Take me home, El Capitan!

Now that Pirates' Lair has become the center of the known universe...you knew that it was just a matter of time before we started blatantly advertising on your torso. You asked for them.. and again, we deliver. You ride a BMW. You and I both know these are the best motorcycles on earth. Why not help educate the ignorant masses of this fact. Flaunt your "magnifocity" with the latest limited edition Pirate Lair Plundering tees.

Unlike past Pirates Lair tees which featured a specific bike on the back, these tees offer a more minimalistic approach in order to make all our customers happy. At least.. that's the theory. The front image (similar to top left ) is is self explanatory. The back of each tee (bottom left) features simple words.."Substance Over Image" for the simple mind. Some might consider these words a blatant slap in the face to a certain segment of the population. I like to think of them as a statement showing your individuality, intelligence, and proof that you are weren't fooled by millions of dollars worth of advertising promoting a "lifestyle" and/or inferior machinery. Tees are 100% cotton.

When some moron asks you why you ride a BMW and not a Harley ... rather than open your wise-ass mouth and risk being pummeled by some chap-clad miscreant and his overweight girlfriend... just point to the back of this tee and let our shirt do the talking for you. Inform the uneducated masses that you ride a BMW Motorcycle and are proud of it.

Breaking centuries old traditions, we are offering our tees in a "slimming" Black (to please the dark forces).. and a pigment dyed, pre-washed Indigo Blue. The actual tee is a little lighter blue than the one pictured below. Our long sleeve version comes in black only. Our white text shows up nicely on all 3 colors.

As with all the Pirates' Lair plundering tees, these are produced in limited quantities. When they are gone.. there will be no more. No amount of begging.. no amount of pleading.. no amount of crying.. no offers of BJs..well.. BJ's might do the trick, but otherwise...

Whether wanting to look stylish at your daughter's wedding or just stylin in the board meeting.. we have a tee for you.. Be the envy of your work place or prison yard!! Pirates' Lair tees make great birthday, graduation, parole, Christmas, Hanukah, Father's Day gifts. The XLarge tees also make wonderful sleepwear for your rug rats or that special person in your life. Also good for covering up back hair and/or aging tattoos. Guaranteed to get you laid more often.*

* Does not apply to married customers.

Shrinkage: We all have a fear of shrinkage .. especially around women.... so here's the 411.. FYI.. As I wash, hard dry, and wear our shirts almost on a daily basis, it's been my experience that the gray or Indigo tees don't shrink much at all.. They're kinda pre-washed anyway so whatever size you get is pretty much a true size. The Black tees (long sleeve or short) shrink a little (as they are not pre-washed) so expect the black tees to be slightly smaller after a hard dry.

Indigo Blue!! Does this tee make you horny?

Long Sleeve- Black Tee
Black Long Sleeve Pirates Lair Tee / Small $28.US (USPS Shipping Included in US ) SOLD OUT!
Black Long Sleeve Pirates Lair Tee / Medium $28.US (USPS Shipping Included in US ) SOLD OUT!
Black Long Sleeve Pirates Lair Tee / Large $28.US (USPS Shipping Included in US ) SOLD OUT!