Customer Comments for the 2014+ BMW R1200GS & R1250GS Stealth Backrest

Hey guys, I just received my new passenger backrest. It took all of 5 minutes to install and fits perfect! It showed up within a few days and was exactly what we were looking for. The quality, fit and finish exceeded my expectations! The wife and I can now ride safely and comfortably for many miles! Thank you guys for being awesome. We will definitely be lifelong customers!!! Thank you.
Michael Antonelli / 2020 R1250GS LC / Ocean, NJ

Thank you for the detailed instructions with the passenger backrest and the very entertaining disclaimer. My wife and I both had a good laugh. Here are a few photos documenting that I was successful installing the Stealth Backrest on my GS. ...minimal cussing during the process! LOL Thank you for the high quality product. My wife feels very comfortable on the back now--excellent support and comfort. Love the detachable feature, and my day and extended trip bags still fit on the luggage rack perfectly. Thanks again, and give my best to the always scantily clad Amber!
Robert Walden / 2017 R1200GSW / Lambertville, NJ

Jerry, I can't say enough about how much we liked the backrest. Everyone who saw it said it blended in perfectly with the bike. The material was a near perfect match for the stock seat and the construction was sturdy. But it was the attention to detail that makes it the nicest back rest on the market. When I saw the GS back rest I was hooked and it was worth the wait. The only comment my wife had was that it seemed a bit low. She's a tiny girl, 5.3 125 lbs. Now don't get me wrong she was comfortable and felt safe. Normally when we ride I usually feel cramped but on this ride there were times when I wondered if she was still back there. Nice job.
Robert Hasty / 2014 R1200GSW / Wesley Chapel, FL

Thank you so much for the backrest! Well, the weather has been crap here but we were finally able to get out this past weekend and get some pretty good feedback: - The look of the Stealth Backrest is really good. The BMW emblem on the plate is a very nice touch. - The feel of the backrest against the back is really good. My passengers (wife and son) said they like the curve/contour to the way it somewhat wraps around your back. The height is good. The only negative thing said by my wife is that she wished there was a little more padding like a previous backrest we had on a Gen 2 FJR 1300. The mounting configuration of the plate is easy on and off. I will probably just keep the plate installed and simply remove the stem and backrest when not in 2-up. The stem easily slides out with minimum contact with the rear seat. All-in-all, very nice job!
Shawn A Sullivan / 2014 R1200GSW / Franklin, In

I received the backrest. I can see what all the fuss is about. The backrest was so easy to install that any one of my three daughters could do it. It took about 10 minutes to install. I would have thought the backrest to be OEM if I hadn't installed it myself. My wife and I took about an hour ride on Friday and the same on Saturday. Her first comment after each ride was "my back and neck didn't hurt like it did without the backrest". She likes the way the product feels and I like the way it looks on the bike. I also like that the backrest can be easily removed from the base plate. The backrest doesn't interfere with the rear seat in either position (adult or child). We are going on a ride tomorrow and I will take pictures and will send them to you. The optional BMW emblem on the base plate was a nice touch. Thanks Jim
Jim Cannon / 2014 R1200GSW / Salem, Va

Fit and Finish: Outstanding. The base of the backrest fits the look of the bike perfectly. I follows the contours of OEM parts perfectly. The finish is fantastic and looks like it will be very durable long term.
Installation: No need to waste a lot of time making detailed instructions on installation of this backrest and mounting plate. If you can’t figure it out, you have no business riding a motorcycle to begin with. When I first took all the parts out of the box, I thought I was missing a spacer. I was a bit bummed but found it in the box. It took me all of 4 minutes to install the backrest plate and that includes removing the attached bag first. Once the plate was installed, I attached the backrest. I had to push down on the back of the seat to get it in the slot, but I liked that because the tolerances were tight and makes it look like an OEM part.
Materials: The aluminum look of the plate is fantastic. The stainless steel backrest bar looks fine, especially since not much of it is exposed anyway. The backrest material is a close match to the OEM seat material and looks fine. I think there could be more padding in the rest and still keep it’s slick look. My first passenger, my son, agrees.
Overall the backrest is a great product for a niche market.Thanks Jerry.
Randy Boze / 2014 R1200GSW / Broken Arrow, Ok

Captain Jerry... Wow!!! You are the man! I attached the backrest to my bike early yesterday afternoon, which took less than 5 minutes. What a snap! I thought it was a nice touch to include the BMW roundel for the back of the baseplate, which really gives it a polished look. In response to your question about the closer position for a child... I can't see where an adult passenger would ever use that, given the limited space back there. My wife absolutely loved riding with the secure, comfortable feel of this backrest. In fact, she likes this much more than the backrest I used on my previous bike, the '09 R1200RT.
We were able to put some miles on the bike late yesterday evening and earlier today, each time my wife commented on how comfortable the setup was and how good looking it is. I especially was pleased with the ease with which the backrest pad slides off of the baseplate when I'm not traveling with my wife, and the solid look and feel of the aluminum adds to the overall rugged appearance of the bike. Excellent job sir!

Harold Hill / 2014 BMW R1200GSW / Charleston, SC
Last weekend I installed the backrest and she totally loves it The only problem is now she wants to ride with me more often Hopefully, you will announce a recall on the backrest so I can remove it, send it back or sell it and then enjoy riding alone again Thank you.
Brad & Aubrey Winsor / 2015 BMW R1200GSW / Powder Springs, GA
I received my new backrest for my r1200gsw two days ago. Thanks for expediting it. I know that the bracket was backordered and I appreciate you getting it out to me so quickly. I am 100% pleased with the product and the design and also the fit to the bike and look of it. I was contemplating a back box even thought I hate them just so my wife and kids could have a backrest. So, the unit you guys offer is a great solution.
Jacob S. Goldberg / 2016 R1200GSW / Wilmette, IL
Jerry... All arrived late yesterday, right on time. Well packaged, especially the Food Lion wrapping. Great instructions, the installation was a snap. My wife loved her new Christmas gift for her tight little fanny. Here's some pics, thanks again.
Jeff Bennett / 2014 R1200GSW / Ojai, CA
Hi Jerry, I just wanted to write back and let you know that your backrest really impressed the hell out of me. I'm used to non-OEM stuff not lining up just right or looking "off", but your kit is really damn nice for the price. So kudos! Thanks.
James Lovingood / BMW R1250GS / San Francisco, CA