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What Our Remus Customers Are Saying....

Received the system yesterday and I must say, that was great service. Packaging. Better than the first time. This was packed from Austria in a white box and then overpacked in a brown carton. Very secure, nothing rattled. The canister is also separately wrapped in a saran type wrap (heavier duty) and then wrapped in corrugated or padded paper.
Apperance of can. I think that Remus has improved the quality of their products. The headers and pre mufler are very well polished (better than my other Remus ). Its like chrome ! Now for the best part.... The titanium oval canister is a beauty to behold ! It has a nice sheen to it unlike the 2 Bros. titanium. Maybe this sheen will go away after i start the bike but its a beauty. The end cap is stainless steel and very nice. The Remus logo is metal and riveted ! Looks rather nice I must say. In fact this was a suggestion by someone who comented on their Remus on your site.
Cant wait to hear this baby. Thanks once again for accomodating me in obtaining this. You are the best !!
Cesar Blardony / New York, NY
I can't stop grinning when I fire up my K12 with the Remus. The bike now sounds like a bike should, not the sewing machine noise BMW gives you. The sound is sweet, a low grumble, not too loud. Just enough to let you (& the cages around you) know that you exist. Some authority without being obnoxious. This week I attempted to wave another rider by me at one point but he refused. When we stopped for a break he told me that he was enjoying the sound of my bike too much to pass!! I can't tell if there is any gain in power, seems to be pretty neutral to me. Some spitting on deceleration, which only seems to add to the enjoyment of the sound of the bike. Of the modifications I have made to my K12, is by far is THE BEST!! No regrets whatsoever. After hearing the bike with the Remus on it, I don't even mind the price I paid for it - it is worth every penny. Pirate - honest, this is just how I feel about the pipe. I absolutely love it!!
Ira Grossman / San Diego CA
I installed Remus titanium a year ago. First the center stand makes contact with the collector causing a vibration. I extended the stand by gluing a piece of rubber to the existing dimple. didn't help. second the exhaust does not seal well with the header, there is a leak on the underside where the clamp tightens. I checked all retention bolts for tightness, still there is a vibration from the left side that puts my hand to sleep. other than those items the system sounds wonderful, less weight and does increase performance on the high end.
Vince DiGaetano / Strawberry, Az
I went with the Titanium Remus instead of the carbon fiber based on yours and Kirks recommendations and the fact that the carbon fiber was on backorder. It was pretty much as easy as you said on your sight to install. It's also been very easy to take care of. The header and cannister turn a golden/tan color after about 400-600 miles of running. It has gotten a little louder but still has a very deep, mellow sound. It sounds best at about 5 grand and up and is very quiet at idle. Some of my riding buddies think it should be louder and I agree, if it were on a rice cooker, but I think it works well for a BMW. No noticeable increase in horsepower and I have noticed an increase in vibration from the sound through the handle bars but not anything uncomfortable. I'm quite pleased with it over all..
William Mace / Fort Dix, NJ
I got my Carbon Fiber Remus about two months ago.....and I LOVE it!!! It saves a HUGE amount of weight over the stocker, and it sounds awesome. Not too loud, not too quiet. It runs really cool, so no worries about the left side bag. The quality is excellent (better than stock), and the cf sounds better than the all Titanium system. And for those who don't like the decal, it comes off fairly easily. I doubt the Two Brothers system can be any better (although they make very good stuff). I had a Staintune on my K1100RS, but the Remus is much nicer
Steve Walker / Ontario, Canada
I purchased a Remus Titanium (street) exhaust for my red K1200RS.I am delighted with it, and would purchase another. My dealings with Remus have always been very positive. There is a significant weight and size difference. (There is a larger gap between the cannister and the left bag after installation of the Remus). I did not put the bike on the dyno before and after installation, so I cannot verify the claimed 9 HP increase, but I certainly would not dispute the claim based on my experience. After years of riding Jap go bikes with high performance exhausts (from which I have retired), I began to dislike the excessively loud , nasty, raspy sound of the most popular performance exhausts for those machines. (Imagine how I react to a Harley with straight pipes). When I switched to BMW (a change which is decidedly permanent), my first bike was the K1200RS, and after researching I put on the Remus and I loved the sound. Quiet enough to be non-offensive, but loud enough to be heard, and the throaty but mellow growl gently grows as the rpms rise. It is awesome to behold. My riding buddies have mentioned a few times, how much they like the sound from the Remus. It almost always draws a complimentary comment. The titanium version gets extremely hot (maybe it is the way I ride the bike) so hot that the Remus sticker burned off. I contacted Remus and they were kind enough to send a free replacement but that crisped itself into rabble fairly quickly and was removed. (I suggested to Remus that instead of the sticker, they pop rivet an attractive metal badge with the logo (wolf face), name, and the word TITANIUM with the "sportauspuff" moniker underneath. If they did though all the guys who prefer no insignia on the cannister would have a problem they do not have now. Because of the heat factor, if I had it to do all over again I just might go for the Carbon Fiber Black cannister. Remus may have recommended the titanium as BMW riders often put hundreds of thousands of miles on the bike and titanium will outlast carbon fiber, but aesthetically, I think the carbon fiber would look primo. The pipe out of the rear of the cannister is bent to a downward position which adds to the aesthetic appeal. In time, the exhaust will take on a golden hue, commencing at the lower entry port of the cannister and moving slowly up the system. With the bags removed, the pipe looks terrific and sounds exquisite. It brings out the "sport" in "sport touring." The product is high quality and I believe is actually slightly less expensive than the chief competitor from Australia. I recommend it to all of my K1200RS brothers (and sisters) and I am happy to see the PIRATE is an authorized dealer for the Remus exhaust. You offer everything good for a great bike, and your continuing research and expansion of available products redounds to the benefit of all KRS owners- a "one stop" candy store for what is and will become another legendary motorcycle from Germany.
Albert (Predator) Caruana / Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
The Remus Innovation Carbon I have is a great looking piece. I have received positive comments at the dealer from other riders. I love the deep roaring sound as well as the music it makes after 4500rpm. You do need to wear ear plugs though. I forgot once and I had to quickly stop and take the plugs out of my tank bag to put them on. I got the entire system and wanted to coat them before installation but just could not wait. The Remus system is so much lighter than stock, I'd say about 20-25lbs The header comes in a nice shiney stainless color but after one ride, turns to a light tan color and stays that way. I also noticed that the can cools quicker than the stock exhaust. This is good if you have to cover up after a ride. I rode in the rain once and did not see any stain marks on the canister. There is also more space between the can & the left saddlebag. The carbon can also looks great with the checkers. All we need is the Fram filter and maybe the prom.....
Cesar Blardony / NY, NY
As promised, I am writing to let you know what I think of the new exhaust purchase. The Remus Ti Racing system came last Thursday and was promptly installed. It took a little under two hours (I am pretty anal and I take my time). The one thing that I can say that I wish they had done differently is the positioning of the number one and two cylinder tubes. The arrangement of the tubes does not allow the use of a torque wrench to tighten the nuts on the outboard studs - you have to use a conventional wrench to tighten them, as there is no space to get between the tubes with a socket and extension. Minor complaint, but a little disappointing to me. Everything else about the design and quality was excellent and very pleasing to the eye. I put a few hundred miles on the new system over the weekend and really like it. The tone that the system produces is quite nice, although it is a little louder that I had anticipated. It has a pretty good bark between 2500 and 3500 rpm, but quiets down at highway speeds. I have not ridden with the bags off and cannot comment on the level of sound without them. My lady friend passenger has commented on the increase in sound, but says that it is not objectionable at speed. She is really conscious of noise and that was her concern when I decided to purchase a performance exhaust system. Because I really enjoy having her along - it was also a concern of mine. All things considered, I am exceptionally happy with the system. I do wish that the decal would burn off, as I'm not a big fan of advertising, and I think that the bike looks better without stickers and such on it. Thanks, again, for the excellent attention to detail that you showed in getting answers to all my questions and the comfort level that I felt in purchasing the system through you. Many miles, safe riding, and good health.
Robert Neustifter / Orlando, Fl
Just installed the Remus exhaust. Already noticed a crisper throttle response from idle. Can't wait to see what the chip does for me. Also want to thank you for picking up on the wrong canister before you shipped it to me. Many would have shipped the incorrect item without checking. Your attention to detail has not gone un noticed. Bravo! I will continue to use and highly recomend your site. Thanks again.
Bruce Hastie / Agawam, Ma
The new Remus exhaust got a workout over the weekend. Took the level freeway route with 2 up on the way out to the desert. The exhaust sounded great on the freeway at 80 mph because I didn't notice it unless I really rolled on the throttle....perfect! Took the back roads over the mountains today on the way home (solo). Really had a chance to push the exhaust and new Michelin Pilot Roads. I'm delighted to say I couldn't be happier! The system performed every bit as good as my Two Brother's system did....but no fatigue. Some may love the TB sound, so did I for a while, but I prefer the wind noise in my helmet over the exhaust noise. For a customer that is concerned about pipe noise the Remus might be the prefect compromise.
Michael Moore / Escondido, Ca.
Just received the new Revolution Carbon Fiber system for my new RS. Its what I thought they would look like. Its a sort of tri oval shape and has a removable resonator to boot! The CF pattern is like the fender and your hugger, really nice. Another thing I noticed with the header pipes of the Remus. They are really polished more so that the previous two Remus systems I've had. They have quite a shine to them. You can see the (fine) polishing marks however, unlike the other two that looked like regular ss tubing. The headders match up nicely with the pre-muffler's shine. All this shows Remus attention to improving their products. Oh, thanks for everything. Really appreciate your extra service "touches".

PostScript: Back from my first ride with the new CF oval Remus. It had the baffle on and sounded great. Everyone at the dealer loved it." Loud but not obnoxious.." they said. Will try it without the baffle on the weekend and if I can send a sound/movie file with and without the baffle/resonator. They even include a rivet (for permanent fastening of the resonator) and an extra set screw, just in case. The quality is the best. I know, I keep on saying this as its my 3rd Remus but, it truly is. The CF is laminated or feels like it unlike the older round CF (Inovation) model, which was not.
It certainly was worth the wait my friend! Once again, you have delivered.
Cesar Blardony
/ New York, NY
At the K rally this past spring you had and Hank (from Rhinewest) had lunch with me and answered all my dumb and not so dumb questions - inlcluding the one on how to get rid of the 4200-4500 rpm vibration on my GT. You and Hank both advised me to get a Remus exhaust and RW chip installed and that would do it. Well - it certainly was a sizeable investment - however - it did do the trick and provide quite some power/torque boost as well. Hank just installed for me 2 weeks ago. Without that vibration - it is certainly a lot more fun to ride. Thanks for your guidance and being willing to talk with a rookie like me. See you next year.
Joe McAdams / Texas
I installed a complete remus exhaust on my K1200S what a difference. Only took about a hour, plus alot of money. Great web site I'll be back later to order everything.
Doug Lawson / Fairfield, CA
Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with the exhaust. It's been a bit of a wait but finally got the system fitted yesterday - wow, what a difference! Of course it's noisier than the stock unit though not too intrusive but the main difference is in the performance - hardly distinguishable now from the Blackbird I had previously (which I found too uncomfortable to tour on). You may not be aware of this, but the K12 is very much unloved by the British motorcycle press (especially the GT) - but we know better eh? Thanks again and will be in touch again soon re:suspension. All the best.
Steve Driver / Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Pass it on if anybody asks. The Remus pipe totally changes the character of the bike.  It sounds great and revs a bit faster.  Worth every dime.

Install Note: I initially mounted the unit myself using the appropriate can bracket (of the two supplied) that utilizes the original pipe hanger. The header is torqued properly to the head with new studs and nuts so it is firmly and correctly mounted. The carbon can is firmly mounted to the header using the supplied clamp that I torqued using an Allen key, not a socket wrench, to "just about right". After the test ride, the silencer backed off on the pipe by a 1/2 in or so resulting in an exhaust leak at the joint. The distributor set me straight about the can slipping off. A do it yerself gasket made of high temp permatex allowed to dry first then clamped. It was spread peanut butter thin on the inside of the can and allowed to dry.  Just enough to achieve a gas seal and provide some gription and not enough to show or make my new pipe look ghetto. No leak, no slip.
Troy Bradley / Columbia MD