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Click Here To See More... If You Dare The ST1300 Stealth Backrest After over a year of research and development, the ST Stealth Backrest has turned out to be a thing of beauty, simplicity, and comfort and.. a worthy addition to the Pirates' Lair line of specialty motorcycle products. Our stainless steel stealth bracket with it's patented design bolts directly to the factory luggage rack in under 10 minutes with standard tools and remains almost invisible while on the bike. The backrest's polished stainless steel slide bar slides on and off the bike in under 20 seconds. No modifications necessary. Just bolt it on and give your passenger....piece of mind. Our first class upholstery is done by world renowned custom seat and backrest maker...Sargent Cycle Products. Each Stealth bracket is covered with Tuff Stuff Rhino Lining® which is a textured rubber-like SPRAY coating that is impervious to just about everything. Fit's all model years up to 2013! Manufactured by Pirates' Lair. (Note: While these have been discontinued, I leave this spot up for informational purposes for those buying used kits on eBay, etc.)
Pirates' Price $395.US (USPS Priority Included in US)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Saddlemen Deluxe Roll Bag OK.. you've just got your new Stealth, Sargent, or Corbin Backrest installed. Woohoo! Finally you and your significant other can do some traveling together in comfort, but now you need more luggage room... What to do? Check out the Saddlemen Deluxe Roll Bag. An adjustable wide velcro strap wraps around any backrest or sissy bar for easy on and off install. Multiple D-rings provide easy mounting options for hard-to-fit motorcycles. The bag features a wide top opening for easy packing. Top carry handle and shoulder strap included for easy toting off bike. Lockable zipper pulls. Constructed of UV-, water-, and weather-resistant 1200 denier Saddle Tuff and leather-like vinyl panels. Dimensions: 16" L x 10" W x 9.5" H / Expanded 20" L x 10" W x 9.5" H Waterproof? Yes, when used with the furnished rain cover.. This is is a great around town bag....
Pirates' Price $150.US Roll bag
(USPS Priority Included in US)
More... If You Dare Kriega Back-Packs Imported from The UK! When it comes to carrying your daily crap around on your motorcycle, some choose to go with tank bags, top-boxes, or rear rack bags.. others, like me prefer a back-pack. The Kriega line of back-packs are designed specifically for motorcyclists and IMHO.. are simply the best on the market. Pirates Lair sells 2 Kriega bags... the 15 liter R15 and the slightly larger 20 liter R20. The R15 is my bag of choice for daily riding and/or drug smuggling. It has DOUBLE the capacity of the Engage Tank Bags we sell. All Kriega bags feature 3M reflective areas along back and front. The internal reservoir pocket with compression straps fits an optional 3 liter hydration insert. The main selling point of the Kriega back-packs is their innovative Quad-Loc harness and strap system. The straps are angled out of the way for total freedom of movement and the locking button can easily be used while wearing gloves. Once on your back you'll forget it's there. Super comfortable. Easy on/off. 10 Year factory guarantee! I love these bags!!
Pirates' Price R15 $160.US / R20 $180.US (USPS Priority Included in US)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare! DrySpec D28 Dual-End Motorcycle Dry Bag The DrySpec D28 Dual-End Motorcycle Dry Bag is constructed of RF welded 22oz. vinyl that guarantees 100% waterproof performance even when submerged. Unlike other dry bags, the D28 features a dual-end roll design that allows access to belongings from either end of the bag without having to disconnect the mounting straps. The D28 is perfect by itself for short trips, but is the ideal add on bag for your existing side cases. Dual-Ended opening/ Universal quick release mounting straps (included)  / Includes 4 straps / Retro Reflective Logo / Strap keepers to secure excess webbing / Welded carry handle / 28 Liters / 100% waterproof / 22" long x 9" wide x 9" tall / 22oz Vinyl & coated Cordura. Available in Black, Orange, or Gray.
Pirates' Price $102.US (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare! DrySpec B50 Wide-Mouth Motorcycle Dry Bag The DrySpec B50 Wide-Mouth Motorcycle Dry Bag is a universal roll-top dry bag made from rugged 22oz vinyl and coated Cordura and is guaranteed to be absolutely watertight. The B50 can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to almost any bike. Comes with a removable carrying handle for ease of portage. Unlike the other DrySpec bags, you'll have to furnish you own straps and/or bungee cords with this one. Whether your motorcycle decides to take a nap during your favorite water crossing or the skies let loose torrential rain, keep your essential gear stowed and dry with the DrySpec B50 Wide-Mouth Motorcycle Dry Bag. 12" wide x 12" tall x 22" long (average packed dimensions) with a 22" wide opening / 50 liter capacity. 4 D-rings on the bag accept a wide variety of strap options. Available in black only. *Straps not included.
Pirates' Price $125.US (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare! DrySpec D38 Rigid Motorcycle Dry Bag The DrySpec D38 Rigid Motorcycle Dry Bag is constructed of RF welded 22oz. vinyl that guarantees 100% waterproof performance even when submerged. The D38 features a rigid core that enables the bag to be mounted to any bike, with or without a top rack, even when the bag is completely empty. Try that with a traditional dry bag! The rigid construction and unique 4-point strap mounting system work together enabling easy access to contents without loosening straps or removing the bag from the bike. This is my personal favorite Drybag. Retro Reflective Logo / Adjustable & detachable carry handle / 38 Liters / 100% waterproof / 22" long x 12" wide x 9" tall / 22oz Vinyl & coated Cordura. Available in Black, Orange, or Gray.
Pirates' Price $174.US (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare! inView Wireless Helmet Brake and Turn Signal System. The inView is a wireless helmet brake and turn signal light system with advanced features that dramatically increases your visibility and riding safety. It attaches easily to any helmet and any motorcycle to provide brake, hazard, and turn signal LED lighting. Advanced features include propriety inView technology. Key features.. No on/off switch – you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off. Easily transferable between helmets (2 sets of mounts included.) Passive braking (ex. downshifting) detection that illuminates both helmet and motorcycle brake light. Automatic diagnostics that test battery condition and communication. Available in Clear or Red Lenses. Ultra-bright LEDs. CanBus Compatible. Long battery life Simple battery changes with AAA batteries. Optional Extra Helmet Transceiver for multiple helmets or Motorcycle Transceiver for multiple bikes. The inView system includes the brake light/turn signal, wireless transceiver, accessory LED brake light, adhesive Velcro, mounting hardware, and two AAA batteries that should last a full season.
Pirates' Price $249.95US (Shipping in US Included)
New Product!
Click Here for Full Web Page.. If You Dare CL Brake Pads Pirates' Lair is proud to offer Carbone Lorraine Brake Pads to our menu. After testing CL pads on my own bikes for months.. I deem them worthy of our product line and our quasi-esteemed customers. Whether you are riding the Iron Butt Rally, road racing, or cruising your favorite road, the brake system is the most important part of your motorcycle. Why not use top quality braking components? It's a no-brainer. The French-made CL Brake pads, are "high performance sintered metal" pads offering an ideal combination of value, durability and performance. They have the German TUV approval! Carbone Lorraine Brake Pads ... the choice of European champions. We carry their entire product line for virtually every late model motorcycle. If you don't see pads listed for your bike.. just email me and I'll provide quotes.
Pirates' Price $47.90US & Up (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Denali SoundBomb Compact Air Horn Imported from Italy. Are you sick and tired of some cage trying to take your lane while you happen to be using it? Don't get mad... get LOUD. The Denali black dual-tone air horn is rated at 120 freakin' dB at 3 feet so you'll be as loud as most European cars. Includes a relay for providing a direct, high current attachment to the motorcycle's battery. The Denali SoundBomb is 800% louder than your single factory meep meep horn. Feel safer.. Stay alive...! Fits virtually all motorcycles if you have the room. Remember, these are larger than your stock horn so you'll need space and clearance for a single 5.3" x 4" x 3.3" air horn. Plug-N-Play wiring kit available. Honestly, install on any bike using our plug-n-play harness is chimp easy requiring only a little imagination for horn placement. I have one of these on both my bikes. Simply the best aftermarket horn on the market.
Pirates' Price $65.US (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Lite Blazer License Plate Frame from Run-N-Lites The 3 rows of high intensity LED's used in the Lite-Blazer license plate mounted light bar will definitely get the attention to vehicles several hundred feet behind you. The outside LED's burn RED all the time as running lights, like Lite Buddy's and the center LED's are a solid stop light (it is slightly brighter then the running lights). When the brakes are applied, the built in flasher causes the outer clusters to flash 6 - 7 times and remain on solid after that, so you do not piss off the bubba/ex-SEAL/Postal employee sitting behind you. The light bar frame is black. Easy install. Make sure those french fry eating, cell phone hugging, cage demons can see you when you are stopped. Fits all motorcycles. Video MPG of the Lite Blazer in Action.
Pirates' Price $
100.US (Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Signal Dynamics LED License Plate Frame Check out the waaay cool Signal Dynamics LED License Plate Frame. Achieve a classic look with this sleek black license plate frame. It has 18 Ultra Bright Red LEDs! The LEDs function at high and low intensity to function as auxiliary brake and running lights! The Signal Dynamics LED License Plate Frame draws very little current (3/10th of an AMP), so it does not interfere with integrated ABS or EVO brake systems. Install is chimp-easy with only 3 wires. The frame has a 6" dual intensity red LED light bar with 18 ultra-bright LEDs and the light bar is enclosed by a transparent red lens. Designed to accept the most commonly used 7-1/2" license plates used in the USA. Luddite approved. This is what I have on my own K1200S. Fits virtually every motorcycle.
Pirates' Price $78.US (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here for Full Web Page.. If You Dare Blinker Genie We sell a lot of lighting products at Pirates Lair, but honestly ...the Blinker Genie (by CustomLED) is hands down my favorite. The "Blinker Genie" is designed to allow single filament light bulbs, single intensity LED assemblies, or any two-wire indicators to function as both running lights AND blinkers - at full brightness! Simply connect your two-wire incandescent or LED indicators on your motorcycle to the Custom LED Blinker Genie, and your indicator bulbs/LEDs will now stay on constantly as running lights, and blink when you engage the blinkers! The effect is simply amazing. I have these installed on both the front and rear of my BMW K1200S and they offer a night and day difference. Easy to install (there are only 4 wires) and they work on virtually any motorcycle. They are 100% CanBus compatible and made right here in the USA.
Pirates' Price $39.US Pair (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor If you do enough riding.. sooner or later you're gonna have a flat or need some air. It's not a matter of if, but when. The Stop & Go Portable Mini-Air Compressor measures only 4 x 2 x 6" making it possible to be carried on virtually any motorcycle, scooter or ATV. The built in gauge allows you to observe the increased pressure with a reading up to 120 psi. It also comes with a built in LED light letting you know that it is receiving power and helps you connect to the tire valve after dark. Your motorcycle tire will be fully inflated in less than 10 minutes. On the road or in the wilderness you will always have clean outside air available and there's never a need for replacement parts or re-fills. Do you want to be prepared the next time you or your buddy gets a flat? Of course you do.
Pirates' Price $55.US. (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger Kit If you do enough riding.. sooner or later you're gonna have a flat. It's not a matter of if, but when. The Pocket Tire Plugger Kit from Stop & Go gives you the ability to perform the most effective repair possible without dismounting your tubeless tire. With this kit, you'll be back in action in just a few minutes. With the addition of (4) 16 gram canisters of 100% pure high velocity CO2 gas and the 4" fully flexible adapter with solid brass fittings, this kit includes everything needed to repair and re-inflate your tire. The mushroom-type plugs expand under pressure working much better than those crappy sticky strips that cheaper kits use. The kit measures 5" x & 7 1/2" x 1" and weighs only 18 ounces. My kit fits easily under the seat of my K1200S. This ain't the cheapest kit on the market, my friends.. but IMHO.. it's the best. Do you want to be prepared the next time you or your buddy gets a flat? Of course you do. The question is.. Do you feel lucky? Well.. do ya punk?
Pirates' Price $55.US. (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare PDM60 Power Distribution Module Are you turning your ride into a Frankenbike with splices and wiring and electrical tape stretched all over creation? Move into the 21st century with the PDM60 Power Distribution Module. With the PDM60, there’s no more blown fuses, tangled wiring, overloaded circuits, CanBus related power interruptions, confusion, or frustration. The PDM60 is fully user programmable via the PDM60 dashboard software. You can set circuit triggering/switching methods, delay circuit activation/deactivation, and individual circuit amperage levels. With the PDM60 you get six power circuits and 60 Amps of power handling capability. That's enough to handle all of your accessories.. radar detector, lights, horns, heated gear or grips, GPS, cell phone, etc, etc... CanBus compatible.. Easy 3 wire install.
Pirates' Price $212.US. (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare
Raci-Baby WickIt! Helmet Liner The WickIt! helmet liner is constructed of comfortable stretch fit active wear. The premium quality, silky-soft, stretchy active wear material is thin and lightweight and provides a comfortable fit under all types of helmets. The WickIt!'s unique material helps keep you cooler in hot weather by wicking away moisture and enhancing the evaporative cooling effect. In the winter the wicking process keeps humidity away from your skin providing a comfortable feel when worn under insulating hoods and other cold weather gear. One thing I like about the Raci-Baby is the design at the rear. The triangle tail makes it easy to orient the helmet liner! - No more fumbling trying to figure out what's front and back. Easy on.. easy off. The Raci-Baby WickIt! One size fits both men, women, and/or those unsure of their sexuality. I've been wearing one of these for a few years now and I deem it worthy of our elite clientele.. And did I mention these are made right here in the USA??!!
Pirates' Price $20.US (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare
Pirates Lair Plundering Tees Now that Pirates' Lair has become the center of the known universe...you knew that it was just a matter of time before I started blatantly advertising on your torso. You asked for them.. and again, we deliver with our "not quite so humble" plundering tees. You ride a BMW. You and I both know these are the best motorcycles on earth. Why not help do your part in educating the ignorant masses of this fact. Flaunt your "magnifocity" with one of these ultra stylish 100% cotton tees which proclaim proudly on the back.. Substance Over Image.. We are offering our tees in a "slimming" Black and/or a stylish pigment dyed, pre-shrunk Charcoal Gray, and pigment dyed, pre-shrunk Indigo Blue. We offer these in all sizes in both short and long sleeve. As with all the Pirates' Lair plundering tees, these are produced in limited quantities. When they are gone.. there will be no more. No amount of begging.. no amount of pleading... no offers of BJs..well.. BJ's might do the trick, but otherwise...
Pirates' Price $25.US (Shipping in US Included) Limited Edition!
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Pirates Lair Gift Cards Woohoo!! We now have Gift Cards on the menu in a number of denominations to fit your budget. Like buying underwear or choosing a hooker, buying motorcycle accessories is a very personal thing. Simply guessing what your favorite rider actually needs/wants/desires for his ride is a hit or miss proposition. Rather than simply guessing ...you can't go wrong with a Pirates Lair Gift Card. Our standard sized plastic gift cards are sleek, stylish, and professionally made. Included with every card is a single-fold, greeting card style gift card holder with a folded/glued pocket inside for easy gift card insertion and removal. And that's not all! We also include a small matching envelope. Folded size: 4 3/4" x 3 3/8" Whip it out (the card, that is) and you will garner respect and admiration from the less fortunate around you. The card is good for all 2 full years. Actual cost of each card is $5 to cover cost of card, holder, envelope package, and shipping inside the US. Ladies.. these are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, promotions, or just a way of saying.. "Honey..I'm sorry I backed over your bike." Remember.. nothing says.. "I love you" or "I'm sorry" to a man like shiny plastic.
Pirates' Price Starting at $25.US (Shipping in US Included)