Take me home, El Capitan!

Rather than just include the crappy Chinese instructions with any of the LED bulb kits we sell, I thought I'd create my own. Installing your new LED bulb in actuality is chimp easy. Nothing to fear. There are two ways to do it. Either will work.

HARD WAY: Access your oem bulb, unfasten the metal clips that hold it into place and remove it. Then insert your LED bulb and do your best to get your metal securing clips around that fat silver body without breaking them. Plug it in and your done.

EASY WAY: Hold the base/fan housing in one hand, the black plastic H7 socket in the other, rotate the base/fan counter clockwise. With some LED bulbs it's just a 1/4 turn. With our CanBus bulbs, you have to rotate 6 clicks counter clockwise until it stops then the socket will easily slide off the lamb body.. (see pic below)

As I've done a few of these one tip I learned before installing the plastic or metal socket that will save you some grief, misery, and gnashing of teeth is.. Place a bandana or rag underneath your headlight bulb opening just in case you drop the socket when installing.. Trust me.. it's easy to do. Once the rag is in place then you can install the socket in the light housing and fasten it with metal clips. Then all you have to do is insert the bulb and rotate it clockwise and it should lock into place. Plug it in and you're done.