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Kaoko Throttle Lock Check out the waaay cool South African-made Kaoko throttle lock.. In case you are not familiar with the product, it is essentially a bar end, mechanical, cruise control for your motorcycle. Tired of a numb throttle hand? Ready to stop and rest your hand after less than 30 minutes in the twisties? Stupid question, huh? Here's a solution, my friends and yes.. it will work with the heated grips. You'll be spoiled after your first ride. Chimp-easy* 5 minute install. Just remove the right hand bar weight, replace it with Kaoko's bar weight, and firmly tighten the bar end bolt. Bam.. Done. Available in black only. Heated grip compatible. *Chimp not included.. Fits the 2001-2019 Yamaha FJR1300, 2004-2019 Yamaha YZF-R1, 1998-2019 Yamaha YZF-R6
Pirates' Price $160.US Black (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
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Denali SoundBomb Compact Air Horn Imported from Italy. Are you sick and tired of some cage trying to take your lane while you happen to be using it? Don't get mad... get LOUD. The Denali black dual-tone air horn is rated at 120 freakin' dB at 3 feet so you'll be as loud as most European cars. Includes a relay for providing a direct, high current attachment to the motorcycle's battery. The Denail is 800% louder than your single factory meep meep horn. Feel safer.. Stay alive...! Fits virtually all motorcycles if you have the room. Remember, these are larger than your stock horn so you'll need space and clearance for a single 5.3" x 4" x 3.3" air horn. Plug-N-Play wiring kit available. Honestly, install on any bike using our plug-n-play harness is chimp easy requiring only a little imagination for horn placement. I have one of these on both my bikes. Simply the best aftermarket horn on the market.
Pirates' Price $77.US (Shipping in US Included)
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Rocky Creek MotoPressor Mini Motorcycle Tire Pump If you do enough riding.. sooner or later you're gonna have a flat or need some air. It's not a matter of if, but when. The Rocky Creek Mini-Air Pump measures only 5 x 4.14 x 2.10" making it possible to be carried on virtually any motorcycle, scooter or ATV. The built in gauge allows you to observe the increased pressure with a reading up to 50 psi. Select a pressure in PSI, BAR, or KPA. Turn the swtich to on and the pump will fill to that pressure and turn off automatically. The digital tire pressure gauge will automatically let you know the current tire pressure once you connect it to the valve stem of your tire.  Can pump a 120/70 R19 tire to 36psi in 200 seconds. On the road or in the wilderness you will always have air available and there's never a need for replacement parts or re-fills. Do you want to be prepared the next time you or your buddy gets a flat? Of course you do.
Pirates' Price $74.US (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
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Signal Dynamics LED License Plate Frame Check out the waaay cool Signal Dynamics LED License Plate Frame. Achieve a classic look with this sleek black license plate frame. It has 18 Ultra Bright Red LEDs! The LEDs function at high and low intensity to function as auxiliary brake and running lights! The Signal Dynamics LED License Plate Frame draws very little current (3/10th of an AMP), so it does not interfere with integrated ABS or EVO brake systems. Install is chimp-easy with only 3 wires. The frame has a 6" dual intensity red LED light bar with 18 ultra-bright LEDs and the light bar is enclosed by a transparent red lens. "license plates used in the USA. Luddite approved. This is what I have on my own K1200S. Fits virtually every motorcycle.
Pirates' Price $78.US (Shipping in US Included)
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Pyramid Plastics Plastic Hugger Pirates' Lair wants to help you protect the backside of your FJR 1300 with this beautiful plastic rear wheel hugger from Pyramid Plastics of the UK. Protect your bike from flying debris and add a little flash with this British import. Each piece has a deep, hand rubbed gloss finish for the ultimate in spectacular looks. Of course, if you don't want a black hugger... these are paintable! If the thought your only option for a rear wheel hugger was paying big bucks for Carbon Fiber .. you were wrong, bukko! This attractive, sturdy, plastic alternative should rock your world. Mounting hardware included. No mods necessary. Simple bolt on. Chimp easy install. Fits every model year Yamaha FJR 1300.
Pirates' Price $220.US (Shipping in US Included)

Click Here To See More... If You Dare Yamaha FJR1300 Stealth Backrest A Pirate's Lair Exclusive! The FJR1300 Stealth bracket bolts directly to the factory rack in under 3 minutes and allows for easy on/off backrest use.The stainless steel Stealth bracket (with stainless steel hardware) is covered with a rubberized Rhino coating which is impervious to virtually everything nature can throw at it and will not scratch your factory rack. The best part.. it will not muck up the lines of your beautiful bike. Our FJR Stealth perfectly mimics the angular lines of the bike. Backrest material is a dead-on match for the black factory seat. The backrest slides off in 15 seconds with the furnished quick-release knob. No mods necessary. Semi-soft luggage is available. Sound to good to be true? Manufactured in the USA by Pirates' Lair. Fits the 2006-2024 FJR1300 Only.
Pirates' Price $435.US (USPS Priority shipping and taxes included)
In Stock!
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Saddlemen Deluxe Roll Bag OK.. you've just got your new Stealth, Sargent, or Corbin Backrest installed. Woohoo! Finally you and your significant other can do some traveling together in comfort, but now you need more luggage room... What to do? Check out the Saddlemen Deluxe Roll Bag. An adjustable wide velcro strap wraps around any backrest or sissy bar for easy on and off install. Multiple D-rings provide easy mounting options for hard-to-fit motorcycles. The bag features a wide top opening for easy packing. Top carry handle and shoulder strap included for easy toting off bike. Lockable zipper pulls. Constructed of UV-, water-, and weather-resistant 1200 denier Saddle Tuff and leather-like vinyl panels. Dimensions: 16" L x 10" W x 9.5" H / Expanded 20" L x 10" W x 9.5" H Waterproof? Yes, when used with the furnished rain cover.. This is is a great around town bag....
Pirates' Price $150.US Roll bag
USPS Priority Included in US)

Click Here To See More... If You Dare! DrySpec D38 Rigid Motorcycle Dry Bag The DrySpec D38 Rigid Motorcycle Dry Bag is constructed of RF welded 22oz. vinyl that guarantees 100% waterproof performance even when submerged. The D38 features a rigid core that enables the bag to be mounted to any bike, with or without a top rack, even when the bag is completely empty. Try that with a traditional dry bag! The rigid construction and unique 4-point strap mounting system work together enabling easy access to contents without loosening straps or removing the bag from the bike. This is my personal favorite Drybag. Retro Reflective Logo / Adjustable & detachable carry handle / 38 Liters / 100% waterproof / 22" long x 12" wide x 9" tall / 22oz Vinyl & coated Cordura. Available in Black, Orange, or Gray.
Pirates' Price $198.US (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare! DrySpec D28 Dual-End Motorcycle Dry Bag The DrySpec D28 Dual-End Motorcycle Dry Bag is constructed of RF welded 22oz. vinyl that guarantees 100% waterproof performance even when submerged. Unlike other dry bags, the D28 features a dual-end roll design that allows access to belongings from either end of the bag without having to disconnect the mounting straps. The D28 is perfect by itself for short trips, but is the ideal add on bag for your existing side cases. Dual-Ended opening/ Universal quick release mounting straps (included)  / Includes 4 straps / Retro Reflective Logo / Strap keepers to secure excess webbing / Welded carry handle / 28 Liters / 100% waterproof / 22" long x 9" wide x 9" tall / 22oz Vinyl & coated Cordura. Available in Black, Orange, or Gray.
Pirates' Price $124.US (USPS Priority Shipping in the US included)
Click Here for Full Web Page.. If You Dare! Carbone Lorraine Brake Pads Pirates' Lair is proud to offer Carbone Lorraine Brake Pads to our menu. After testing CL pads on my own BMW K1200S for months.. I deem them worthy of our product line and our quasi-esteemed customers. Whether you are riding the Iron Butt Rally, road racing, or cruising your favorite road, the brake system is the most important part of your motorcycle. Why not use top quality braking components? It's a no-brainer. The French-made Carbone Lorraine Brake Pads, are "high performance sintered metal" pads offering an ideal combination of value, durability and performance. They have the German TUV approval! CL Brake pads ... the choice of European champions. We carry their entire product line for virtually every late model motorcycle. If you don't see pads listed for your bike.. just email me and I'll provide quotes.
Pirates' Price $47.90US Kit & Up (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Marc Parnes FJR / FZ1 / FZ6 Wheel Balance Kit Some us us choose to mount and balance our own tires.. Why? Because we hate to pay the local extortionist.. er.. dealer $60 a pop to mount, scratch, and balance our tires when we can do it ourselves and make sure that it's done right. Of all the balance kits on the market, this is the one I own and use. IMHO.. it's simply the best buy on the market. The FZB / FJ13 kit comes complete with Two Universal cones and a longer axle included.. Our FZB Kit is designed for the FZ1, FZ6 and FJ1300 . User supplies two support stands of equal heights to support the balancer and wheel. Any milk crates, cylinder blocks, or jack-stands work perfectly. Weights included.
Pirates' Price $120.US Kit (US Priority Shipping in US Included)
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Raci-Baby WickIt! Helmet Liner The WickIt! helmet liner is constructed of comfortable stretch fit active wear. The premium quality, silky-soft, stretchy active wear material is thin and lightweight and provides a comfortable fit under all types of helmets. The WickIt!'s unique material helps keep you cooler in hot weather by wicking away moisture and enhancing the evaporative cooling effect. In the winter the wicking process keeps humidity away from your skin providing a comfortable feel when worn under insulating hoods and other cold weather gear. One thing I like about the Raci-Baby is the design at the rear. The triangle tail makes it easy to orient the helmet liner! - No more fumbling trying to figure out what's front and back. Easy on.. easy off. The Raci-Baby WickIt! One size fits both men, women, and/or those unsure of their sexuality. I've been wearing one of these for a few years now and I deem it worthy of our elite clientele.. And did I mention these are made right here in the USA??!!
Pirates' Price $20.US (Shipping in US Included)
Click Here To See More... If You Dare Pirates Lair Gift Cards Woohoo!! We now have Gift Cards on the menu in a number of denominations to fit your budget. Like buying underwear or choosing a hooker, buying motorcycle accessories is a very personal thing. Simply guessing what your favorite rider actually needs/wants/desires for his ride is a hit or miss proposition. Rather than simply guessing can't go wrong with a Pirates Lair Gift Card. Our standard sized plastic gift cards are sleek, stylish, and professionally made. Included with every card is a single-fold, greeting card style gift card holder with a folded/glued pocket inside for easy gift card insertion and removal. And that's not all! We also include a small matching envelope. Folded size: 4 3/4" x 3 3/8" Whip it out (the card, that is) and you will garner respect and admiration from the less fortunate around you. The card is good for all 2 full years. Actual cost of each card is $5 to cover cost of card, holder, envelope package, and shipping inside the US. Ladies.. these are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, promotions, or just a way of saying.. "Honey..I'm sorry I backed over your bike." Remember.. nothing says.. "I love you" or "I'm sorry" to a man like shiny plastic.
Pirates' Price Starting at $25.US (Shipping in US Included)