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Witness the legendary Performance Chip from Rhinewest Performance, Inc.  You've heard the rumors... you've wanted one.. and again..Pirates' Lair delivers the goods. This time proven computer chip provides more linear power and smooths the acceleration of the BMW K1200RS or GT throughout the powerband with both stock and most aftermarket exhausts, including Two Brothers, Remus, and ZTechnikExpect a power increase of up to 10 HP with the stock exhaust and increased real-world torque and all with a 30 day money back guarantee. Software & decryption board included. Plug and play hp, friends. Makes the bike much more user friendly.

Install is very straight forward.(see link below). Just remove the tupperware and tank, pull the factory chip and plug this kit in. No other mods necessary. FYI.. I have personally sold over 1000 K1200RS chips and not a single chip has been returned for problems or due to not delivering HP as claimed. That's 100% satisfaction!! Rhinewest Performance, Inc has once again, set a new industry standard in bolt-on performance.

FYI.. RW offers 2 chips for your K1200RS. One for 1997-8/99 production dates and one for 8/99-2004. RW has also determined that there is a "gray" area where removing your tank and checking the computer box #'s might be necessary for proper chip selection. If in doubt... email us and we'll figure it out.

Note: Due to obvious and not so obvious reasons.. Pirates Lair or Rhinewest Performance will NOT ship their software to Asia... including China or Japan. So it is written.. so let it be done.

As for the install, you will need a T30 Torx™ , tamper-proof wrench to get your motronic box apart. A standard Torx wrench will NOT work. We've seen these on Ebay and cheap. You can buy a complete Kobalt brand Torx kit at Lowes for $20. NAPA also sells them as part # 775-5938 or Sears.

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