Take me home, Captain!

I'm a huge fan of helmet liners. In the last 15 years I can count the days I rode without a helmet liner on 2 fingers.. In my OCD world, riding without a helmet liner is like riding without underwear.. Unthinkable. In my illustrious past I bought them like women buy shoes trying to find one to my liking. After lost of trial and errors (and quite a few dollars down the toilet) I discovered the Raci-Baby WickIt! It's simply superior to everything else on the market, IMHO..

The WickIt! is constructed of comfortable stretch fit active wear. This liner provides a comfortable no slip fit that wicks away moisture without depleting the essential oils in your hair and scalp virtually eliminating dry hair and scalp. The premium quality, silky-soft, stretchy active wear material is thin and lightweight and provides a comfortable fit under all types of helmets. The WickIt!'s unique material helps keep you cooler in hot weather by wicking away moisture and enhancing the evaporative cooling effect. In the winter the wicking process keeps humidity away from your skin providing a comfortable feel when worn under insulating hoods and other cold weather gear.

The WickIt's unique design moves all seams away from the forehead and other pressure points to ensure that you don't end up with the dreaded "seam headache" common with many helmet liners or the "Frankenstein" look when you take off your helmet. There are absolutely no seams on your forehead. All seams are made with premium quality woolly nylon threads originally designed to create the softest seams possible. Additionally all the seams on the WickIt! are made with flatlock stitching. The flatlock seam process creates the flattest possible seam which actually flattens with use. Combined with the placement of the seams you'll find the WickIt! to be the most comfortable helmet liner you've ever used.

One thing I like about the Raci-Baby is the design at the rear. The triangle tail makes it easy to orient the helmet liner! - No more fumbling trying to figure out what's front and back. Easy on.. easy off. The Raci-Baby WickIt! One size fits both men, women, and/or those unsure of their sexuality. And did I mention these are made right here in the USA?!

Cleaning: The Raci-Baby people suggest that for the longest wear life of the product, you should hand wash with a gentle detergent and line dry or if you need to quickly wash the WickIt, machine wash it on a delicate cycle then line dry it or place it in the dryer on low heat for just a few minutes. That's probably good advice... However... I've been using the same one for a few years now and I just toss it in with the black clothes in the cold water wash and either toss it in the dryer with everything else or hang it on my bike mirror to dry. Bottom line.. I love my WickIt! liner and I think most other riders will, too. I'll also add.. these would make the perfect gift for anyone who wears a helmet.... Motorcyclists, snowmobilers, skiers, bicyclists, base jumpers, and probably soldiers.

Raci-Baby Wick-It Helmet Liner / BLACK ONLY $20.US (USPS Shipping Included In US) In Stock!