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The Pirates' Lair Suzuki VStrom Stealth Backrest : Customer Comments Page!

Latest: I just installed the VStrom Stealth backreast and I'm very pleased. It was a simple process and your instructions were very helpful. It looks great. I haven't tried it out on the road with a passnger yet but I expect it will be very much welcomed. I've got a two piece Corbin seat (without the backrest receptacle). I was worried that the Corbin's somewhat higher profile in the rear, might interfere with your bracket for the backrest. But it cleared fine, with a few millimetres to spare. Cheers John
John Fisher / Oakville, Ontario Canada / 2009 Suzuki VStrom
At your request, a couple of words about the V-Strom backrest that I got this week. Installation was a breeze. Must have taken all of 10 minutes, counting the time I spent pawing through my tool box for the right sockets. You don't have to remove the side panels to take off the luggage rack, by the way, so you can delete that from your instructions. You just pop the seat and remove the four bolts. Your replacement bracket fit the rack perfectly, and there's plenty of clearance between the seat and the support bar on the back so I'm not too worried about scuffing up or tearing the seat. The two don't seem to touch. That Rhino stuff looks like a good material to use there. Good workmanship, excellent fit and finish. Looks like it belongs there. Hope this helps. Ride Safe
Scott Gibson / Steep Falls, ME / Suzuki VStrom

Well … my dear friend, Liz, received her VStrom back rest along with her Big-Foot stand – all is “bootiful” … in fact, the group is gathering this evening for the installation and unveiling.Thank you Amber, for your patience on this order – you assisted in making someone’s B-Day very special.
Follow-Up: The installation and unveiling turned out to be quite a party … oils were changed, chains were adjusted and we installed the BACKREST!!! The design is what could very easily be labeled as, “simple elegance” as it looks quite natural on the VStrom - Most awesome is that it does not impede the sexy integrity of the bike.
The Rhino finish looks great … time will be the wiser story teller on this one.
Instructions??? There were instructions??? Yeah, right … this piece is so easy to put on that instructions could essentially be a waste of sober articulation … however, for those that function better in the hairy hole of anal retention, instructions are a No-brainer and the results follow accordingly.
The angle – mmmm … well, I am vertically challenged … short … I found the angle to be a little too straight up and down for me. I would have been more comfortable if it angled back a little more. We’re not sure if this is feasible for two reasons … one, how would it work with the universal bag? And, two, how would it affect the support necessary when going from “stop” to “go”? If one did not know better, one would think that the VStrom was built with the intention of ejecting the passenger between first and second gear. The only changes I would suggest is to make the backrest a little more ergonomically suitable … however, this is minor in our minds.
You guys are awesome … the BMW/VStrom parts and info you provide is quite helpful and applicable to us … I hope this helps … have a great vacation.
V. Harber / Kerrville, TX. / Suzuki VStrom

Hi guys, I just installed my Vstrom backrest and took my lady for a ride.....I love it, she loves it...it's perfect. The install was quick and easy, the design and quality of the stealth backrest is flawless. I could'nt be more pleased. Thank you....I've attached a "movie" of the back rest...enjoy... Click Here
.Joseph Stevens / Hamilton, Mt / Suzuki VStrom
I got my VStrom Stealth backrest today! I just finished the installation. It was very easy to install and took me 15 minutes taking my time. The design is excellent and the fit and finish are top notch. I like the Rhino finish even though I won't be seeing it under my tail bag. The rubber-like finish should keep things from sliding around back there. I was happy that my tail bag went right back on without any problems. With the bag back on there the backrest blends right in with the bike and looks great. The texture on the backrest is a very close match to the factory seat.
All that is left is to get my wife on there and get her opinion. I think she will love it. As soon as we get out I will write you and let you know what she thinks.Thanks
Don and Deb Wechter / Pittsfield, Ma / Suzuki VStrom

Well, we got the backrest on our VStom tonight & took it for a test-run. Very comfortable! Felt much safer, no strangle-holds on on Dave at each take-off... Good lower back support. Dave felt happy to know that I wouldn't fall off, & was able to take off without the usual hesitation for me to get a good hold. BUT!! He says it feels like he lost about 30 horse-power, because the feel of the G-force pull is gone! hehehee!! So, he'll just have to put on MORE power! hehehe... fine with me! Thanks again, for an excellent product. The installation was a breeze.
Dave & Debby Fort / Smithers, BC, Canada / Suzuki Vstrom

The quality and fit of the backrest is first rate. Instillation was simple except for my touratec metal panniers and racks. That extended the work about two hours. All in alll I'm quite happy with the back rest.
George Wilkinson / Suzuki VStrom
I received the VStrom Stealth Backrest over the weekend and found it to be of excellent quality and was easily installed. I like the Rhino finish and the vinyl is a perfect match for my custom seat that is half leather and half vinyl.
Jack R. Roten / El Segundo, CA / Suzuki VStrom
We received our V Strom backrest yesterday and installed it on our bike. It was easy to install. We do like the Rhino finish. It matches the bike very nicely. The instructions were easy to understand. The angle is comfortable for my wife.
John Blanton / Lake Wales, FL / Suzuki VStrom
I ordered and received your Stealth backrest a couple weeks ago. I also ordered the Universal Helmet Bag as well. The Stealth backrest was a snap to install, 15 minutes or so. It is awesome and very comfortable for all my passengers so far. (my kids) You asked for suggestions... I don't know how doable it would be but what if you had say 3 holes in the backrest bracket to make it adjustable forward or back. I also really like the Universal Helmet bag. It is perfect for all the little odds and ends a person needs to carry. It also fits like it was custom made for this bike with your backrest. I am sending several pictures of my bike with your backrest and also with universal helmet bag. Thanks for a quality product and a very smooth, fun transaction.
Ron Cutter / Fond du Lac, Wi. / Suzuki VStrom
David.Carter / Houston, Tx. / Suzuki VStrom
I’ve had my backrest for over a year now with absolutely no complaints. The install was quick and the ease of off/on works well. I opt to use the allen head instead of the knob ‘cause all thieves have hands, only some have allen wrenches. My wife feels secure and comfortable with the backrest which adds to her riding pleasure. Thanks for a GREAT product and outstanding customer service.
Ken Nelson / San Diego, CA / 650 VStrom
Excellent design, fit and finish. The install instructions were clear and easy - and the included choice of hand screw or allen head bolt was a nice touch. I don't plan on removing mine - so I used the allen head bolt and bolted it from underneath. The backrest looks great on the bike, and it is amazingly sturdy and comfortable. Thanks again!
Robert Detjen / Austin, TX / VStrom 1000
Just got my backrest… from FedEx on a Saturday!! What great service. The backrest arrived well packaged in perfect condition. All parts were present and well labeled. A beautiful product, matches the bike perfectly. Installation was a breeze and the instructions were very complete. Even a non-mechanical type should have no problem with the installation with just a few basic tools. FYI, on a 2007 DL650 it is not necessary to remove the side panels. Just remove the seat and the four screws, and the rack pops right off. Something you might want to consider for the non-mechanical types. You recommend the use of Loctite blue on the bolts. Not everyone keeps a supply on hand (I do). Loctite makes 0.5ml one-use plastic ampoules. I’ve received several from various vendors over the years. I’m not sure what they cost, but they could save someone a trip to the hardware store, and the purchase of a year’s supply. Regards,
Dave Butler / Tuscola, IL / 2007 Suzuki DL650
11/7/07: I recently purchased your backrest for my 2007 DL650 Vstrom. The quality of the item and the ease of installation was A+. It is not only a matter of comfort for my wife, but she feels safer riding as a passenger when I decide to accelerate suddenly . Great product all around.
Graham Stevens / 2007 Suzuki DL650
The Stealth backrest for my DL 1000 arrived last night. I'm very pleased with it's quality, appearance, and installation. And, my son was much more comfortable riding to school this morning...and a safer; he isn't the best at paying attention and holding on at all times.Thanks for the great service and product.
Kenneth Moore / 2007 Suzuki DL1000
I received my VStrom Stealth Backrest last week and I am very pleased with it. Your installation instructions were very clear and it looks good on the bike. Further to your request for feedback, I wanted to wait for my partner’s (she who must be listened to) assessment before responding. Following a half day’s ride with the backrest in place she has given it the thumbs up. The angle and distance from the rear of the saddle are just about right. The Rhino finish is fine although it is more slippery than the rubber overlay on the VStrom’s stock luggage rack. On the whole I would say that the Stealth backrest is costly for us here in Canada, when delivery and customs duty are factored in, but it is a well designed product and we hope to enjoy it for many years. Cheers.
Ron Charles/ / Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. / 2008 Suzuki DL1000
Captain, i got a backrest from you this spring for my vstrom. i like everything about it! looks great, easy to install and easily removable for solo riding. prior to the backrest my wife didn't really like riding. she feels much more comfortable and safer with the backrest. i can't think of anything i'd change about it. thanks for a great product!
Ryan Marquardt / Oregon WI. / 2007 Suzuki VStrom
Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with your product. It has made riding two-up more enjoyable for the passenger. Very easy to install, great design!
Ken Jacobs / 2008 Suzuki DL1000

Well, we took the Vee out today with the new backrest for about a 1.5hr ride... My wife was extremely impressed! She told me this backrest made it like night and day from what she was used to. Perfect size and location and no pain at all even after 1.5hrs in the saddle. Now she's no longer upset and me for spending $$ on this seat! Excellent! I love it. I think this looks nice. Nice setup and all. Clean and functional and doesnt look like I have a Weber Grill on the back luggage rack. (Oh how I hate those UFO looking things) Btw, I used blue-loctite on the 4 nuts as well as the 1 hex-slotted hold down bolt. I am not using the quick spin-release as I want this to remain virtually permanent. I also added a Cortech Sport Tail bag behind the seat and on top of the platform. I think it finishes off the bike nicely.
Follow-up : My wife and 25yr old Daughter LOVE this backrest. I have talked it up all over, but people can't seem to find the money to pay for this. Thats too bad, since from a passenger point of view, its a MUST have.
J.D. Bronson / Wisconsin / Suzuki VStrom
I just purchased and installed a backrest on my brand new 2009 Suzuki V-Strom and let me start by saying how pleased and pleasantly surprised I am with the quality of the materials and workmanship in this product!!  Well Done!!  Already I’ve had lots of positive comments. I’ve attached some photos of the install on my bike.  My wife and I like the design and she says the height and angle of the backrest is just about perfect.  We took a two-up 200 mile ride yesterday and it was great.  I like the Rhino finish, I wouldn’t change that!! All and all though, a quality product!!!
Dale McCafferty /Bar Harbor, ME / 2009 Suzuki VStrom
Hello to Jerry and staff: I recently decided to get a passenger backrest for my Suzuki V-Strom 2009. The prompt help and service I received at Pirates Lair from Jerry and Amber have absolutely been second to none. I emailed Pirates Lair with a general question on a weekend and the response i needed was in my email when I got up the next day. Placed the order on a Monday and the package arrived (way up here in Newfoundland & Labrador Canada) even faster than i could have hoped for. The Stealth Backrest unit was in PERFECT shape and Jerry even helped me out with an install question... I had the unit put on the bike in 10 minutes and it looks fantastic on the bike.. You would swear it was stock. Loved the service and love the product - Will order again!! So thanks to Jerry and Amber and of course the guys in the shop.
Keith Froude / Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland Canada / 2009 Suzuki VStrom
As requested, I included a few pictures of my bike after the incredibly easy installation of the Stealth Backrest. The only issue I had with the installation was the installation of the hole plugs at the end. If you put them in all the way they become sloppy and move around but if you leave about an 1/8th of an inch sticking out, they stay firmly in place. This is due to the cavity between the upper and lower plate. I love the Rhino surface on the back plate. It's a nice diversion from the smooth surfaces of the bike and draws your eye to it. Though a bit pricey, this was by far the best solution and most versatile. My wife and I went for a ride after I installed it and she enjoyed it thoroughly because it made her feel safe and secure on the back. Thanks Jerry. As I said before, a pleasure doing business.
Doug Hayes / Omemee, Ontario Canada / 2009 Suzuki VStrom