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Once again, Pirates' Lair delivers yet another Stealth to the masses. Like our other Stealth backrests, our Suzuki VStrom version is sleek, durable, attractive, and functional allowing backrest removal in under 8 seconds. As you can see, our Stealth V bracket replaces the rubber piece on your factory rack so there is no fugly, odd-looking bracketry mucking up the bike's lines. Install takes under 15 minutes with standard tools. No mods necessary.

We chose to coat these with Rhino coating for a long lasting, problem free finish. Rhino is a rubberized finish usually found in truck bed liners. It's durable and resistant to almost everything. FYI.. We've been using this on our Honda ST1300 Stealth Backrests for many problem-free years.

My wife, Amber says the backrest height and angle is perfect which was our #1 concern. We're using the same angle as we do on all our BMW backrests. This angle should please 98% of our customers.

Pirates' Lair also offers optional semi-soft luggage for your V Stealth from CDL, Enterprises.. makers of T-Bags. A small roll bag and a larger bag which will hold a full faced helmet. Both come with waterproof liners.

Another detail that should please everyone is that the material we chose for the VStrom cover is a near dead-on match for the factory seat. Woo-hoo!! When your passenger is not with you, just slide the backrest off the bike using our quick release knob.

Application Years: Our VStrom Stealth backrest will fit every Suzuki VStrom with this rack That should be the 2002-2012 VStrom 1000 and the 2004-2011 VStrom 650. Suzuki changed the 650 factory rear rack in 2012. Our backrest is NOT compatible with this 2012 rack.. Make sure before you order..

Attention Gravitationally Challenged: Due to design restraints, we were limited in how much fore and aft room we could provide with our VStrom Stealth. All our prototype tester's passengers were either normal weight or slim women. All said that they had PLENTY of room and were perfectly comfy. However.. it is our opinion that an overweight female passenger or man might find the accommodations... lacking. Therefore, we suggest you seriously evaluate this aspect (and your passenger's) before purchasing.

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Suzuki VStrom Stealth Backrest $375.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) SOLD OUT 5/18/16! Discontinued!