increasing visibility and it looks great. I also installed the Stealth backrest and it is perfect too. Again thanks.
Steve Ertischek, MD / Oxford, NC
I just want to pass on how pleased i am with all the products i have from your web site. The additional air intake scoop is perfect and installed like a beauty. Thrilled with stealth backrest and t-bag rollbag,(BMW should take notes!) The protector screen makes the lower come alive. I appreciate your enthusiasm with your products. A picture of my custom k12 is coming as soon as this wet weather lets up. Thanks again.
Brian Fulmer / Lancaster, PA.
Cheers Jerry... Have highly recommended your services to the 35 members of the local Uylsses club (a bunch of old motorcyclists whose motto is "grow old disgracefully") who ride R1150R's & K1200RS's - I hope you hear from them. FYI.. Ulysses is an amazing club here in Australia with 19,000 + members! Being over 40 years. Check them out at www.ulysses.org.au
Clive R Blunt / NSW, Australia
Hi Jerry...Received the Remus system yesterday and I must say, that was great service. Packaging was excellent. This was packed from Austria in a white box and then overpacked in a brown carton. Very secure, nothing rattled. The canister is also separately wrapped in a saran type wrap (heavier duty) and then wrapped in corrugated or padded paper. Thanks again for yor excellent service Jerry. The shipping alert is a nice touch and sort of eases the "pain" and anxiety of waiting. You are the best !!
Cesar Blardony / NY, NY
Just to let you know the package arrived safely today by express, Jerry. the Stealth backrest will be fitted this weekend! Thanks again for your speedy service...top stuff. Ride well.
David J. MacFarlane / Peebles, United Kingdom
I would like to thank you for the outstanding service that I have received. Everything I ordered arrived on-time, well packed, and in perfect condition. The installation instructions were clear and concise, and all my parts worked just as advertised. Thank you again! The jury is still out on the AM 30MM Bar Backs. Visually, my baby now looks like a Big Wheel; but we will reserve judgment until a nice 200 mile ride tomorrow. I have told three of my friends about your site. It's always a pleasure to try and drum up business for quality people!! I look forward to whatever cool stuff you come out with next. Ride safe, have fun.
Andy Hyde / Centerville, TN
Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you. By the way, the lovely women with the wonderful southern accent (forgive me, I'm terrible remembering names. Was it Amber?) was fantastic with the shipping problem. Mission Accomplished!
Alan Frischman / San Diego, CA.
Once again you have outdone yourself. I'm not sure how you get things to Germany so fast but nobody does it better! BTW - the BMW rally in Garmisch was super! Take care and thanks.
Steve Desautel / Germany
Ahoy Pirate! Thanks for the help choosing the American Machine barbacks. I just returned from a 900 mile long weekend through New Mexico and the bar backs made a huge difference on my neck, wrists and shoulders. Now I'll just have to buy MORE STUFF for the beast! Great help and quick shipping - thanks again....Z
Richard Zizza / Carlsbad, NM.
I have had great experience with Jerry - the Pirate. Even before he started selling items as a business, I bought items from him personally. When I frequented the K1200RS site, I bought things from him as far back as 1999. And I still buy from him . I have always found him to be honest in his claims about a stated product. He does not confuse what he knows first hand with what someone else has told him. If he is selling a product and states it should give a boost of X horsepower, he lets you know if he saw the dyno results or if someone told him about it. Jerry, keep up the excellent work.
Frank Ganger / Eagle River, Alaska
When my order for a Stealth backrest was delayed, Amber was very helpful. Not only did she e-mail about the problem, but she also called (long distance) to explain. On top of that, the Stealth backrest looks, fits and feels (so says my wife) great! The next time I need an accessory, (and that hugger is tempting) Pirate's Lair is where I will go.
Philip Jacobs / Highlands Ranch, CO
Now, That's quick service. The backrest and the T-bag arrived on time and as expected. They are excactly as shown on the web and appear to be very well made. I installed it and it looks great.Thanks.It's a pleasure doing business with people like you. Thanks...
Phill Salzman / Bartlesville, OK
Been away a few days on business, just wanted to let you know the brackets arrived after just a couple of days safe and sound. A complete contrast to everything else I order (bike stuff, books for the kids, CDs ...) - you must have something going with the post service. Seriously, you could do some major business as a middle-man for guys like me, out of the US, UK and Germany (yup, quicker from you than from the next country). Lights, tank bags, selected clothing (Held gloves??? dream on ...), etc, etc. Maybe not a huge market but a good sized niche. Excellent service and excellent products. Just my 2 cents and thanks. Cheers
Andy Cranmer / Warszawa, Poland
You guys are first class. It's been a long time since I was treated like a human. Amber was very helpful in helping me make a purchasing decision and actually knew more than my dealer. Impressive! Shipment arrived as promised. Thanks again for the accessories and keep up the good work. I will be telling my friends.
Jay Sauramon / Singapore
You're the best,,,, you..filthy lug! Great site!...thank God! Someone with a sense of humor!
Timothy M. Lawlor / Plymouth, MA.
Thanks. I'm very happy with my back rest and the prompt service. You are on my cool list! Best of luck with your move.Thanks for the great products.
Jim Stocking aka Rocket Man / Indianapolis, IN.
What a pleasant experience. Your products and service were as good as advertised. The quality of the components was good. Your instuctions were clear, and the installation went without a hitch. Your delivery was quick, and your response to my question was prompt.
Don Braasch / Minooka, IL.
Hi Jerry, we received our order today and were very pleased with everything. Thanks so very much for the medical info for our helmets and the hats, both of us being cap wearers (I really have to hide that helmet hair!!) and loving our k1200rs so much they will be very much worn. We will definetly be ordering from you again. Thanks for all your help. If you are ever in the Ocala FL area look us up.
Rich Turan and Shirley McLean / Ocala, FL.
Thanks Jerry. You provide such great customer service. Wish my managers had your qualities and people skills. I'll place an order for the horns. Love your site.
Daryl Miyasaki
I love the Spiegler brake lines and the Rhine West chip too! Thanks again for excellent service and support.Your products really do make an excellent bike even better.
Kurt Cleveland / Beverly, Ma.
Please accept my thanks for your exceptional service and products. The Stealth Backrest/ Texan Bag is as advertized. Install instructions were concise. It has been very rewarding finding your web-site / helpful instructions, advice and links. I am eyeballing your new exhaust system with the "Z chip". It may take a while to scratch up the loot. (Not a high priority on wife's must have list.) Keep up the good work.
Mike Dunn / Salt Lake City, UT.
You shipped the Lite Buddy Plus Stop Alert Kit and the RS Protector (Silver) on the 20th March 2003 and I received it on the 31st March 2003 - not bad! Everything looks great and the lights really do the trick, installation was easy. The quality of what you supplied is above what I expected from viewing your website. Thanks again for the prompt service. Regards
Arthur Gilligan / Victoria B.C.Canada
Troy here ...just wanted to let you know that I recieved the "goodies" with a few unexpected surprises yesterday, the hat for one and the other is the rain cover for the texan bag, I feel a Gomer Pyle moment coming on. Anyways as always thanks so much again for creating and finding these things for the as you say "K'str".......close enough.Thanks
Troy N. Turner / Broken Arrow, OK.
The new Bar Backs make a Big difference. They've gotten alot of the weight off my wrists and shoulders, it's made the ride much more comfortable!!! Thanks for providing a spot where K1200 riders can find cool things for their bikes. I have more things I want to purchase from you as funds be come free so I'll be in touch again. Thanks Again
Philip (Pops) Mosle / Livermore, CA.
Hello all.. Just a quick note from a first time customer, and a very satisfied one at that. I just got back from vacation to find my order had arrived complete and well packed. I wanted you to know that everything so far has installed and performed exactly as advertised. I ordered a carbon fiber front fender from your free classified section that was considered a second and being sold as such. I didn't catch the name of the woman I spoke to on the phone, but after hearing her description of the possible flaws and how it didn't fit up to your high quality standards, I felt that I understood the caution, and ordered with that information. The unit is ok, and at least as good as described on the phone, no, make that better, than described. It is now installed on the bike and looks great. Everything else is being installed over the next few nights, so I have something to get my mind off the daily rituals in the evenings. I can only say, that if your continued service and high quality attitude continues, I will be forced to bug you for more stuff in the coming months and years. Again, thanks. I really appreciate finding a company like yours when dealing with a hobby such as my bikes.
Rick Tydings / San Francisco, Ca.
I just wanted to drop you a quick not to thank you for your EXCELLENT service. You truly set the standard for E-commerce!. I've enclosed some pics of the backrest I bought from you to use on your website if you wish. It's installed on the new K1200GT. Thanks again for your really prompt service
Jim Pavlinik / Holland, MI.
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and gratitude for how you handled my having to return the peg lowering kit for my motorcycle. Ergos, as you said, are really important for comfort and safety when riding a motorcycle. I expected some kind of issue with my having to return the lowering kit...but I experienced none. As a matter of fact I was more than satisfied with the conclusion of the return process. I did not expect to be credited the full amount I had paid since I had used the kit for a few hundred miles and there was some marks left from the mounting and dismounting of the kit. I will be back to add a few more carefully selected items to my "baby". Thanks again Jerry! You've got a customer for life!
John Burkhauser / Willow Grove, Pa.
Thank you for your promptness. Fed Ex just notified me that the shipment is on the way. If this is the caliber of service you provide, you can expect more business from me in the future. Ride safe...ride fast....(on a beemer, riding well is a given)...
Frederick Ramos / Pico Rivera, CA.
I just got my backrest and tank protector. Both are top notch! If my backrest is flawed I apparently don't have good enough sight to see it. (Exactly as advertised - how refreshing!) I will definitely be checking out the newsletter and purchasing all of my K1200 accessories from you. The world is a smaller place when you own a K1200RS/GT and I couldn't be happier!
Eric Maly / Traverse City, MI.
Thanks for adding me to the list. I'm a GT guy. I have to admit that one of the things that sealed my decision to get a K12 happened when a good friend (and K12RS fiend) pointed me to your site. Now I know there's a vibrant community that wants to get the most out these bikes. Great newsletter! .Happy to hear you made the move to Asheville - one of my all-time favourite towns in America. See you on the road.
David Keeler / Toronto, Ontario
I really appreciate the professionalism from both of you. I'll be back to do more business with you.
Charlie Wickliffe / Temecula, CA
I just received the Protector in silver & the Verholen Short Shifter Kit. I wanted to say thank you very much. The items were received quite fast and they're exactly what I was hoping they would be. I could not be happier with my order and the customer service you've given. Thanks once again!! A miracle has happened...the bikes shifts fast and smooth.
Jonathan Halverson / Gilbert, AZ
I want you to know that the Lite Buddies you have send me at Dec 12, came over in good shape.The mailman delivered it at Saturday 27 th. The Lite Buddies are working already. The most time eating part was to realize the connection on the wire to the taillight wire. Thanks for good packing and sending. Bye
Dirk Van der Gulik / Friesland, Netherlands
Jerry and Amber: Thanks again for your wonderful customer service relating to the K1200RS Peg-Lowering kit I ordered today. I should have not been so tempted to help out the dealer (s)...but they need support to stay open also...Cascade BMW just fell victim and closed as others have. I called Bob's BMW to obtain a "return authorization" number and in explaining my displeasure with their kit the parts salesman asked me if I wanted to order "a can of aluminum spray paint" (yes, amazing that this was Bob's, the #2 BMW dealer in the U.S.). I advised him thanks...but no thanks...Genoa, OH has a very nice hardware in itself...thank you very much! Unbelievable thought for a $17,000 motorcycle from a leading dealer in the US Jerry, if I didn't have to return the kit I would have shared it with you for your review/comments. I am confident you would not have mounted them on your bike nor sold them as a product. Again, thank you both very much. Sincerely,
Doug Linker / Genoa, OH
Just received my parts.All in good shape.Can`t wait get to started even though out side air temp right now is minus 12 deg.celcius but who cares when you get new spares. Thank you the cap and exellent service. I will return thats for sure. Best regards.
Claus Sommer / Copenhagen, Denmark
You folks are a pleasure to do business with. You offer some fine products, and more importantly you keep your word as to shipping date, and your offer to hold the shipment until I''d made measurements. You went to a lot of trouble to see that I was satisfied on this order, and I truly appreciate your efforts. I'll be spreading the word about Pirates' Lair.
Conrad M. Kay / Arlington, Tx.
I have been trading with you for almost two years now, going back to the Stealth Backrest we got from you. That was the first add-on we got for this bike, and it is still serving us very well. In this time, I have made the observation that you are, without a doubt, the king of customer service. You have never kept me waiting or been slow to answer a question. Your products always compliment the considerable quality we expect from these bikes, and your attention to detail is unmatched in the business. I am sure you work very hard to achieve this level of satisfaction with your customers, and it shows. But, you seem make it look easy. We look forward to many more years, and we also look forward to seeing you this summer if we are up your way. Thanks for your impeccable, timely service...your shop cannot be beat.
Brooke and Sondra Tannehill / Fayetteville, NC
GREAT news on having the items in stock and ready to go! I have enjoyed reading your posts on I-BMW.com and have long been a fan of your website. I'm glad to finally step up and make a purchase from your well stocked store. Thanks for the freebie hat. I will definitely wear it with pride and "represent" for ya out here in the NW. By the way, if you're ever out in this neck of the woods (BMWOA Rally in Spokane in July for instance!) you'd be welcome at my place. Again...Gracias
Curtis Trackwell / Post Falls, ID
Just wanted to let you folks know that the parts I ordered came yesterday. They went on the bike right away. The tank guard looks way cool and fits to a tee. The rear light set went on smooth as silk. My grandson is now walking around with spots in his eyes because he was behind the bike when I put on the brake. (BRIGHT) Again it was a pleasure doing business with you!!!! Thanks
Philip Mosle / Livermore, CA
Very impressed with delivery/response etc for Run-'n-Lites kit. Thanks again. Will probably have to get a few more things (bag liners, stainless bolts, headlight protector) soon. Great to have a dedicated site like yours available. Sincerely,
Keith Chobot / Folly Beach, SC
Dear Amber: My Two Brothers C4 Aluminum canister arrived late yesterday and it is in perfect condition. All is good in the world and I am a happy customer. Thank you so much for making this work out so quickly. Best wishes.
Frank H. Russow / Los Altos, CA
I recently took delivery of a brand new BMW K1200GT, and because its way to cold and icy here in NY to ride, I am forced to find contentment exploring all the BMW motorcycle related web sites. Then I came upon your site and it was as exciting as taking a turn at maximum lean and full throttle (not that a 40+ father of two would ever do such a thing)! I placed my first order for a few accessories and have now doubt that I will be absolutely satisfied with your company and products. I just wanted to thank you for what must be a Herculean effort to bring us K-bike owners such a wonderful collection of the best parts and accessories available.
Joe Ceccoli / Farmingville, New York
I came home from my morning run to find out that the package had been dropped off. This afternoon I spent 40 minutes installing the Lite Buddy Plus Stop Alert Kit on my 02 KRS, and it works like a champ. Put me down as another satisfied customer.
Ken Sallot / Gainesville, FL
Thanks for the exellent service. My parcel arrived in South Africa 7 days after despatch in the U S A. The bar backs give a very relaxed riding position somewhere between a K1200RS and a R1150RT. This is an exellent buy. Regards
Jimmy Brink / Johannesburg, South Africa
I actually start with my new job on 15th March and Jerry, your business and web site have been an inspiration to me in terms of dedication to the quality of products you sell, the relationship you have with your customers, and the professionalism and efficiency with which you run your operation.
Mr. S / Singapore
Got the bag yesterday, just wanted to say thanks, looks nice. Also wanted to comment on the "scuff pad" you sent along with the bag. That is the kind of "extra effort" that proves how much passion you have for what you are doing, and makes being customer such a pleasure. Thanks again.
Drew Craig / Louisville, OH
Thanks so much for all the great stuff you offer and the best customer service around! I really like ordering from you! Keep up the great work!
Charlotte Harvey / Soldotna, AK
.....I would like to add that you, Pirates Lair, and Gerbings are the ideal companies. Your honesty, reliability, and customer assistance are simply outstanding.
Paolo Mannoni / New York, NY
As you will see, I just ordered a ZTechnik Tall 97-01. The reason I chose to order from you is simple:
(1) You and Amber's willingness to answer questions from idiots that don't know what they want;
(2) I have never returned any item I bought from you for ANY reason;
(3) You taking the time Jerry to measure your shield for me when I requested it.
I look forward to meeting you folks at the K1200 Blue Ridge Parkway Rally..Thanks
Doug Linker / Genoa, OH

I received the Stealth Backrest for the K1200RS promptly following my order. I was very pleased with the quality of the components and the easy-to-follow instructions (including illustrations). By the way, the purchasing and follow up experience with your company has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’m sure we’ll do business again.
Eric Trow / Pittsburgh, PA

.....also once again I ordered items from you for mama's new roadster, and 2 days later they were on my doorstep.It's amazing how some people can do that & others claim it's impossible. We're H A P P Y !
Ron Wigal / Stow, Ohio
You should always have such good business. I wish this on you. You are very nice to deal with. Thank you
Scott Goldberg / Brewster, NY
.....Once again you deliver the highest customer satisfaction. I will be glad to be a reference anytime for you.
Brian Fulmer / Lancaster, PA
Jerry: I am writing to say thank you for your excellent service regarding my recent purchase. You may remember that the wrong "voltage equalizer" came with my F4 eliminator kit, which required you to send me the new one. I also had to return the license place relocator because it wouldn't fit with my Casoli exhaust. I just wanted to thank you....it is very rare to receive this kind of excellent customer service these days, and your enthusiasm regarding this matter is appreciated. Sincerely...
David R. King, M.D. / Miami, Fl
..... also, just to let you know your customer service is worth something - I found the TB C2 online for an all in price of $714 - delivered (probably had the logo on it, so apples to apples would be $739). Ordered it from you as you have been very helpful, seems worth the $75 to be able to lob a question or two and get a straight and often humorous answer immediately. Thanks again.
David McNeill / New York, NY
Thanks for getting me the K12 barbacks so quickly (you were out of stock when I ordered them). They came by FedEx in 2 days. Thanks again for being so responsive to my inquiries and my order. All the best
Rich Cohen / Randolph, NJ
Pirate, I know you won't get this message 'til you get back, but I gotta say - you totally rock! Have a great (and well-earned) vacation! Auf Wiedersehen!
A.J. Beiswanger / Indianapolis, IN
Hello to all at The Pirates Lair,...Just a quick note to thankyou for the very prompt service and the great product (bar risers for my K12GT). The risers were as you said, ideal for lifting the bars just that little bit more to increase my comfort.The turn around time for my order was truly amazing, around seven days from on-line order to my doorstep in Australia!!!. I have posted your site to every one I know, keep up the great work.
Jim Jasper / Victoria, Australia
Thank you for the exchange over this time and a long period of time. Goods arrival is carried out to expectation. Since it spreads also to a friend.
Kazuya Fujimura / Tokyo, Japan
I received the bar backs. Thanks for you service. You and Amber make a customer feel, well like a customer! Thanks
William & Elizabeth Storey / Marietta, GA
I just would like to say that I have very much appreciated your products and customer service. Everything has fit well and been a nice addition to the bike.
Bruce D. Gouin DMD / Charlestown, RI
Love your site, check it daily, like the new look a lot. When you have the best, ride the best, you gotta have the best. No one comes close to your site. Keep it that way!
Steve Alvarado / Ukiah, CA
Thanks for the great advice. Purchased the 1258 clear lens driving light which you have on your bike. Had previously gotten the Stealth Backrest which gets Sue out on the road with me a LOT more often. We're headed from LA to Las Vegas in February....her idea!!!!! Thanks for having a great site and for having the balls to recommend a product from another site!!!!
James Painter / San Pedro, Ca
...it's not often we get such friendly & efficient service as you offer, although I've always found fellow motorcyclists great to deal with.
John Howe / United Kingdom
Just installed Remus exhaust. Already noticed a crisper throttle response from idle. Can't wait to see what the chip does for me. Also want to thank you for picking up on the wrong canister before you shipped it to me. Many would have shipped the incorrect item without checking. Your attention to detail has not gone un noticed. Bravo! I will continue to use and highly recomend your site. Thanks again.
Bruce Hastie / Agawam, Ma
Took the K1200GT on a tour in Montana last week. Great ride, with a lot of "where'd ya get the bar backs? Where'd ya get the GPS mount? ect." I pointed to my Pirate's cap. Keep the great stuff coming.
Mark Banda / Port Hueneme, CA
Jerry, thanks again for the help with the Avant Guard mount! Quality customer service is in no way the norm anymore, and is very refreshing when experienced!
Dave Baker / Arlington Tx
Hi Jerry ,big surprise all the parts arrived today all in good order thanks to the way you packed it. Everything fits perfect and it looks fantastic, will order more soon and will send picture , thanks and ride safe
Johan Geldenhuys / Bellville, South Africa
Pirate.... your stuff is awesome, and I've got one of the sweetest RS's in ABQ because of the great components I've added from your site.
Arthur (Max) Flynn / Albuquerque, NM
Thanks for the great newsletter. Because of your attitude about these matters as well as your fair prices I will always think of you and yours first when I need and or want something for my K12.
Drew Bland / Evansville, In
I wanted to let you know all the items I ordered have been received. Thanks for the fast service. I've bookmarked your site and will be back for more. I don't know if you're the cheapest but the service will keep me coming back.
Jeff Dewey / Lancaster, PA
Items rec'd today and many thanks. FINALLY, I have a quality tank protector that looks cool and I am amazed what the cap kit does to "clean up" the side profile. Many thanks for handling quality hard to fine goodies for the K12. And the hat, well, what can I say, its cool. Thanks for the service you provide to the K12 community. "Live long and prosper".
Steve Alvarado / Ukiah, CA
Thanks so much for the fast service and good prices. The K1200GT barbacks and footpeg lowering kits make the bike much more comfortable. Your website is a great resource for all RS and GT owners. I'm sure I will buy more from you in the the future.
Forrest "Randy" Smith / Oceanside, CA
I know that this is the third e-mail from me waiting in your box while you are gone, but I just have to thank you again for the help. The contacts that you sent me wound up with me finding the parts I need to fix my bike. I sent several e-mails to BMW Dealerships and local motorcycle shops to see if they could fix the bike and never got a reply. You got me what I needed right away even though there was no profit in it for you. Just shows that you really care about the motorcylists out there more than you do about their pocketbooks.
Charles Buckman
K1200RS frame caps arrived swiftly and are as good as they appear on the website. PL's communication is excellent. Warning to UK customers, though - I chose cheapest US post which worked fine, but got stung £6.27 import duty and £4.00 GPO levy (about $18.86 US in all) by our caring government before the parcel could be delivered. Total rip off, but we Brits need to build this tax into the prices seen on screen!
Andrew Harris / Devon, England
Got my package of stuff yesterday-headlight protector, peg-lowering kit, tank protector and frame caps. Put 'em all on today in about 20 minutes. Just wanted to say thanks and comment on your comprehensive packaging and instructions. The little bottle of spray for the headlight cover embossed with the Pirate's Lair logo- nice touch. I'll have to lay low for a while until The Wife surpasses me in spending on her scrapbooking stuff before I can peruse your offerings for future purchases..........until then, on with the hats......
Andy Heath / Deming, Wa.
A number of customers have mentioned that your latest esteemed newsletter included details of our HID kits and for this we are eternally grateful. Your site and the whole way in which you do business is very refreshing and an example to us all. All the best for the Holiday season. Kind Regards
Norman Birtles ... Managing Director / Nippy Normans Ltd / UK
Just to let you know that the old mail system did not fail me. Package arrived this morning, Christmas Eve, awoken by the mailman at 0700. Good service!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one and a great New Year.
David Stearn / United Kingdom
Thanks, got stuff, great service. Treating customers like this should make a happy new year for you. thanks again
Blaine Paulus, Jr.
I finally finished with replacing all the old screws with the new ones WOW WOW WOW it's like I'm having a new bike, thanks for the great kit. The footpegs are stunning, thanks. The led break light just blows away the drivers behind me, thanks. The LiteBuddy's give me just 200 % more visability, great, thanks. With the K12 Blaster FIAMM Horns I blast away any problems, some even think it's a truck that's behind them :), I tell everyone I know about you're great online shop, even my BMW dealer didn't know about you untill yesterday, so I hope you get many orders from Belgium. Thanks again!
Benny De Smedt / Kemzeke,Belgium
....As for the repeat business, how could I not? You're a rare bird these days -- a honest business man who does what he says, and offers a great value. I tell everyone who asks about your service and quality.
Jacob Mayer / Tempe, AZ
Many thanks my friend. My new footpegs arrived today. That's damned good service since the order was only placed 8 days ago and we're on the other side of the world!
Clinton Hayes / Wahroonga, Australia
.....anyway, and as always- Thanks Again!!! You were correct- seat was pinching off blood as knees went too low. I really appreciate you and Amber being there for me. For the first time I am really satisfied with this bike. I would not have gotten here without your help.
John Dusio / Greenfield Indiana
....as always you were true to your word and great to deal with. Thanks.
Scott McIntyre / Thousand Oaks, CA
...you seem to be a breath of fresh air in the mail order world. Thanks Jerry.
Al Nusbaum / Encino, CA
Just received your package in perfect condition. Amazed about your products, quick handling and delivery, good work!
Dennis Eggink / Netherlands
Thanks for the very prompt delivery of the parts. I had read many good things about you folks now I understand why.
Rick Kangail / Eugene, OR
I received my Staintune exhaust system today, what fast service! Thanks very much, I'm sure I will return to the 'lair again!
Stephen Shearin / Flanders, NJ
....today I`ve received all items. Everything was o.k. It was a pleasure, doing business with you and your company.`till next order. Ciao
Volker Bollenbacher / Jakobsweiler, Germany
Your service has been top notch to-date, and you'll continue to get my business until I see otherwise. Good luck and thanks for your personal response.
Don Shurwin / Gilbert, AZ
... and lastly... thanks for all your help and professionalism. We will be doing business again in the near future.
Bob Wentz / Saint Peters, MO
Thank you both for your interest and willingness to satisfy this customer. We'll do business again! I appreciate the fantastic service and the great products you represent. Cheers..
Robert Cline / Houston, TX
...just wanted to let you know your site kicks ass especially the service area, keep up the good work.
George Daugherty / Richmond, VA
Due in no small part, I'm sure, to staying on your mailing list and keeping your website on my favorites list, I bought 2004 GT this past weekend. Too many toys. Anyway, I appreciate your great products and the timely / personal service.
David Hanson / Coppell, TX
Order arrived on Thursday. Everything looks and fits great. Thanks for great products and super service. Looking foward to doing more business with you in the future.
David Cressy / Bridgeport, NE
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I got the modification installed, and everything appears to work normally, cruise control and all.Your commitment to serving your customers is commendable. Others might have said "sorry, we're not responsible for how our product interacts with other aftermarket accessories." You didn't, and instead stepped up and worked out a solution. I'm always quick to criticize poor service, and I try to be as quick in my praise.Thanks again to both of you for your help in resolving this issue. God knows my cruise control has me spoiled...
Jacob Mayer...Bill Mayer Saddles / Tempe, AZ
P.s.... was at a MD dealer here having a bike inspected for my father , when a guy rides up on a MV. Of course I have to start talking and sooner or later I bring up your site. Instant comraderie. We both talked about what a great site it is and how all our experiences have been great to say the least. It was nice to see, and man that bike in person is a beautiufl as in pictures.
Tyler Treat / Silver Spring, MD
... It is refreshing to find customer service and cool toy's all in the same place. Ride long.
Chuck Ballard / Interlochen, Mi
Just wanted to commend you on the great job you do on your site. I must admit I've been a Kawi guy for 30+ years (72 H2, 81 GPZ 1100, 93 Z7R, still own all 3) and all my recent snooping has been zeroed in on the MV's exclusively. I also wanted to mention how impressed I was with the line of after-market goodies you have been responsible for designing. Thanks again for the personal touch in this "impersonal" media. It's a rarity.
Warren Judson / 2004 MV Agusta F41000
Last comment - as always, your site and your service are the best. My wife actually bought me the bar backs as a gift and effortlessly selected and secured the right product with only a little input from me! Keep up the good work as there are still a lot of trick goodies I need!
Mark Atkinson / Charlotte, NC
Thanks for your expertise, dedication and professional service from your business. I am a fan. Keep up the great work!
Chung Lee / Hong Kong
Just a line to say thanks for the great service and the great products; very good quality and add that little extra to the bike.Regards from the UK
Mark Sanders / Hampshire, United Kingdom
It's a pleasure doing business with you and I'm always happy to support another rider. I think you've got the coolest business going for the absolute coolest bike on the planet. The new "S" is cool, but not like an old RS. The RS is going to be BMW's 850i of the bike world. Thanks for everything
Jim Revilla / Houston, TX
....dealing with Pirates lair has been nothing but the most pleasurable experience for me and this from someone who buys for a living! If only all my vendors werr like you, I would have less grey hair!
Cesar Blardony / New York, NY
Jerry and Amber.. Thanks a million!! Got my GT Bar Backs and fitted them already. As we say in South Africa "they make a MOER of a difference. Thanks for your help and great service. Will recomend you to all my biker buds. Regards
Theron C Steyn / South Africa
Just wanted to send you a note to say you rock!! I called a couple of weeks ago to see if I could get *one* of the swing arm pivot covers from your Cap Kit. I'd lost one on my 5,300 "long way around" trip from Boise to Lima and back. Amber got off the phone for a minute, asked, and you offered to break a kit and sell me the one I needed for $26.00. Freakin' excellent! Then when it comes, I see there is no freight charge! I am so blown away.

I deal with people all the time much like you do, and most of them will spare no effort to bitch about the smallest of things, but often won't hardly grunt if you save their life. I try not to be that way, so here's me telling you I think you do a great job, and that I noticed and appreciated it.
Greg "Dances With Sheep" Feeler / Boise, ID

Just a short mail to let you know that I received the ZTechnick tank pad today for my K1200S! Top quality piece of equipment. Only 5 days to get it to Oz, Great service, for which I thank you most sincerely.
Dr Tony Sandler / Australia
I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the quality of service that I received with a recent order. Amber was extremely polite and helpful on the phone; I could not have asked for a better purchasing experience. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next time I purchase from Pirate's Lair!
David Saam
What absolutely fantastic service! It's really nice to see good service isn't dead; I'll certainly recommend you to others.
Mark Sanders / Hampshire, United Kingdom
Thanks for the solid responses and excellent follow up. I love the the tone of your emails - hell if more people would just relax and have a bit of fun this would be a way better place! Based on that alone I know I'll be purchasing more stuff from you over time.
Hans Roos / Rancho Cordova, CA
I look forward to riding and doing business with you again. You are a class act.
Richard Clompus / Roanoke, VA
I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. I was shocked to receive this item so fast. Got it this afternoon. I will recommend you to friends and other riders.
Wayne Semenick / Port Orange, FL
It's a refreshing change to get such good service (mind BMW people do tend to be a cut above the average). I will be ordering more stuff at a later date You have a loyal customer now. Regards
Mark Sanders / Hampshire, UK
The FedEx package arrived today with the headlight cover. Nice packing. It is rare that the item arrives before the balance is received in this world. It is not by chance that I had put the balance check in the mail that day. Honest : ) Thanks for the great products and excellent service, Pirates' Lair Rocks!!! p.s. say hey to Amber for me.
Glenn (aka "Road Runner") Harrison
You are awesome mate! Seriously ... love the site and love the service.
Kelly Feagans / Scottsdale, AZ
....I have to mention that the speed/quality of your feedback is excellent. It's become harder and harder to get good personalized service these days. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Art Vosburgh / Calgary, Canada
I spoke to you yesterday afternoon. Bar risers were delivered by fed ex today. That is first class service.
Pat Faulkner Sr. / Charleston, W. Va
You have got a customer for life!
Chris Blevins / Reston, VA
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank BOTH of you. Your service is outstanding! Great response and excellent customer service. It was also great to get to actually speak with the legendary Amber!
Jim Douglas / Fiddletown, CA
I think very highly of your organization and your products. Thanks for a great job.
John Rayls
Wow! It's no wonder all my friends and BMW Mechanic highly recommend buying from your company. You're the best!
Greg Wang / Milpitas, CA
I would like to take a moment to thank you for the time and trouble you go through to put together the newsletter. I am totally in love with my K1200S and really appreciate having a source of info and parts to turn to. Keep up the good work and I'll keep my credit card at the ready. All the best to you and (scantilly clad or not) Amber.
Mel Pritchett / Jonesville, VT
I wanted to thank you very much for the prompt service and the excellent additions to my bike. I was recommended to your site by Glenn Hawkins, sales manager at Bloodworth's BMW in Nashville.
Hans Nelson / Nashville, TN
I received everything as advertised, even the windshield sooner than expected. That MRA windshield is NICE, way better looking than in the ads , and way nicer looking than some of the ugly ones I've seen. Thanks for the prompt service and fine products,too. When I get this kind of service you get a very loyal customer who will spend irresponsibly !
Doug Benton / Ashland, OH
You are a true 21st Century shopkeeper. I really appreciate the time you took to give me the run-down on all options.
Kevin Webb / Weston, FL
It's clear that Pirates' Lair strives to give excellent service. Thanks for your effort.
Jill Toevs / San Miguel, CA
Ordered the T-meister Thursday and got it Saturday! Don't know how you guys did it, but great service!! Thanks again. You da man...........and woman. ;-)
Mal Glanz / Weston, FL
Everything is awesome! I couldn't be happier with all your products!
.Kenneth Reaume / Merritt Island, FL
You guys are the best. I've ordered several things from you in the past and you never disappoint. Best regards.
John Adcock / Rosemont, IL
Thanks for the consistently good quality and quick service. Your parts are all over my RS. I've been told by many (including BMW people visiting Cliff's BMW from the factory) that it's the best running and looking RS they've ever seen.
Rick Faulkner / Mahopac, NY
I am in awe. Customer service in this day and age? thank you very much....thank you.
Atila Vass / Beverly Hills Ca.
It’s good to be back on a bike after a 10 year layoff. Getting my goodies from someone who is helpful and fun to deal with is like icing on the cake. Keep up the good work.
Allen Putnam / Owasso, OK
Thanks for great products and great service.
Richard Clompus, OD / Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Thanks a ton for all you provide in service, advice and humor. And hey, the thought of scantily clad women is just gravy! You all are the best.
Bruce Epnett / Atlanta, Ga
...Between the speed of delivery when I ordered from you and the helpfulness you have provided, I know that I will continue to use you whenever possible and continue top tell others about your site.
Kenneth Fuchs / Naperville, IL
I will highly recommend the Pirate's Lair to others. Thanks!
Keith Cunningham / Rye, NY
You, Amber and your company come very highly recommended via both word-of-mouth and on the forum at www.mvagusta.net
Ryan Steckler / Escondido, CA
The backrest arrived safely in Australia and has been fitted to the R1100R without any problems. Looks great. Took your advise in the instructions to have a beer before and after but had no joy finding any in the box. I had to use a couple of my own. I thank you for your prompt and courteous service and your humour throughout the whole process.
Paul Krisher / Australia
I ordered my Remus Pipes on Thursday, received them on Tuesday (installed 35 minutes later). Thank you very much. I'm absolutely thrilled. You run a great business. Thanks for your continued quality of service. Keep it up.
Matt LaMotte / Seattle, WA
Jerry, when I went searching for MV parts, it was clear that not many had much to offer, let alone the parts I really wanted, at prices I wanted to pay. I stumbled across mvagusta.net and was ecstatic to hear the praise and compliments their forum members had for you. Fifteen minutes later I was on your site placing my order, and literally a few days later I was out in my shop installing my new MV accessories. Thanks for a memorable shopping experience!
Jonathan Koch / Woodbury, New York
I wanted to take a second and mention to you what a good job Amber is doing. She called me this morning to let me know the status of my order and make sure everything was good. I really appreciate her customer service. I wish half the vendors I deal with were half as good as you guys. Thanks a lot!
Thomas Jackson / Las Vegas, NV
I am happy to be a customer: I really appreciated how responsive you were to my earlier questions via e-mail. I look forward to doing more business over time with Pirate’s Lair!
Duncan Haberly / San Francisco, CA
Pirates Lair's #1 in my book!! They are the bench mark in parts and fast service! Thank You!
Charles Samaha / Orlando, Florida
I just want to let you know that there is a very happy customer in South Africa after receiving your parcel yesterday afternoon. Surely I will promote your name down here.
Wolfgang Ehrich / Wapadrand, South Africa
Your offering of products specific to the RS/GT "K" bikes consists of a number of carefully thought out items that give your customers a hand-picked list of things designed to add comfort, enhance performance or simply tweak appearance allowing us to make one of these amazing machines uniquely our own. I always enjoy my visits to your web site. Perhaps we'll meet in person at a rally somewhere.
Gary Steiner / Centennial, CO
You, sir, are a prince. I appreciate more than I can say your concern for us lowly customers, and I admire enormously your willingness to go head-to-head with the manufacturers in our behalf. In a just world, your actions would reap enormous dividends for you and your business; in our dreadfully flawed world, alas, they will more likely just cost you money. Still, I can promise you that I will do my level best to shop with you (and you exclusively) henceforth. In brief, thank you.
Bob Cross / Charleston, SC
Got the package this morning. Thanks for the side stand plate you didn’t have to throw that it but it’s much appreciated. The bits and pieces I have got off you over the last few months have really smartened up what was already a good looking bike and the service and products have all been “top notch”. Looking forward to dealing with you again.
Phillip Berry / Reporoa, New Zealand
Hello Jerry and Amber.....Just arrived here in Syd, and realized that in the middle of my hustle and bustle of moving countries....I neglected to write to you and thank you for your great service. Everything arrived in one piece. It was great dealing with you, and hopefully we can do some more business down the road when I come back home to visit. Regards
Christian Stewart / Sydney Australia
You’re the man Jerry! Today a package arrived from Clear Alternatives with four red bulbs. Guess you had something to do with it……….My perception of good customer service is not only to make everything right from the beginning. The best test of a business’ customer service is how they take care of you when something’s gone wrong, and you certainly passed the test with flying colors. Despite the geographical distance I feel a lot safer making business with you than with many local dealers. Also pass my gratitude on to Clear alternatives for supliing the missing tail light bulb. Thanks again and take care!
Stefan Tjust / Karlstad, Sweden
Outstanding! thanks for looking out for me, customer service is key in these competitive times and you proved that you are on the ball. Sterling service! Much appreciated!!!
E B. / Haddam, CT.
Just fitted my hyper lite kit to my MV.. Fitting instructions bang on..No problems at all. Lights work perfect. More than happy with fast delivery and customer service. Many thanks, Jerry.
Paul Atkin / Nottingham, England
You are awesome Pirate! Thank you so much. Seriously....your customer service is second to none.
Morris Barocas / Knoxville, Tn.
I just have to say I'm impressed with your level of customer service.
Alan Pierce / Hooksett, NH
Thank you for the fast shipment of quality parts. This was my first time doing business with you but it will not be the last..
Mike Callahan / High Point, NC
I want to thank you for your great products. I recently installed the American Machine Barbacks and the Protector lower cowling guard. Both installed exactly according to the directions provided, and I completed both in under an hour. Your customer service and prompt shipping have ensured that I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Scott Masson / Moody, TX
Buying from you has been a pleasant experience. Your customer service is OUTSTANDING!
Drazen Gavran / Ontario, Can
All I can say is I have bought some stuff off a lot of people over the internet and had a lot of good service off people but this has got to be the BEST.When I buy some more stuff for my MV it will be from you. Thanks and ride SAFE. Kind Regards
Vic Goll / Liverpool, UK
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your speedy delivery. I ordered, just 2 days ago, a set of Run N Lites for my 2003 BMW K1200RS. Your service was wonderful and the time you took with me on the phone is so much appreciated. You can be assured that in the future, you will always have first right of refusal for any new toys for my bike.
Robert Cohencious / Leesburg, Virginia
I just got a chance to give the new LED tail light and the T-bag a good day of riding after installing both yesterday. All I can say is you have done it again. Both the LED tail light and the T-bag installed easily and function flawlessly. I can't wait to get the windscreen I ordered the yesterday. I am starting to believe that if the Pirate sells it it is worth having. Thanks for the awesome products and super fast delivery.
Mike Swope / North Canton, OH
First of all Jerry, thanks for the personal e-mails. Shows that every customer matters. Shipping went out in record time.. Same day! If I still lived in Grassy Creek, N.C. I would ride down and buy you a drink! You run a great business and others should take a look how it's done! p.s. Love the newsletter!!
Jeff Redding / California
I've heard nothing but raves about the 'Lair and the quality of service... you haven't disappointed your fans.
Michael Riggio / Plainville, CT
Thought I'd let you know I installed the TechSpec's Gripster Tank Grips and I will firmly attest that I can back up all your claims about their value. Of most importance I am clearly experiencing stronger, longer lasting erections. Keep up the excellent work in truth in advertising. Your site is surely one of the most honest I have ever found, with tried and true products.
Carl Bodenstein / Spokane, WA
: Hey, Jerry, just wanted to say thanks for processing my cancellation so professionally a few days ago. I placed an order then subsequently cancelled before the ship and you guys processed the refund through Paypal very efficiently…no questions asked!!! Much appreciated here. I will buy again.
Larry L. Wells / Austin, TX
: Shit dang! Those drugs y'all are takin' are somethin else. Order today and FedEx says I get the stuff tomorrow...ya gotta be kiddin'?? Great job...assuming the stuff gets here ;) Seriously, I just got some stuff from Dell and they are outstanding in their execution. Two great experiences in the same week is almost too much for my aged heart to bear... Don't expect service like this anymore. Ain't it a shame?
Douglas Longerbone / Clarkesville, GA
: I must commend you on the level of service that I have received from you ... it is a pure pleasure to do business with someone that is serious about his business. Damn pity I cannot buy more stuff from you ;)
Colyn Serfontein / Paris, France
Wow...what a refreshingly positive experience (quick , good price, and pleasant). And dangling the possibility of interacting with a "scantily clad shipping goddess." Well...you guys just might be my new best friends (at least for ordering parts for my new bike).
Erik Dieterle / Wayzata, MN
I really appreciate your incredible shipping and communications. I definately will order from you again. If you have a mailing list for new products for the MV Agusta Brutales please add me. If not I will keep an eye on yor site. I know where I will look when buying more accessories.
Mark Young / Charles town, WV
I have to tell you an interesting story - I bought a 2007 K1200S three weeks ago, and having been dented $18K for the bike (worth every penny!), still had some loose change to throw around so of course started the education process involving goodies that can be put on this machine. I was a newbie to the many purveyors of fine parts and was basically searching on the internet. I found your site, and others and starting warming up the airwaves ordering things - a few from you, some from Evo, Corbin and a dealer that purports to sell a shitload of stuff, Sierra BMW. I spread things out a bit to see who did the best job. You won. Evo was fine, even Corbin was fine. Ah, then Sierra. I had ordered the Verholen adjustable lowers - at $269. Waited a week for a ship notice that never came, so I called them up. Oh too bad, they say - needed to get them from Verholen, so it'll be a while yet. It'll be never from you guys, I tell them, and cancel the order. I immediately hop over to Pirate's, and yep, you've got 'em, but at $185. What's this, say I - cheaper??? I order. Less than 48 hours later, I get your ship notice with tracking number. Fantastic!You just keep stocking these K1200S parts, Jerry, because you've got ALL my business from now on, and I've got plenty left to buy for this fabulous motorcycle. My deepest thanks for a great, great store. Kind regards.
David Jurk / Grand Rapids, MI
Excellent Jerry! Thanks for such quick service. Also, thanks for such a great website. I bought my '02 K12RS in January, and have a lot to learn about it, but hands down your website has provided me with more information about am parts than I've found at any other location on the web.
Scott Morgan / Cary, NC
You & Amber do a great job... I've ordered from you guys several times and you never disappoint. So good that I would like to see you guys get an OEM parts channel somewhere - getting stuff online through thedealer network is... just not worth the bother. Thanks.
D. J. Williams / Colleyville, TX
Your cheerful explanations and answers to questions are greatly appreciated. One of the things that sets you apart from most is your customer service and sense of humour. In this day of politically correct idiots, your irrevarant, cynical expertise is a breath of fresh air.
Scott Turnamian / Greensboro, NC
Thanks for the excellent service and terrific products.
Tom Magyar / Rockville, MD
Thanks for the quick shipping and lack of problems ordering. Will do business with again and recommend to others!
Jody Hovey / Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thanks for the quick, hassle-free transaction....much appreciated! I got your name from a friend that ordered a backrest from you. Be sure I will pass your name along as well. for the quick shipping and lack of problems ordering. Will do business with again and recommend to others!
Dennis Connelly / Bismarck, North Dakota
Dear Pirates' Lair team, I recently received my Evoluzione air filters and the Remus power cone for my K1200R. Altough it was my first order from you guys the order went very smoothly and everything that wasn't clear was communicated very clearly without any delay! The products arrived in one piece, which is always helpful, and exactly what I ordered. All in all a great experience and I can only recommend. I'll order again as soon as I have found some more excused why I have to modify my bike! All the best.
Livio Barbagallo / Sydney, Australia
I must compliment you on your outstanding service. It is a pleasure to do business with Pirates Lair.
Karl Riemer / Boston, Ma.
Thanks for the great service. You are a class act.  Have  a good Holiday!!!  .
Jerry Bahr / Cornville, AZ
Hello...just want to say thanks for the great products...just finished installing everything on my 2008 k12s.. looks great...and the chimp was done in no time at all.....threw him a few extra bannanas.Thanks again.
Stephan Grepo
/ College Point, NY
First of all, I want to wish you and your family a happy and blessed holiday season. I am writing to let you know that I have purchased some products from you and I am extremely pleased! Your web site is very user friendly, your service is the fastest I have ever experienced, and your pricing is fair. Thank you!
Nathan Knox.. Sgt. USMC / Pittsgrove, NJ
I work in the customer service organization for a major aerospace company, and must say that your responsiveness to consumer needs could be a model for the industry.
Robert Grimm / Edmonds, WA
:..."thanks for the great service"! Everything appears to be of excellent quality!
Phil Bergren / Williamsport, PA
Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived this week. This was my first experience with Pirates Lair and I must tell you the whole experience was great - on all accounts! Look forward to doing more with your company. Thanks again and keep the shiny side up!
Mike Alfieri / Newmarket, Great White North
WOW ... talk about FIRST RATE customer service! It doesn't get any better ... Thank you very much Jerry!
Michael McGrath / San Jose, CA
Thanks to Pirate and his mate for the almost instantaneous delivery! Very impressive customer service!
David A Vinson / Casa Grande, AZ
I just installed my helmet lock on my new K12GT last night.  As is the case with everything I have purchased from you all went well.  It never ceases to surprise me at how well thought out and how well everything fits on every project so far.  The quality is always far better than I expect going into the project.  It just leaves one with a good feeling when everything is top notch.  I also appreciate your courteous, friendly and prompt service.  Only wish I could afford to buy more stuff.  Keep up the good work.
Tim Buyse / Salina, KS
Great service, matched by great products. Thanks. Installed the Kisan Tailblazer for my R1200 RT. The information contained in the package was complete, and even directed how to adjust the polarity after discovering that my red brake lights were flashing one side only because of the Can-Bus. I'll be continuing to prowl your site. Keep up the good work.
Mike Valentin / Northborough, MA
I am the type of person who complains if something isn't right, and like to congratulate when things go well. I sent you an order for tank protectors on Friday 28 March and installed them on the bike this morning! Brilliant. You run a very impressive business. Both your communication and product are first class. Although the postage was expensive (beyond your control) I am truly amazed by your efficiency. I am very pleased to report that I didn't get slammed for import duty! Many thanks again, and I would have no hesitation in doing business with you again. A very satisfied customer from across 'the Pond'. Mike
Mike Robbinson / Lancashier, UK
I really can't thank you enough for your excellent service, the quality of your product, the speed of your order processing or the humour of your newsletter!! I shall recommend you to everyone and look forward to dealing with you again. Your company proves that it is possible! Many Thanks and safe riding,
Eric Wells / East Sussex , UK
Thanks for the fast shipping of the filters. I`m very happy customer!! "Thank you" in South Korean is " Gam-sa-hae-yo. "
Ki-Yong LEE / Kyoung-gi , South Korea
...your stuff is the "Schizzle!"
Shawn Lupcho
...You guys are a class act. I will try and give you all my business... as much as possible. 2006 K1200s, 2000 MV F4i, ’93 Ducati 900SL.
Frank Simo
It’s been a while since we traded emails and I wanted to get back to you with a few comments. Above all I’d like to thank you for your fine service and the way you do business. I received the Pit Bull stands FAST and am very happy with them. This is the fourth or fifth order I’ve placed with you and each time I get a great product and I get it on time as promised, I wish everyone performed like you do!
Randall (Randy) Rabalais / Colorado Springs, CO
...You guys are great!!  This is the fastest delivery I’ve ever had on an order…!!
Brad Jackson / Toronto, Can
Wow! Are you kidding me? Ordered a throttle lock and some tank skins from you on a Monday for my K1200R Sport, and they arrived on a Saturday, and I had everything installed Saturday afternoon! I don't know how you do it, but keep it up!
Bill Bradt / Valencia, CA
I'm very impressed with the quality/viability of all the items I've purchased from Pirates Lair- your diligence in 'road testing' things (e.g. Givi bags) is much appreciated - saves me from buying several different things on the way toward finding the right part.
Chris Romeo / Minneapolis, MN
Just to let you know. Your service was impeccable. From the shopping cart, to the email confirm, to the FedEx shipping. Nice work. I installed the parts and already rode 200 miles. Thank you
Michael Benet / Peoria, IL
Just another +1, Pirate is awesome. Good service, and somehow even with ridiculous FEDEX shipping to New Zealand still cheaper than anything locally.....
Joe Lloyd / Auckland, New Zealand
You two are a pleasure to work with. You will always have my business.  I plan on adding an LT and a GS to my stable - so I will be in touch.
Ronald LeClere / Arlington, VA
I’m sure you don’t recall my last name but I’ve been emailing over the last few years asking various questions about your product line.  You’ve taken the time to address all my issues in a gracious & intelligent manner and this from a newbie who hadn’t even bought a bike yet! Fast forward to last year when I scored my first ride – a BMW F800ST.  While not a motorcycle you patronize on the web site, I emailed immediately after I purchased the bike and asked what products to buy.  You cautioned me to ride the damn thing for a spell and let real world circumstances dictate what upgrades and farkles I needed.  You could have fleeced this white boy in earnest selling me exhaust, carbon fiber bits, and license plate frames but you didn’t.
I’m extremely pleased to impart that next week I’ll be taking delivery of a spanking new 2008 K1200GT. 
Earlier this morning I placed my first order with you for the TechSpec Gripster Kit.  A small item granted, but no doubt the first of many for my K12GT.  The point being, your time invested responding to my inquiries months before I ever rode a bike much less bought one will pay dividends from this customer.  You could have blown me off or fired back a smart ass reply but didn’t.  Don’t think we’d be bailing out all these various industries today if they had 1% of your customer service savvy, honesty, and cajones. My thanks Mr. Finley.  Let the enjoyment and farkling of my GT begin.
David W. Pancerz / Garland, TX
Wow you guys are awesome!!! Customer for life!!! Impressed!!!
Jake Guerin /
Antelope, CA
Humble beginnings often lead to long term success. You have earned your success and reputation with your great service and products.
Richard Clompus /
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Amber and Jerry! Thanks for sending out those parts. I got me a new toy (e.g. this K1200S I ordered parts for) and started ordering parts from three different vendors. One sucks and will not be conisdered anymore. One is so-so, but performed OK after reminding them. You are the only one where everything went as it should, namely perfectly.
Stefan Huni /
Lutz, FL
You are da man, Uh excuse me, ARGGGG, ye’ be the Captain. Thanks again for the great service. You shall be used again and recommended highly.
Marc Lomax /
Westminster CO.
Great high quality stuff - I have thrown a lot of money at HD's and customs in the past. Some aftermarket parts were "as advertised" some weren't. Just wanted to thank you again for the great personal info., service and website with quality parts...
Thomas Grasser /
Albuquerque, NM
.... the entire process has been about as painless and hassle-free as any transaction I've ever conducted. Your reputation is well deserved.
Joseph Boza /
Littleton, CO
Am still amazed that I get a personal email with each order, even though for piddley a-s-s small stuff.   Your attention to detail/customer service is impressive. All the best - ride safe. ...and as usual mate, stow that bilge water ya slimy sea slug!
Bill Lugsch /
Golden, CO
Thanks for sending me quality products. I always know that I can count on your company for first rate quality "bling" for my 1998 K1200RS.
Pete /
Parts Unknown
Best customer service I EVER got!!!
Jeffrey Jones /
Chaska, MN
Thanks for a couple of enjoyable purchases. You guys rock! Count me as a loyal customer.
Erik Anderson /
Whitewater, WI
Thought I would write you again to tell you how much we appreciate your cheesy newsletter updates on our K1200S!. I usually don't take the time to write you, however thought it was over due, because we value the new product news, what works and what does not. Also your  tips on upgrades etc! Keep up the good work, Jerry!
Roger Meyer /
You've got a customer for life! What brilliant service!
Peter Akbar /
Wayland, Ma
Your prompt service (and candor) is greatly appreciated and it’s why I always recommend your company to all of my mates.
Bob Mitson / Woonsocket, RI
I have placed a couple of orders for my K1200S and my fathers K1200GT2.  The service is second to none.  All of the parts were as advertised and the installation times were accurate.  There is nothing worse than being told the installation time is a 15-20 minutes and 5 hours later you are still working on the bike.  It is also refreshing to read the comments in the newsletter as well as the product descriptions. A sense of humor is a great thing to have. Keep up the great work. 
Sean Kirk / Greensboro, NC
I've been ordering parts left and right for this bike (02 Honda CBR954RR) and I can't tell you how nice it is when you come across those companies that make me feel like I'm important to them.  I've come across very few but the ones I have are in my little folder for future purchases and recommendations to others.  I've now added you to that folder.  Thanks Again and ride safe!
Kevin Schumann / Sparks, NV
Thanks for the personality that is missing on 99% of these online purchases, it's refreshing!
Jason Becklund /Trois-Rivieres QC Canada
I have just received the backrest. Thanks.  It arrived in immaculate condition due to your excellent packaging.  Thank you very much for the side stand pad, that will come in very handy & live under the seat.  Your service has been very friendly & extremely fast considering you are on the other side of the world & I am down under. I will spread the word here in Australia about your business & products. I love the fact that your products are made in America & not bloody China, like most things available here. Thanks mate & have a great day.
Phill Naylor / Victoria, Australia
Fed Ex came on my door yesterday with the Remus package. It was well packed, and arrived without a scratch. Thnx for good service. A pleasure doing business with you.... I will recommend your website to all my BMW friends here in Norway.
André Lund / Norway
Hi Skipper..Thought I'd drop a note of thanks for the super speedy shipments on my two recent orders.Thanks for the great teamwork and great products.
Carl Swanson / Shrewsbury, Ma.
The Gripsters arrived today - and they are very beautyful on their place. And again - I am VERY SATISFIED with your handling of this business, I can really recommend your companies and products! Best Regards
Roger Gross / Falkenberg, Sweden
Your customer support is awesome. Keep up the great work and I will be shopping with Pirates Lair again. Thanks again
Ron Kelleigh / Kingston, WA
Mate, I appreciate your prompt service and professional method in handling my purchase. No need for us down under be concerned that Australia doesn't support these top products when you guys are on board and make purchasing a breeze. I punted the bike to work this morning and had taken the long way round and please to say after 120 clicks that I am very happy with the products. Keep up the good work...
Rob Jerrard / NSW Australia
Many thanks for your assistance. Your customer service is great and I will be certainly be recommending your company to my friends and I look forward to further purchases !
Richard Wansbutter / Winnipeg Manitoba, Can
Ahoy! Always a pleasure Jerry - the merch is super quality, and your service (via 1st mate Amber) has been outstanding. :)
John Courtney / San Clemente, CA
I would like to take the opportunity in thanking you for your excellent customer service. You guys are definitely the best online bike part company I have dealt with over the years!
Damian Lapia / Sydney Australia
Thanks for the fine service!  Great product selection (best on the Net for the K 1300); first-rate prices; super-quick shipping; good technical information; and friendly, personal service!  There's no finer way to separate yourself from your paycheck than a visit to the PL website.  Since you're going to spend it, anyway (or give the government whatever you have left to fund their next bailout), this is the place to get the job done is style!
Tony Plath / Charlotte, NC
Just a quick note of appreciation for the items you have sent me. I have been so impressed with the timeliness and condition of everything I have purchased, and your site is the definite must have link for anyone with a K1300s. Keep up the great work!
Mike Collins / Debary,
Just freakin' AWESOME! I wish more businesses operated this way! Aye be Garrrrrrrrr!!!!
John Bullen / Little Rock, AR
Hi Jerry , received the barbacks yesterday , fitted easily. as this was my first experience of ordering parts from the other side of the world you made it so efficient and friendly that it was pleasure to do business for a change . Thank you. Cheers, and enjoy your New Year celebrations.
Ray Cotterill / Whangarei, New Zealand
I really appreciate everything you have helped out with this year, all of the hard to find accessories for my 2001 K1200RS and making Pirate’s Lair such a pleasure to do business with on single every order. I wish you the Best New Year’s Day and a prosperous 2010 (Of course, if there is anything left that that you have that I haven’t already added to my Bike, I am sure I will be placing more orders soon.) Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR  to my only “REAL” pirate friends!!!!!
Kellin Dobbs
/ Flowery Branch, GA
As always, your patience and candor are much appreciated (and strike a contrast with your competitors).  Happy to send the business your way.
Ralph Pearson
/ Santa Cruz, CA
I really appreciate that you put so much thought and effort into your product selection and don't just sell whatever you can get your hands on. I'm really glad I found your site and it's ALWAYS the first place I go for new things for the K1200..
Robert Frandanisa
/ Seattle, WA
Hey thank you for being there! It seems that all too often we're forced to order from the Wunderlichs and/or the dealers and you know as well as I do that the experience may not always be pleasant. Maybe the issue is the pricing, maybe its the customer service, maybe both. Unlike those other guys, you've made shopping for my K1300GT a pleasure!
Stacy Martin
/ Mountville, PA
Yo Jerry (traditional pirate and Philadelphian greeting…if Philadelphian: Yo Jer-EEE) You guys are the best. Next time you’re in the Philly area, the cheesesteaks and beer are on me.
Mike Jensen
/ Pennsauken, NJ
Love your site! Great work--inventive, clever, smart.  Keep it up and I will be back with more orders and will tell my GT friends.  Thank you.
Guy Archbold
/ El Dorado Hills, CA
You are the man! Thanks Jerry for always keeping me on track!!! It has never been about the sale to you, but sincerely treating your customers with honest customer service and sincere care for making sure they are pleased with your products. I greatly appreciate that so much! A Pirate fan for life!!!!!!
Kellin Dobbs / Flowery Branch, GA
I appreciate your knowledgeable advice and personal service, as well as honesty and timeliness in letting me know when my order was shipped . Once I get these items on the bike, and decide I like them, and get more money, and convince the new wife the bike needs some more bells & whistles, I’ll look you up again!
Dennis C. Ehlers /Washington, D.C.
: Jerry, just to reiterate many of the folks who contributed to the comments page. I can not say enough good things about your service and pricing. The items always arrive in a timely manner (in perfect condition). I am so impressed that today I even canceled an order I had with another online vendor and moved the business straight over to you. Im a dedicated Pirate fan.
MIke Collins / Orlando, Fla
: Jerry..You're an honest, good business man. That is the fibre that will hold your business together and make it flourish.
Christopher Facciol / Ontario, Canada
: Wonderful service, great communication.  I’ll be glad to recommend you. PS.. photos of scantily clad assistant would be welcomed—(after thought)
Herbert Lozott / Lake Park, FL
Thank you so much for all your help.  Everything that I've ever ordered from you has been great and your advice has been invaluable.  It is people like you whose little independent businesses are such a boon to riders.  As an enthusiast you care for your customers and treat us all like friends.  I thank you and will recommend your store to everyone that I know of who can use your services. However, I am still waiting for that yearly calendar of the scantily clad Amber to be available !!  Thanks again !!
Anthony Pino
/ Turnersville, NJ
I am surprised at how low your prices are on your inventory. It is simply amazing, I bought inner fairing for $90 on your website and I found a similar product on A&S Cycles for over $220! I plan on buying the rest of my aftermarket equipment from you guys as I increase my budget. Thank you for being a very good dealer and prompt service.
Grant Floyd
/ Norman, OK
About 4 weeks ago I was desperate for a T-Bag for my K1200RS so, I ordered one from you knowing of your reputation. As it turned out your gal (does the shipping) was headed out on vacation (probably Tahiti with some young stud) and you were not sure you could get it to me for a couple of weeks. However, you busted your butt and I got it within a few days (not bad for an old Pirate wearing a peg leg) allowing me to take my planned trip. You did a heluva fine job and I thank you much.
Gary Hinger
/ Gig Harbor, Wa
I recently got a smokin' deal on a garage kept, babied, - '02 K12RS with 6k miles on it and was thrilled until I rode it for more than 30 minutes. OUCH !! I ordered some AM barbacks (unbelievable difference) from you folks and BANG ! --- In a couple of days, there they were in my mailbox... Great Service... Great Products.... New Loyal Customer Here !!
Greg Dodkin / Las Vegas. NV
Your service has always ranked on the top tier of online shopping among us motorrad. Keep the shinning side up!
Tony Tsai
/ Chino, CA
1All the products I have purchased from Pirates Lair have been great and with great customer service it is a top notch operation in my book. Thank You and Merry Christmas!
John LaMotta
/ Commack, NY
Unpacked the first box last night, starting install tonight. Always a good night working in the (heated) garage installing WAY COOL stuff... you guys really are handling some first class equipment. Your personal riding/experience/preferences really set Pirates Liar apart from the "warehouses" ...consider me a permanent customer!
Mike Hoppe
/ Marana, AZ
Sincerely appreciate the time and effort you provide for customer service, it makes a difference to me and will forego further on-line purchases to support Pirates Lair. Looking forward to sending more of my hard earned dubloons your way. Keep the shiny side up and greasy side down.
Lindsey Lobree
/ Statesville, NC
To quote Seinfeld.... You're the BEST Jerry, the BEST!
William "Dan" May
You may not remember, but I really appreciated your help with the TechSpec gripster tank grip self stick panels that had the defective adhesive. You worked with the vendor to get a new set sent out post haste. It was a small purchase, but the service was outstanding! It's great to work with a company that actually cares! You get my business, for sure! Love the uncensored monthly newsletters, as well!
Samuel Halgren
/ Eden Prairie, MN
A real pleasure to be able to find such a good service thousands of miles away from Spain. You guys are the best! See you soon.
Martin Piqueras Caro
/ Barcelona, Spain
The service was perfect ! You are all great ! The best web motorcycle store I know. I´ll tell my friends about the order. Thank you again and I`ll see you next trading.
Carlos Eduardo Vieira de Souza
/ Sao Paolo, Brazil
You ARE the best and your customer service can't be beat! Thank you for the really quick service, I greatly appreciate it. That's why I enjoy buying stuff from your company! Take care my friend. If you're going to be at the BMW MOA rally in Bloomsburg, PA in July, please let me know. I'll most certainly look you up and come by and shake your hand! It would be nice to finally meet you in person. .
Peter Fiedler
/ Boxford, MA
Appreciate your personal attention. I will be a long term customer due to your stellar service.
Jay Norman
/ Houston, TX
Jerry you & the Lair are the best.. I'll certainly be buying from you again & soon!
Stephen Diodati
/ Glenmoore, PA
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very professional & friendly service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you Sir. Should I ever find myself travelling over to the US of A, I would certainly try to find your shop in order to have a look around
Karl Swoboda
/ New South Wales, Australia
Unbelievable. I've never seen responsiveness and service like this before. Rest assured, you've earned a long-term customer. You're a class act. There's not many of those left. Thanks for operating your business in this manner.
Lee Dolan
/ Golden, CO
I just wanted to thank you for you promt service. Backrest arrived fast. Wife loves it and will now ride with me. The info on your site is great. I will definantly be a repeat customer.Thanks again.
Frank Vierra / Hollister, CA
I have to say that the reason I bought these from you in the first place is your web site.  It's great, and I could tell by your commentaries that you're a "real" person.  The fact that you not only responded, but followed up with the manufacturer on that question I had says a lot to me.  I'm not trying to suck you off or anything, I just really appreciate true customer service. So, given the results of my initial contact with you, I will be purchasing more parts soon. I was waiting until I saw your response. Call it a psycho little test on my part. hahahaha. You passed.
Nick DeWinkeleer
/ West End, NC
Just wanted to send a note of thanks Amber and Jerry. All products received and installed. Your thorough updates and communication is unrivaled. Bike looks great and I'm prepped for taking a ride! Thanks for chasing your dreams and pursuing your passion!
Mick Worstell
/ Fort Belvoir, VA
I did 4 upgrades this year. Steering damper, Synto levers, Rhinewest chip and a Bill Mayer seat. The first 3 from you. Awesome upgrades. Worth every penny. Superb customer service. Keep up the great work!
Steve Joern
/ Hudson, NY
Thank you very much and compliments to you on the way you run your business. I am a now a solid customer. Keep up the good work.
Eric Fisk
/ Hawthorne, NJ
I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome customer service and super fast shipping. I can't remember the last time dealing with a company that was GREAT from start to finish. I will be sure to buy everything I can from you and will recommend you to everyone I know.
Hubie Hays
/ Milford, OH
I receive the products today. All set upfor the Japanese holidays. I am very satisfied with your customer service ^^v If I would like to purchase other products, I will tell you again. Kind regards.
Touga Ono / Chiba, Japan
Jerry the exhaust system arrived on monday.Two things to say,"YOU THE MAN!!!!!' thank you so much for handling this non "BMW Item" and the exhust system is "SWEEEEEEEEEEEET". I'm also going to inform Staintune of your great service of there product.Thanxs again.
Stefan D. Paneczko / Southington, Ct
I wanna thank you for a great deal for a great product! Pirates Lair Rocks!!!
Preston Tooks / Parkville, MD
Thank you very much, Jerry. Once again you guys have come through with excellent customer service and speedy shipping!
Stephen Campanelli / Santa Monica, CA
Thanks for the great service and thanks for putting up with my humour. I find it a healthy relief next to my work. My upcoming trip is to prosecute an organized crime case (RICO) and put two slimeballs behind bars for the remainder of at least one their lives, so I don't deal with fun people very often. Keep up the faith.
DonJuan DeMarco / Unknown, CA
Thanks so much for getting this order filled for me. I especially appreciate the fact that you have had to jump through some hoops here for me to receive these special order parts. I have had a wonderful experience doing business with Pirates Lair. Thanks!
Debra Anderson / Shenandoah Junction, WV
You have the best service I have found on the net, not to mention quality products!
Preston L Sunday / Owasso, OK
Thanks for all the help Jerry. The level of customer care that your company offers is rare, and greatly appreciated.
John & Renee Williams / Alamogordo, NM
Thanks for everything! Especially to you and the scantily clad Amber for your parts business. It's more preferable than the bigger less people oriented stores.
Anthony Pino / Turnersville, NJ
Received my Hyperpro steering dampener today from you. Thank you. Once again, you've provided a superior product. I look forward to doing more business with Pirate's Lair.
Lindsey Lobree / Statesville, NC
I am getting my 2013 BMW K1300S "Black" this Tuesday and just ordered a Remus to go on it. The last time I bought anything from you was about 8 to 6 years ago when I had my 1999 BMW K1200RS "Red" . So when I ordered my 2013 K1300S for some goodies, the 1st place I thought of was the Pirates Lair.
Ken Toledo / Tracy, Ca.
I returned home today and found my order had already arived. You must ship quicker than a politician can raise taxes. Thank you for your quick service and I wish you favorable winds..
Mike Crawford / Orofino, ID
Received the brake lines today. Crazy fast shipping! Damn!! The lines look killer. Thanks so much for the follow up phone call on my order. What a genuine surprise to actually speak to a real person, let alone the owner!! Great service indeed!! Thanks again!!
Chris Holton / Northport, Miss
.. you guys have always been straight with me since I purchased this bike and started getting all my parts through you. Thanks for your time Jerry, you are heads above the vast majority of retailers I've purchased from over years of riding by the way.
Michael Trimming / Phoenix, AZ
Thanks for your help Jerry. I’m pretty sure you will be a busy guy but have still found the time to persevere with my PITA questions and concerns. When dealing with companies over the other side of the world and having no idea what the service is going to be like, I for one cannot speak highly enough of the service. I have received and your company will be highly recommended to other beemers in my area. .
Rick McCallum / Victoria, Australia
Jerry, just a quick note. As a former business owner myself and as a service provider for the gen public, I want to tell you that I appreciate you keeping me informed and providing EXCELENT customer service. You can see from your records that I'm a repeat customer. Keep up the good work.
Mike Palma / Ghent, NY
I have MANY of your products on my previous and present BMW motorcycles… Currently, I have a K1300S HP (#689 of 750) and the latest add is a cruses control that works flawlessly (providing the instructions are read carefully and followed accordingly)… It has been a pleasure dealing with you over the years and I find your service to be as GOOD as you humor (which I for one truly appreciate)! All the BEST - ride SAFE - have FUN… Jim Schramm San Jose, CA.
Jim Schramm / San Jose, CA.
Thanks for all your hard work in getting the package to me in such a timely manner. Thanks again. I really appreciate your excellent services and passion for motorcycles.
Jerry Durkin / Clarkston, MI .
I just bought my second BMW and am equipping it as I did my '06. Without any hesitation I went directly to your site for my stuff. Your prices are fair and your service is beyond compare. Thanks for a personal email in response to my order.
Douglas Wood / Hampton, NH.
Thank you for the good service on booking and packaging of goods and updated feedback. I'm going to tell my biker friends about this web site and boasts of the service. Thanks for the trade and a happy new year to you all. = (takk for handelen og et riktig godt nytt år)
Ove Karlsen / Strømstad, Sweden
I wanted you to know how pleased I am with both the Oberon slave cylinder and the moto zen levers. The combination of the two have added to the comfort and controlability of my K1200R immeasurably. As soon as I'm settled in my new home with my PC I intend on blogging on I-BMW about my pleasure with them as well as the good experience with "Pirate's Lair". Thank you & Amber for your patience, your help, and fine product line.
Doug Elliott / Riverside, CA
Jerry, your service is the fastest I`ve ever used! I was kept up to date with emails, ordered on Saturday received on Thursday. The best part was that the parts fit. Holes lined up and no modifications needed! Ordered Wunderlich front and rear body protection bars for my K1600GTL Exclusive and they fit perfect. Will definitely use your services in the future, I could not be more satisfied. Owning my own business for the past 27 years, I know about customer service and you truly deliver. Thanks again
Tom Siegmeier / Creswell, OR
I received the package and it was a very timely delivery. Thanks again for your outstanding service and personal follow-up. I must say I am more than satisfied with the Remus product. The sound is rich without being obnoxious and the performance is incredible. Exactly what I was looking for. I also want to thank you for making the purchase a nice experience. I felt like I was buying a part from a friend and not just some large distant far away parts store. You run a great business, or should I say ship?!! Very best regards,
Jon Flowers / Alexandria, VA
Excellent service. You have been a Godsend to work with. Wish everyone could take a chapter out of your book!!
Tab Hunter / Indian Trail, NC
Excellent service. It’s been a pleasure exchanging comments with you! As I have always found, Pirates’ Lair is great and I tell all my buddies! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
John Noble / Scituate, MA
  By the way, all the purchases I've made from you have really made my RS shine. The Wilbers shocks are awesome, the new headlight is just retina searing, and I could go on with several others. Thanks for being out there for us!
Steve Brown / Antelope, Ca
On a happy note, thanks for getting me the stuff so quickly and thanks for running such a great site. Your business and knowledge is very much appreciated.
Mark Kuite /Arlington, VA
Thank you for the refund and excellent service at both ends. This is so nice of you given the time since ordered. I just came home today but, in a wheel chair for another month or so, than heavens for my wife to stay home an help me. When I return to health we'll see what we can order from you. will spread the great service to anyone within earshot for the Pirates Lair! best regards..
Bruce Remy / Everson, WA
Hey Jerry... Just wanted you to know that I ordered parts from you (as apposed to another company) exactly because of the personal service your company/website provides. Many thanks! All the best.
Christopher Robin Bell / Venice, CA
A quick note to say Thank you for top notch customer service! You were contacted by my wife for my father's day present- a set of Speigler brake lines for the K12RS. Then, you worked with my son to make sure I was getting the right kit for my bike. All this happening without my knowlege! Appreciate the great service! Thanks again.
Chris Happ / Buda, Tx
Looking forward to more purchases as you've already exceeded any expectations I had. Scantily clad Amber...thanks for taking my mind off the spreadsheets I'm staring at :)
Joe Peeples / Panama City, FL
Congratulations on your nice, no-nonsense, informative website, the well-chosen merchandise and the easy-reading text. Keep well, and I wish you sustained success in your business!
Nelis Krugers / South Africa
I took delivery of the Ohlins and steering dampers last week. They are now installed successfully on my 2002 BMW K1200RS. What a difference in the quality of the ride and the pleasure I get in riding. It was worth every penny. Thank you for your help and great service. Now, there is no reason for trading this wonderful motorcycle for a 2015 model. Best regards
Claude Vachon / Ontario, Canada
I bought a stealth backrest back for my Honda ST1300 and I receive a very great service and delivery. Let's continue in that way. I am very happy with the product in all sense of the word.
Sergio Vivanco / Santiago, Chile
I've ordered from you on multiple occasions and will continue to do so. You have a great site and your responsiveness is outstanding!
Zulfikar A. Sharif / Cincinnati, OH
Thanks for the help on my recent inquiry. Your immediate response is exactly why I came back to PL. A couple years ago I bought some parts from PL and missed one description in the order. Even though it was after business hours on a Friday, you personally contacted me to get the needed info to keep the order process moving. I never forgot that because, like you, I’m a business co-owner that’s responsible for the service side of our business so I know first-hand how much good service means when someone is paying good money for your products. I’m now looking to buy a second K13S, with my wife’s permission of course, and modify it into a bit more of a tourer with higher bars, a windshield with more coverage, etc. Hey, I’m 55, so while I still like the performance I also like my comfort at this point in my life. I will tell you that, if the bike purchase takes place, I guarantee you’ll be seeing an order from me. Thanks again..
Brad Thern /Appleton, WI
  Thanks for the brutal, honest advice. Exactly why I buy from you. You don't pull any punches. Thank you, you're the best. For what it's worth, if I am going to buy something for the bike, if you carry it...I'll purchase from you.
Mike Knox /Bellvue, Tx
Jerry, just a note to say thanks for helping me sell my used K1200RS Staintune exhaust. I had advertised for several months and not even one call or email. Called you to get your opinion if I was priced too high and you determined I might actually be a bit below market value. You advertised on your site for me and voila, 3 weeks later a buyer. I got my asking price and hopefully you made a buck as well. If there are any readers of this and you have a used Staintune to sell in excellent condition, give Jerry or Amber a call and see if they can assist you in selling.
Darrell Penning / Prior Lake, MN
Jerry... I got the Staintune and it’s beautiful. Almost too pretty to put on my CB1100. If I could figure a way to pour Capt. Morgan out of it I would! Thanks again for all the special attention. Have to tell you a personal side of this: I rode BMW bikes for years out of the BMW Detroit store. My wife and I have been to all four corners of our country and a lot of Canada. Of course, I rode with other Beemer owners who bought after market items from Pirates Lair and spoke very highly of you business. I never did business with you until now, I guess I liked my KLT the way it was. So, your rep here in Michigan is very strong. I had no problems doing what ever it took to get that muffler for my CB. Good Luck with future business!
RJ Hayden / Saint Clair Shores, MI
Jerry.. "You da Man"... I love doing business with you and appreciate your great sense of humor, much like my own... I recommend you every chance I get...Thanks as always.
Donald Bikoff / Glen Cove, NY
Just wanted to say "THANKS" for the prompt and courteous service. The steering damper is definitely a huge step up from the stock BMW part. I'm sure we'll be doing business again in the future. Keep up the excellent work.
Michael McCurry / Cool,CA
You rock. As always. Been a fan of your site for over a decade now. Keep at it
Terry Carwile / Ellicott City, MD
Needless to say Pirate's Lair gets my recommendations for an excellent organization.
Mike Paradis / Ann Arbor, MI
Thank you for the great customer service, you have a customer for life or at least as long as I ride Bmw motorcycles.
Christopher Swaner / Salt Lake City, UT
You're customer service is the best I've ever experienced! If you lived closer I'd make you some awesome outdoor cedar chairs, jerry!
Brian Scheffler / Lake Forest Park, WA
Thank you for reaching out with my order details and for the update...very nice (and appreciated) touch. This is my first order from "Pirate's Lair"...but not my last, as my list of "needs" for my new 2016 K1300S is long! I have looked at and admired this model of BMW motorcyle for sometime...and after hearing (but not confirmed) that it is the last of the last, I went ahead and bought it! You have a very nice site and your philosophy about bikes, safety and the products that you offer...as well as a common sense view regarding "life and things in general" from what I gather, makes me a fan and a loyal customer...in theory! At least as my bank account will permit... All the best..
Rob Herbert / Pauma Valley, CA
Outstanding! Thank you for being the best online retailer ever! I look forward to receiving your next communique! All the best!
Fred Lane / Chapel Hill, NC
Jerry, I buy from the internet when possible. Shoes, being the primary purchase in a store. Now that I have moved to NC, there are few stores around to buy what I need, though my needs are much less these days. I have to say that when I can buy something I need, I check you out first. You support this site and you know your stuff. Never been disappointed with your merchandise or advice. So, if you have it and I need it, I will buy from you. My accessories have not been as many lately, but you're the one I turn to when I need stuff. Jerry, you would be perfect if you voted for Hillary. ;-)
Paul White / Stamford, Ct.
I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help with my recent problem. I had very low expectations of anyone willing to assist when it was so long ago and was something I should have checked on arrival. You are the epitome of customer service and if most companies cared 1/10th as much as you do for your customers, the world might just be a better place. Sorry if this sounded too corny, but I just wanted to express my gratitude for your support. Thanks again James Shilkoff / Winston Salem, NC
You guys are hands down the best people to deal with for aftermarket BMW parts.
Geoff Harris / Littleton, CO
I appreciate all your time and effort on my behalf. If more businesses were run like yours our world would be a much better place!
Tim Titsworth / Carbondale, Il
Good afternoon, I just wanted to express gratitude for my sincerely enjoyable purchasing experience. I only ordered a couple of small items and one of your awesome t-shirts but I'm sure to be back now. Thank you so much for providing an awesome website and cool parts for my BMW and KTM Motorcycles. Oh yeah and that's a totally awesome business card . Thanks guys/gals keep up the great work.
John Gamlowski / Lancaster, CA
Package received! One more happy biker. Great product, speedy delivery, speedy service, no hassles. Keep it up guys!!
Pierre Perreault / Champlain, NY
It's amazing to be communicating with a human over a purchase. I appreciate your attention to detail. It keeps it fun.
Randall Bock / Philipsburg, PA
Your responsiveness is reassuring to me as a new customer. Never know when shopping online... Pirates Lair is my new first stop when online shopping..
Greg Pennington / Herndon, VA
Hi Jerry. I appreciate your excellent customer service. It’s great to know I’m communicating with an actual person (I mean Pirate) as opposed to a robotic website. Keep us the great work and I’ll keep looking for new farkles to buy. Many thanks,
Kelly Gill / Brentwood, TN
Thanks for your always impeccable service. ...thank the BMW Moto Gods that passionate, twisted people like you exist to sell passionate, twisted people like me quality goodies to keep our old girls rolling.You have all the cool stuff. Take care my friend.
Brett Moore / Nairne, Australia
You are a dead set legend, mate...I can't thank you enough. Of course, I'll be sailing back into the Pirate's lair to raid some more booty as soon as I have the pieces of eight to get the bits I want (om, enough Pirate puns)....even though I've spent more on my old KRS than the original purchase price a few years ago...you know how it is...you get obsessed with the old bricks. thanks again mate. Cheers
Brett Moore / Nairne, Australia
I don’t think I will ever sell the K-RS, especially with the new Ohlins I got from you and the fact that I want to see it hit 200,000km. A mere 135,000 on it right now. What a treasure you have been to the K bike community.
Dave O'Halloran / Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Super fast shipping and great communication from Jerry. Found my 98K12RS about 8 months ago with 17k on it. Have put about 3500 mi on it and I love this bike. Freshening it up for a 3500mi road trip this summer.T hanks for the Speiglers!
Brian Schlievert / Orlando, Fla
05/18/18: Frankly, I wish all business provided as complete information, with pictures, as you did for me. They could learn a thing or two based on what you sent me! Much appreciated. I will also be perusing your website more more ‘bits’ for the bike.
Gerry Nemeth / I-BMW Poster
07/26/18: Service like he's your best friend. (And he easily could be) BMW rider for many years and if I need anything Jerry (Amber) take care of me. Doesn't get any better than the Pirate! Love you guys. We'll connect next time I'm in NC hopefully. Rock on Jerry!.
Michael Dowd
/ Prospect, KY
08/10/18: Got the parts! Easiest online buy I’ve ever made! Thank you and look forward to doing business for all my future Beemer needs. Respectfully,
Darren Brooks
/ New Port Richey, FL
08/14/18: The customer service experience you provide is exceptionally good, and second to none. You’re one of the good ones.
Eduardo Cardozo
/ Sugar Land, TX
02/21/19: I just installed my helmet lock on my R1200GS last night. Everything went smooth. I just wanted to commend you on the business card that was in with all the bits. I am 58, and I have to tell you that your business card is the best card that I have seen in my lifetime! Very nice work.
Andrew J. Doe / Essex, VT
05/10/19: Thanks for being in touch (with details/updates on my order)... - the personalized touch is unique and makes a difference.
Dean Pernisie / Newton, MA
06/04/19: Jerry...you have the best customer service in the business.
Mike Knox / Bellevue, TX
06/13/19: Thanks Jerry. I appreciate your help. I first found you when I bought my used K12 about 12 years ago and my back did not like the forward riding position (I am 70 now) so I ordered your bar-backs and foot peg lowering mounts. They worked great! I have ordered other products from you for my beast and loved them all. Keep up the great work.
Allen Bacqué AIA, NCARB / Lafayette, LA
08/09/19: Captain, thanks for everything you’ve done. Love the swag and can’t wait to get it on! Thank You! Fair winds and following seas, Brother. I’ll let others know of your incredible service!
Steven Souchek / Parker, CO
03/18/20: Thank you Sir.... I appreciate your prompt actions... I’m not used to a “Customer Satisfaction” attitude, and I honestly appreciate working with you. I will definitely let my riding colleagues know how great it is to do business with you.
Dave Kincaid / Orange, CA
03/20/20 Arrrghh.. You have lightning-fast shipping and great service - it is VERY few companies that cater to the specialty bikes we have, and I can't wait to see what you have next.
Randolph B Mahoney / Gainesville, FL
03/31/20: I did receive the Remus exhaust and it sounds amazing, can wait till the snow melts and it can take it out for a spin. I am impressed with you folks and will shop again in the future and will pass your name on to friends. I had been looking for this exhaust every since I bought the bike in 2018
Scott Dana
/ Chugiak, Alaska
Thank you again Jerry and do thank Amber for me as well. You both set a standard of customer service to which all others should aspire. All the very best.
David Cardillo / Madison, OH
04/20/20: Cap'n- Aye and thanks. I put off ordering the hubcaps 17+ years for no good reason - FWIW, I made the order to support your business while we're working through the CV19 drama - (in addition to adding bling to my ride). You've always had the best products, and I still enjoy the newsletters. Did Fred Rau's two week ride through New Zealand last month. Lamented the end of MCN (as you did). Told Fred I didn't buy anything they (or you) didn't recommend, I'll miss that mag. Thanks for hanging in there.
Terry (the bald guy) Carwile / Kaneohe, Hi
10/20/20 Good afternoon Jerry, Received the backrest for the FJR earlier this week and got a chance to take it out yesterday with the wife. Love it! Excellent finish, backrest material blends almost perfectly with the stock seat covering, super easy install and love that it is easy to just pop off if i'm riding solo. Thank you again for keeping me up to date with the manufacturing delays, excellent customer service and being up front certainly made the wait worthwhile. Best of luck, have a great riding season!
Garret St. Onge / Whitinsville MA
11/10/20: Greetings, A note past due, but I've been out enjoying my new bike with my new grips, and they are wonderful and my hands thank you.
A side story: I just retired from teaching high school, but was asked by the College Board to make a few short videos on AP Macroeconomics. Two of my topics included Exchange Rates and the Foreign Exchange Market. I was thinking of a fictious country for the USA to trade with and I came up with Pirate Land and they use the Reale as their currency. I was thinking of you guys and your business and how you helped influence an old guy who will hopefully reach 10's of thousands of high school seniors learn some economics and pass the AP test. Thanks again for a great product and making my rides extremely comfortable.
Gabriel Sanchez / La Verne, CA
6/16/21: Thanks much. You are truly a pirate of honor. I’ll definitely recommend you to friends and be a returning customer myself!
John Kendig / Oxnard, CA
8/16/21: Fair Winds and Following Seas my friend! Thanks for your superb communication, and service!
Chad Tubbs / Garner, NC
Really appreciate your dedication to the customer especially in this day and age !! Aaaarrrgggg
Cristiano Mendes (Tano) / Ringwood, NJ