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Revolution Titanium on K1200RS

Remus Exhausts Systems (from Austria) are designed to lower the weight, increase performance by 8-10hp, and add a deep throaty tone to your K1200RS or GT. Pirates' Lair offers 2 complete systems for the 1998-2004 K1200RS or 2002-2004 K1200GT. They are designated as the "Revolution" series and furnished with oval canisters.

The EU approved Revolution features a removable insert baffle to tone down to a near stock noise level for those who want a more "stealthy" sound. The removal of the baffle will produce the full rich deep REMUS sound we all have come to appreciate.

The incredibly light Titanium or Carbon Fiber systems weigh in at 17 lbs. The Aluminum version weighs in at 19 lb . FYI.. The factory system (with catalytic converter) weighs in at a porky 34 lb. All Remus systems come with both the header and canister and eliminate the catalytic converter. As with other products in the Pirates' Lair product line, I offer competitive prices on the Remus Exhausts and... full customer support. Call 828.628.7093 EST or e-mail for availability before ordering.

Heads up!.. Since Staintune discontinued their K1200RS / GT offering in March 2014. Remus is the only manufacturer still making exhausts for the venerable BMW K1200RS / GT and we've been told they won't be making them much longer. No pressure...

Remus Owner Customer Comments .. Click Here

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The Booster Plug (Imported from Denmark) We are offering the Booster Plug in combination with the REMUS Exhaust to improve the overall ride-ability of your motorcycle! It's a true Plug 'n Play solution that will provide the following advantages: * Improved and softer throttle response * Faster acceleration * Stronger and more reliable idle * Reduced backfiring when running an aftermarket exhaust * Simple chimp-easy install. I actually have one of these on my own bike and I'm very happy with it. Read my review here... Click here for installation instructions on the BMW K1200RS / GT Does everybody need a Booster Plug? IMHO.. No... Some BMWs run just fine without them after installing an aftermarket exhaust.. Some do not. However...If you have installed any aftermarket exhaust on your motorcycle, the Booster Plug will absolutely make your stumbling, surging bike run and idle better. I speak from experience.
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Here Ye .. Here Ye 11/ 9 /16: We just got this horrible word from the lone Remus importer.."We will no longer be able to sell any exhaust systems that eliminate the catalytic converter, period! That decision was made by REMUS AT and REMUS USA on 11/8/16. In order to comply with EPA regulations we are taking all of these applications off of our website immediately and will no longer be able to sell them. The EPA has already paid visits to some of our partners." Read it and weep, my friends.

Pre-Owned Exhaust Systems: If you or a friend has a used Remus or Staintune exhaust system for the K1200RS/ GT, we'll be glad to help you sell it. We'll be keeping an on-going list of those who are wanting one. Just email me with details of what you have and how much you want for it and I'll see if I can find a buyer for you.. Pictures will be required at some point.

Remus Revolution Aluminum Oval Full System Complete $1339.US (Shipping Included) Discontinued by Manufacturer 11/ 9 /16!

B- Booster
Booster Plug $169.US (USPS Priority Included) Temp Unavailable! Not Taking Orders!

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