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Wunderlich Vario-Ergo Riser Kit for the K1200RS

Unless you were born with arms like an orangutan, you'll probably need bar risers on your RS. We hear it all the time. The Wunderlich Vario-Ergo Riser Kit for the K1200RS includes a longer upper brake line and everything needed for installation. They offer the rider a good ergonomic compromise of a better feel without screwing up the sporting nature of the bike. Fits every model year BMW K1200RS.. 1998-2004. Here's what they look like on the bike.. Click Here.

As this German-made kit comes with a longer brake line, a bleed job will be required. Unless you know what you are doing, this is a job best left to your local extornionist..er.. BMW dealer. FYI.. Bleeding lines on a bike with ABS is a little tougher than on a non-ABS bike.

Pirates Lair sells two different brand risers for your BMW K1200RS.. Besides Wunderlich, we also sell Verholen. How do they compare? Design is identical. These Wunderlich risers are the longest risers we currently sell for the venerable K1200RS. These adjustable risers reposition the handlebars from 30 - 42mm higher and 20 - 27mm closer to the rider. A little taller than the 30mm Verholens we sell. So which type barbacks do you need? That's a good question and one we would be glad to spew advice on. We ALWAYS suggest that you NOT buy barbacks until you have spent some time on the bike. Do NOT judge the RS riding position after coming off another bike until you have acclimated to it.

If you then see a need to change them.. we're here. If you buy from us and it doesn't help.. send them back (undamaged) and we'll swap you for another length or type. We know, as fellow riders, that getting the correct ergo's is hit or miss. Also.. with any bar backs there is always an issue with your bars coming into contact with the windshield at full lock. Use caution. Note: Barbacks are sold only in pairs. Duh.

NOTE: K1200RS barbacks are not compatible with the K1200GT. For GT Barbacks Click HERE

Wunderlich Vario-Ergo 42mm Handlebar Riser Kit $346.US (USPS Priority Included)