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Clear Taillight Housing/BRAKE LED Kit Install How-To

Yes.. by now everyone has seen the Clear Taillight Lens Kits from Clear Alternatives... While Clear Alternatives offers TWO versions of the KR1200RS tail light kit.. one with built in LED's.. the other without.. The question is.. Can I install my BRAKE LED Kit inside one of these non-LED clear housings? The answer is yes.. With just a minor modification necessary. Follow my instructions below and you'll be very pleased with the results. I was...

Note from Pirates Lair: The Brake LED Kit from Gizmo Mill.. aka.. Road Rocketeer is no longer available. Those guys closed their doors in 2009 owing many people money and product.. including us. They appear from time to time on the www but do not be deceived. They are scammers. We urge our customers NOT to do business with them. They are criminals and without honor.

Parts/Materials Needed:

(1) Non-LED Clear Taillight Housing Kit from Pirates' Lair @ $65.US
(1) BRAKE LED Kit from Pirates' Lair @ $125.US (No Longer Available)
(1) Dremel tool @ Cutoff wheel attachment
(1) Philips screwdriver
(1) Six pack (Imported beer only)

Step #1: Removing Factory Tail Light

Getting the factory taillight off your bike is as easy as removing the seat and unscrewing two screws. Once the screws are out.. the red housing slides straight back to reveal 3 wires on the inside. Disconnect these 3 wires and it's off.

The BRAKE LED Kit has 3 connector prongs so reinstall will be as easy as reconnecting the same 3 wires. These prongs are marked clearly.. brake /ground / tail. First things first. The NON-LED Clear Taillight housing will NOT accommodate the BRAKE LED Kit as is. The housing will need a slight modification using a Dremel tool.

Remove the two phillips screws holding your Clear Taillight housing together and pull apart as shown.

Step #2: Modifying the Clear Housing

The ONLY obstacle keeping you from you from mounting your BRAKE LED Kit is the two protrusions inside the housing.. They are chromed plastic and easy to modify.

You probably deserve a beer right about now..

Step #3: Surgery

The surgery is simple. First.. put down your beer and put on your safety glasses. Using your Dremel with a new heavy duty cutoff wheel # 420, trim off about 1/2 the length of both protrusions. Why only 1/2? Because the BRAKE LED circuit board will need a perfectly flat balanced surface and the remaining 1/2 will offer a mini-platform" for it to lay up against. That's why!! Any more questions? No?..Good..

Keep the cutoff wheel parallel to the part you are cutting as shown (pic right)

I'd suggest it's now time time for beer #2.. you're almost done, but we don't want to get stressed out do we?

Step #4: Installing the BRAKE LED Device

After you've trimmed the two protrusions, wipe all the smudges off the chrome housing and insert the BRAKE LED circuit board into position. Insert the 2 long screws that hold it together. Before you tighten them , make sure the LED display is centered like the pic to the right.. Once you get the LED's centered.. tighten ever so easily.

WARNING: For God's sake.. Use caution when tightening these two screws. If you'll pay close attention... just this once.. you'll realize that if you tighten them too much, you'll SNAP your circuit board in half and ruin your BRAKE LED Kit.. . NOT a good thing. All you need to do is tighten the screws until you see the board starting to bow ever so slightly.. The board is NOT going anywhere. If you screw up here.. you'll be cussing and regretting chugging those beers.. Geeezz Again... DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE SCREWS!!

One last tip for the anal.. Do you see the RED switch in the pic to the right? If I had it to do all over again, I'd have painted that WHITE before reassembly.. You can see it through the clear housing..

Final Step #5: Reinstalling Wires and Reassemble

Once you get the screws in, just reattach the 3 wires.. As you can see to the right.. the posts are clearly marked as to what wire goes where.. but to refresh your memory.

Connect the BROWN wire to the center post marked GND (Ground)
Connect the GRAY with YELLOW stripe to the post marked BRK (Brake)
Connect the last wire.. the tail light wire to the post marked appropriately.. (Tail)
Depending on what year bike you have the tail light wire will be either GRAY with BLACK stripe or GRAY with WHITE stripe.

BEFORE you reinstall the housing, turn on the key and make sure it's working properly.. If so.. Reinstall, sit back, and revel in your own magnificence. Just don't stare too long.. You'll see spots for an hour.. Trust me..