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Revolution Titanium on K1200RS

Remus Exhausts Systems (from Austria) are designed to lower the weight, increase performance by 8-10hp, and add a deep throaty tone to your K1200RS or GT. Pirates' Lair offers 2 complete systems for the 1998-2004 K1200RS or 2002-2004 K1200GT. They are designated as the "Revolution" series and furnished with oval canisters.

The EU approved Revolution features a removable insert baffle to tone down to a near stock noise level for those who want a more "stealthy" sound. The removal of the baffle will produce the full rich deep REMUS sound we all have come to appreciate.

The incredibly light Titanium or Carbon Fiber systems weigh in at 17 lbs. The Aluminum version weighs in at 19 lb . FYI.. The factory system (with catalytic converter) weighs in at a porky 34 lb. All Remus systems come with both the header and canister and eliminate the catalytic converter. As with other products in the Pirates' Lair product line, I offer competitive prices on the Remus Exhausts and... full customer support. Call 828.628.7093 EST or e-mail for availability before ordering.

Remus changes their riveted-on badges/logo frequently. Some of the pics on our website may or may not feature the current logo badge. If that matters to you, email me prior to purchase and I'll see if I can provide a shot of the current offering.. Also...we can NOT order these without the logo. Some of the pics on this page may or may not still be in production.

Heads up!.. Since Staintune discontinued their K1200RS / GT offering in March 2014, Remus is the only manufacturer still making exhausts for the venerable BMW K1200RS / GT.

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