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Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!

Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!

Behold... the Pirates Lair R1200GS LC Stealth Backrest. After a full year of research, development, and real-world testing the GS LC Stealth backrest has turned out to be, as expected, a thing of beauty, simplicity, and comfort and.. a worthy addition to the Pirates' Lair line of specialty BMW products. The lightweight aluminum stealth bracket bolts directly to the rear factory rack of the standard version GS via furnished stainless steel hardware and compliments the lines of the bike. Each is covered with a durable silver powder coating that is a close match for the oem rack. The backrest's polished stainless steel slide bar slides on and off the bike in under 20 seconds and.. without tools.

Our first class upholstery is done by world renowned custom seat makers...Sargent Cycle Products. They have furnished imported materials that is a dead-on exact match for the factory seat covers.

Our GS LC (Liquid-cooled) Stealth backrest offers your passenger both support and comfort. Say good-bye to those pesky fingernail imprints in your ribs. When riding solo... remove the backrest and ride without looking like a sherpa with all kinds of ugly visible bracketry cluttering up the bike.

Easy 4 minute install. No modifications necessary. When you do NOT want the backrest on your bike, it slides off in seconds. Worried about protecting the finish of your oem rack from our stealth metal bracket? No worries... Our bracket never touches your bike, but instead is suspended over the oem rack via (4) aluminum spacers.

Every R1200GS LC Stealth Backrest comes standard with a quick release knob for "tool-less" backrest removal as well as a standard hex screw if you choose a more permanent mounting method. The furnished polypropylene knob with stainless steel stud will stand up to any weather condition.. salt, UV, rain, cold, heat, hail, end of days, etc..With the optional hex screw... you'll need an Allen wrench (not included) and a minute or two to lock it into place or to remove it.

Application: Fits late 2013-2017 water-cooled standard version BMW R1200GS LC with this rack or this rack. Note: Our will NOT fit the Adventure model unless the standard GS factory rack is purchased and installed.. Looking for a Stealth backrest for your 2004-2012 R1200GS .. Click Here

Note: Not compatible with the optional BMW Vario TopCase. Does not fit the Adventure model GS.

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View of Silver Bracket on 2015 R1200GS LC
View With Passenger Aboard
View of Silver GS LC Rack & Mount Hardware
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Pirates' Lair is not a BMW dealer so we can not sell official BMW products from our website for profit. However... we can buy BMW emblems from our local dealer and offer them to our customers at our cost as an option should they want to install one on their R1200GSW Stealth backrest bracket. Coincidentally, we have a slot machined into our brackets just for the 27mm BMW roundel part# B2328447 (pic at right.) It's a simple peel-n-stick emblem that we purchase for $13ea. If you go to a dealer... that's what you'll pay. You have the choice of buying our backrest with or without the emblem.

Pirates' Lair also offers optional semi-soft luggage for all our Stealth backrests from CDL Enterprises.. makers of T-Bags. A small around town Roll bag and a larger Universal Helmet bag. When your passenger isn't on board, flip the bag around and have it sitting in the seat behind you for better weight distribution.

Attention Gravitationally Challenged: Due to design restraints, we were limited in how much fore and aft room we could provide with our GSW stealth. All our prototype tester's passengers were either normal weight or slim women. All said that they had PLENTY of room and were perfectly comfy. However.. it is our opinion that an overweight passenger or man might find the accommodations... lacking. Therefore, we suggest you seriously evaluate this aspect (and your passenger's) before purchasing. If you misjudge your intended passenger's er.. "needs" after you bolt the backrest to your bike and they climb aboard... we'll gladly refund your money minus shipping.

* Pirates' Lair offers a Full 2 Yr Replacement warranty.We're here should you need anything. Questions? Call 828.628.7093 EST

2014+ BMW R1200GS LC Stealth Backrest Complete / SILVER 435.US (USPS Priority Included) In Stock!
2014+ BMW R1200GS LC Stealth Backrest Complete / SILVER with BMW Emblem 448.US (USPS Priority Included) In Stock!

SPECIALS: Want to save some money on a backrest? Not as anal as the rest of us poor bastards? On any given day, we may have a few slightly flawed unit on hand. These particular flawed brackets have some minor flaws in the bracket powder coating. Flaws are cosmetic only, but I'm OCD and I deem these not worthy of full price. I can send a pic via email request in advance of purchase if curious. None of the flaws effect structural integrity or durability . Flaws are cosmetic only.
Flawed 2014+ BMW R1200GS LC Stealth Backrest Complete / Silver 420.US (USPS Priority Included) (2) In Stock!