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First improvements to your brake system normally start with changing the rubber brake hoses with steel braided lines. With standard rubber hoses, even on the mighty K1200RS, 2002-05 K1200GT, or 1998-2010 K1200LT.. lever feel is spongy.. undefined. Over time, rubber hoses react to changing weather conditions and exposure to ultra-violet light. The material becomes brittle...an increased number of water molecules enter the braking circle and as a consequence, the boiling point of the brake fluid decreases leading ultimately to a spongy feel that we all have grown to know and deal with.

The patented Spiegler Steel Braided Brake Line System eliminates these variables with a consistently firm lever feel for as long as you own the bike. These German made, maintenance-free lines are made of the finest braided stainless steel, anodized aluminum fittings, and stainless steel pressure sleeves on the outside and durable Teflon on the inside. Unlike every other line on the market, Spiegler's unique patented torsion system enables twist-free adjusting of the line without using pliers and virtually guarantees a proper fit.

A generally unrecognized manufacturer's recommendation is that all original rubber hydraulic hoses should be changed every four years to avoid failure. Spiegler brake lines are maintenance free and will provide reliable service for the life of your motorcycle.

Pirates' Lair offers the Spiegler lines as a complete kit (in Silver) which includes all six lines and the crossover manifold for front and 2 rear replacement lines. . Special orders (add $30) are welcome if you would like custom colored fittings (green, red, blue, gold, purple, chrome, silver, black, titanium) and/or custom colored lines (black, white, orange, green, smoke, blue, red). Just specify what color lines and what color fittings in the message box when ordering and we'll send you a paypal bill..

Also... If ordering for an RS with barbacks, if you want your top brake line 2" longer, please let us know at time of ordering. We can provide the longer line at no additional cost.

Every kit is made as it is ordered, typically same or next day. Expect a 1 week delivery time for special orders.

BMW Owners: Specify year of your bike when ordering.I like to double check things before ordering.. Either in the message field or in a follow-up email.

Don't see your bike listed?? No worries.. We sell brakeline kits for most late model bikes. Just email me with your request.

1998-2005 BMW K1200RS
98-2001 K1200RS Standard ABS Steel Braided Line Kit $270.US (Ground Shipping Included)
2002-2005 K1200RS ABS / INTEGRATED Steel Braided Line Kit $270.US (Ground Shipping Included)

2002-2005 BMW K1200GT
2002-05 K1200GT ABS / INTEGRATED Steel Braided Line Kit $270.US (Ground Shipping Included)

1998-2010 BMW K1200LT
1998-2001 K1200LT Steel Braided Line Kit $270.US (Ground Shipping Included)
2002-2010 K1200LT Steel Braided Line Kit $270.US (Ground Shipping Included)