Take me home, Captain!

Our friends at Wunderlich America deliver an impressive product with these precision machined risers for your 2002-2005 BMW K1200GT. This complete kit will allow you to raise the handlebars on your 02-05 K1200GT up to approximately 2 inches and offers adjustability over a ¾” range, allowing you to find an ideal comfortable position.

Note: In 98% of installs, these risers should be a chimp-easy, simple bolt on affair. However, in rare cases when the bars are adjusted in the tallest possible position, the brake line may be too tight because of manufacturing tolerances... but only in the highest position. I have seen only a handful in the last 10 years that needed a longer brake line.If you are one of the lucky few, we offer optional longer brake lines upon email request.

We know, as fellow riders, that getting the correct ergo's is hit or miss. If you buy from us and these don't help.. send them back (undamaged, por for vor) and we'll give a full refund - shipping and suggest something else.

GT barbacks are not compatible with the K1200RS. For Wunderlich K1200RS Risers Click Here

Wunderlich Vario-Ergo GT Riser Kit $292.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)