Take me home, El Capitan!

The Lite Blazer License Plate Frame from Run-N-Lites offers 3 rows of high intensity LED's that is guaranteed to get the attention to vehicles several hundred feet behind you. The outside LED's burn RED all the time as running lights and the center LED's are a solid stop light (it is slightly brighter then the running lights). When the brakes are applied, the built in flasher causes the outer clusters to flash 6 - 7 times and remain on solid after that, so you do not piss off the bubba/ex-SEAL/Postal employee sitting behind you. The light bar frame which hangs just below the plate is black. Easy install. Make sure those french fry eating, cell phone hugging, cage demons can see you when you are stopped. Angled for perfect rearward view. 100% weatherproof. EVO safe. Fits all BMWs ( except, apparently the F800ST) and virtually every other motorcycle on the planet..This product is about as generic as it gets.

For BMWs With 2 Wire Canbus: Unlike the 2005-08 K1200S tail light which has three wires coming out to match up with the three wires from the Lite Blazer, some of the new BMW's have only 2 wires coming out so install of the Lite Blazer on these bikes is a little different. Here's how...
Brown – Ground
Grey – to brake light in tail light
Black = 12 V hot lead – to any switched source. I usually connect it to a aux. outlet.

Lite Blazer License Plate Frame $100.US (USPS Priority Included) Discontinued 2/14/22! All Gone!