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The 4-Sided Jiayou New Energy 50w H7 LED Headlight Bulb is the newest, brightest bulb coming out of China these days. It's the brightest bulb Pirates Lair sells. No splicing, no wiring headaches, no brain drain, no heat issues, no depleted wallet. This plug & play bulb offers a full 360 degrees of luminescence. These should work on virtually any motorcycle or car that uses H7 bulbs and has the space. Probably 70-80% of CanBus motorcycles will see no dash warning lights. For those wanting dedicated CanBus bulbs.. we also sell Watonlight CanBus bulbs.

The 4-Sided Jiayou New Energy 50w H7 LED Headlight Bulb is super small making it easy to fit into the tightest spaces. These kits are waterproof, shock-proof, last for a claimed 50,000 hours (compared to 850 hours of your oem bulb), and run cooler than either halogen or HID bulbs. Each bulb produces a serious 6000 lumens at a color temperature of a bright white 6000K. For reference, your oem halogen bulb puts out only 1000 lumens. Each bulb plugs directly into the oem wiring harness. Install is much easier than any HID kit. Our bulbs come with a full year warranty. We sell single bulbs or in pairs.

The time has finally come for superior motorcycle lighting! What are you waiting for? Isn't your life worth it?

-Lumens Output: 6000lm
-Color Temperature: 6000K
-Nominal Voltage DC: 9/30V
-Led chip: COB chip / Fan cooled
-Body: Aviation aluminum housing
-Operating temperature: - 40 C to +95 C
-Beam angle: 360degrees
-Effective range: 200m
-50,000 hours above life time
-Interface Type: H7
-CanBus compatible in many bikes.

Fitment: While these LED headlight bulbs are plug-n-play in any vehicle that uses H7 bulbs.. they will NOT fit every vehicle if there's not enough room. We at Pirates Lair have no idea if they will or will not fit your bike unless somebody actually tries them and lets us know. Please check the sizing specs link below before ordering. You really only need 3.40 " room front to back and 1.40" width... Also.. as information comes in, we will list the bikes below that are truly plug-n-play and those that require modification. Of course, if you order a kit and you find out there's not enough room for the bulb, we will issue a full refund for the return minus shipping. Email me for installation questions.

Plug-N-Play: BMW K1200S, BMW K1300S (high beam only), 06-08 K1200GT (high beam only)
Plug-N-Play but Requires Tomall Cover: BMW S1000XR
, R1200RS

Bikes With Issues: BMW R1200S, S1000XR (will trigger LAMPF light). No room in a 98-2004 K1200RS or GT

A Pirate's Road Test: "I used Sylvania H7 Xtra Vision halogen bulbs in my 06 K1200S for years and they are only marginally better than oem. Then I rode another Kbike with an HID and decided I needed more light. I really didn't want to deal with an HID install so I looked at LED bulbs. I was very curious as to how the 50w Jiayou 4-sided LED bulb would fare vs an HID. After real-world road testing, I'd say the 50w LED bulb is close to the HID in brightness if not equal to it. The 50w Jiayou bulb is the brightest LED bulb I've ever seen.

I'm now running two of these bulbs in the high beam position and one of our Watonlight CanBus bulbs in the low beam position with no LAMPF light . The combination is impressive. The LED bulb throws a wider pattern than any halogen with a whiter, brighter light. I'm very happy with the result and the install took under 5 minutes. That being said, .. the ease of install, super-long life, and price make the LED a no-brainer upgrade alternative. "

Single LED Bulb Kit Includes...

Jiayou 50w LED H7 Headlight Bulb / Single $44.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)
Jiayou 50w LED H7 Headlight Bulb / Pair $66.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)