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The Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn could save your life! A bold statement but true. Besides additional lighting, the single most important thing you can do to your motorcycle is add LOUD horns. Are you sick and tired of some cage trying to take your lane while you happen to be using it? Don't you hate it when you hit that cheesy, Spanish made factory horn on your high dollar motorcycle and the sound coming out seems more appropriate for a Vespa instead of the road god that you are? Yes.. we've all been there. Don't get mad... get LOUD with the 120db Denali SoundBomb air horn.

To make your install chimp-easy, we also provide an optional quasi Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness which makes wiring your relay a lot easier.. Especially for those like myself who are "challenged" when it comes to wiring anything. I used this kit on my bike and it made the install a breeze. Do you really need purchase the optional harness? No... If you are familiar with wiring and relays you can wire things just fine without it. Do I recommend the optional harness?.. Yes. 100% up you you, mate. The
Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness allows for almost no splicing, cutting, crimping, or trips to the hardware store. Just tap one lead to your original horn trigger wire, one lead to battery ground, one fused lead to battery positive, one hot lead to the Denali, and then plug the harness into the furnished relay. That's it! The kit also includes (1) 30 amp fuse, connectors, and generic instructions.

The Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn is super-compact and has a blacked-out housing. It will practically disappear once installed. The unique design of the Denali compact horn features a rugged molded clamp that mechanically mates the compressor to the acoustic unit. This makes the SoundBomb virtually indestructible even in high vibration applications. It is compatible with all CANbus electrical systems. It comes with a single 8mm mounting bolt and nut, as well as a relay for providing a direct, high current attachment to the motorcycle's battery. No wires, fuses, or bike-specific mounting brackets are included. Just make sure you wire the furnished relay properly, as replacement horns used without a relay don't get enough electrical current to be fully effective. Trust me.. I tried mine without the relay and it did NOT work as well.

Note from Manufacturer: This horn should be mounted so that the cylinder is vertical (with the horn facing down). There should be no more than a 15 degree variance from the vertical position. If it is not mounted per these specifications, then the horn may cease to function after a period of time. Follow-Up From Pirate: I installed mine in a horizontal position and it's worked perfectly for 15 years. I'm just sayin.'

Note from Pirate: On many bikes, including the BMW K1300S, K1200S, K1200R, & K1300R there isn't much room under her panties..er plastic for any aftermarket horn. I smidgeon of imagination is needed. I installed one on my own K1200S and it was a challenge, but the end result was worth every penny. Don't expect this horn to just drop in where the factory horn was. Not gonna happen. For a few install idea pics on your BMW... email me. Lastly.. we have learned that the Denali Soundbomb will NOT fit on the BMW R1200GSA or R1250GSA with a lowered suspension.

Denali vs Nautilus: We used to sell the Stebel Nautilus and it's a fine horn which is rated at 139db.  If you go by the "posted" numbers the Nautilus should be considerably louder.. or is it? I asked our rep and he said to look closely at the posted numbers of the Stebel Nautilus.. That 139db is measured at 3 inches.. The SoundBomb is measured at a real-world 3 feet.  Huge difference! So which is louder?? Glad you asked.. We at Pirates Lair did a blind sound-off test to find out.  First, our scantily clad blindfolded tester stood 15ft in front of the bike... I had previously mounted the Denali SoundBomb within inches of the Stebel Nautilus on my K1200S so I could swap the wires within seconds then went back and forth a few times never telling our tester which horn was which and asked which she thought was louder.....   A or B..

The clear winner was the Denali SoundBomb (as my rep said it would), but... my tester said it was only slightly louder.. She picked the Denali over the Stebel because the frequency/range is a little higher and (she said) clearer.... To my ears (which have been damaged by years of sustained abuse).. the loudness was about the same... Bottom line.. our tester (with the virgin ears) proclaimed the Denali as louder and crisper. Good enough for me..

AirHorn Install on 2013 BMW R1200GS
AirHorn Install on BMW K1300S

Denali SoundBomb Technical Specifications:
* Sound Output: 120 freakin' dB at 3 feet
* Operating Voltage: 12 Volt, , 30 amp relay
* Absorbed Current: less than 18A
* CANbus compatible
* Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)
* Dimensions: 5.4” (137mm) wide x 4.5” (116mm) high x 3.6” (86 mm) deep
* Reaction time: less than 90 milli-seconds

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Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn $77.US (USPS Priority Included)
Plug-N-Play Denali Wiring Harness $48.US (USPS Priority Included)

Denali SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn / Plug-N-Play Harness Package $125.US (USPS Priority Included)