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*International Orders Welcome:
We Ship Almost Anywhere on Earth !!

1. PayPal is a 100% secure site for paying on-line.You can choose to use the easy PayPal buttons on my site or go directly to PayPal Just add up the items you want (remember shipping and taxes within the US are included in our pricing)... and send the payment. You log in (just once) and then you can pay for your goodies with any credit card OR debit card or directly from your bank account. Very simple... very easy. Any special instructions can be written in the available box. PayPal is an INTERNATIONAL service! Note: PayPal imposes a temporary \$500 limit on first time orders. You have the option of upping that amount if desired while they check to see that your bank account is valid. That takes 2-3 days. On international orders, we will contact you for additional shipping fees upon receipt of order.
2. Credit Cards: We accept Visa/Mastercard/AmEx/Discover and you can order and pay with any of these cards directly from our website. Just click on the Add Item To Cart black button on ANY web page and you'll have the option of paying via Paypal or via your holy credit card. If you don't trust the internet with your personal info you can either e-mail or phone us at 828.628.7093 EST/ M-Sat. Either way we'll need the following information. Name as it appears on the card, Complete Mailing Address (including Country), Credit card #, Credit card expiration date, and the 3 or 4 digit security code on the back. Without ALL this info.. It ain't gonna happen. If the names and addresses don't match up... It ain't gonna happen. Cop an asshole attitude... It ain't gonna happen. Please include a note letting me know EXACTLY which product(s) you want and if applicable..what color(s). Note: There will be a handling/processing fee imposed on ALL phone orders over $750.
3. International Shipping: We Ship Anywhere In TheWorld!! (except Indonesia)
For international destinations we ship almost exclusively via USPS International Service. International customers will be notified of international shipping options after purchase or before upon e-mail request. Note: Customer is liable for all customs, duties, or import fees on the back end.. No exceptions.
4. International Payments: On small international orders.. (under $400) we prefer payment via PayPal (where you can use your credit cards.) For large orders we prefer wire transfers and will gladly provide all wire transfer information upon request. We do NOT take credit cards over the phone on international orders. Your choice. FYI... I usually ship international orders the SAME DAY as your payment arrives unless otherwise specified. Please do not ask Pirates Lair to declare YOUR ORDER as a "gift" or "warranty replacement" or a "lessor value" on the customs documents. All retail sales will be declared as "Retail Sale" which is the sum of all your products purchased. The declared value does not include the cost of shipping. Falsifying customs documents is a crime that is punishable for up to 1 year in jail and a $40,000 fine and I'm simply too pretty to do jail time...
Whichever way you decide to order...Please include your EXACT mailing address and phone #, a note letting us know EXACTLY which model and year bike you have, EXACTLY which products you want, and if applicable. EXACTLY what color (s). Questions? Call us here in North Carolina at 828.628.7093 EST

5. Returns or Cancellations: Note: As of Jan 1st 2020, Pirates Lair will not refund paypal transaction fees imposed on us by paypal on any refunds, order cancellations, or returns. The greedy bastards at Paypal are hitting all their US customers with this new policy so we have to pass it on.. They won't refund it so neither can we.. So sorry. This was NOT our idea nor do we like it..

That being said... Nobody likes to hassle with returns or cancellations... you or us, but sometimes it's inevitable and we're cool with that. We offer a 30 day money back return policy minus shipping and paypal fees as long as the item is in perfect condition. There are a few obvious exceptions.. exhausts, chips, special orders, and a few others. We will impose a 15% handling fee for all "special order" returns and/or restocking fee on drop-ship orders. Here's the deal.. we have no problems with returns or cancellations as long as you follow our simple guidelines.

1. Please email us and get an authorization # so we'll be aware of an impending return.
Put a detailed note inside the package letting us know who you are and if possible your original receipt, why you are returning it, and what you want... refund, swap, credit, respect, etc...
If you are expecting a full refund, we are in turn expecting to receive goods in perfect condition and ready to resell to the next rider.. If we receive goods that are scratched or missing pieces, I'll pro-rate the items for resell (using my own world-renowned anal discretion) and refund or credit accordingly.
4. Ship it via some trackable, insured method.. If we don't get it.. you don't get the refund...
We will impose a 15% handling fee for all "special order" returns or a restocking fee if the item is drop-shipped from one of our vendors. Vendor determines fee.
Lastly.. If you have a problem with "receiving" your order you had better contact us within 30 days or it's off the USPS books and we won't be able to track it. Saavy? Don't like our policy? Then take your biz elsewhere, bucko... and I mean that sincerely.

Send all orders, correspondence, expensive gifts to:

Thanks for the biz, my friends. Ride safe and.... Fare thee well..


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