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Spiegler Steel Braided Brake Lines: Customer Comments

The Ordered and installed a set of stainless lines over the winter. Spring has finally hit MN and had a chance to get the K out for a few hundred miles this weekend, here's my $.02 worth... My findings are about the same as the other reports I've read here. Ordered the SS lines from Pirate and speedbleeders for calips, abs, and clutch from speedbleeders.com. Took pirates advice and read the instructions on the SB to install them on a 'wet' system. So SB's were installed first, brakes were bleed with a couple pumps, then all the old brake lines came off. The SS lines went on without a hitch, only snag was they weren't numbered as the web instructions stated so I had to figure out which went where buy comparing with the old lines (not a problem). New lines all installed, SB's open, reservoirs full, start pumping levers. Keep res full and pump till fluid comes out clean and bubble free. First ride... Front's feel good, back mushy. Pull back into the garage, connect my hose/jar to the rear caliper, open SB, couple pumps on brake, close valve.. airs gone and lever feels solid now, it doesn't get any easier than this. The road are still sandy/salty around here so no hard riding yet, but #1 noticeable improvement with SS lines is no more '2 pump chump' syndrome on front brakes. The first pull is solid and firm as it should be. Well worth the price and install time IMHO...
Brad Johannes / Saint Cloud, MN / 99 K1200RS
I feel like a kid with a new toy. I find myself deliberately coming to FAST stops just so I can feel the reverse G's kick in. Very predictable... crisper. Funny thing...seems like the brakes get firmer with a little use. My theory... maybe small bubbles work their way up and out into the reservoir with use. Much different now than the first week of use. I can't think of any other explanation. While I always thought the factory brakes were just fine.. there is a noticeable difference now. Crisper... firmer... as it should be. Also..mine went on without a hitch. I had heard a few comments about lines having to be adjusted, (and they are adjustable) but mine just dropped into place.... and they look killer. Well worth the money in my quasi-humble opinion.
Jerry (Pirate) Finley / Fairview, NC. / 98 K1200RS
The overall quality of materials is excellent however. As for benefits....I gained ( or lost depending on how you look at it ) 1/2 to 3/4" in lever travel. That is, the lever builds hard pressure that much sooner. So, I have braking force that much quicker. The "feel" is greatly improved. I can quite easily hold the brakes at that fine line just before the Anti-Lock takes over. Braking duties have become a simple one finger affair. There is rarely an occasion when I feel the need to add another finger to the lever. And, I NEVER need to pump the brakes. ( something I found myself doing frequently with the stock lines ).Bottom line, well worth the investment. As a matter of fact, I will say that changing to Spiegler lines is one of the best modifications I've made to my bike!
Dennis (D.A.) Hoover / Atlanta, Ga / 98 K1200RS
The Spiegler Stainless Brake Lines significantly enhanced an already excellent system. The tactile improvement is difficult to explain- something like the difference between the dial keys on a telephone and the touch keys on a microwave or Palm. A much more sure and solid response. I won't say night and day, but I will say I could feel a improvement in "trusting the stopping power of my brakes" I rode my R1150GS with the stock lines for a few weeks, then hopped on my K1200RS with the Spiegler stainless lines. It's like having "Power Brakes" on a car. The stainless steel lines made the difference in feel and in stopping. It seems as if I can halt the K1200RS is far less time and distance than my GS. Thanks for turning me on to this exceptional product.
Ron Johnson / Katy, Tx / 2000 K1200RS
This afternoon I rushed home and went for my first test ride after upgrading to the fully adjustable Wilber front and rear shocks and Spiegler SS brake lines. Would you be surprised if I told you I was in love with my K again? It's no wonder that with 29K on the bike that I've gotten used to the degradation on handling. I would highly recommend these two upgrades first and foremost. All I can say is thanks very much.
Dave (Boss VMax) Robertson / New Rochelle, NY.
/ 2001 K1200RS