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Rhine West RS/GT/LT Performance Chip Customer Comments

Thanks for all you help while you where on your "vacation"!!! I installed the Rhinewest Chip yesterday (confirmed with Jim at Rhinewest that I had the proper chip BEFORE closing her up and completed the Staintune Exhaust install today (what a b%*@h!). After unplugging my battery for a few hours as you suggested before the install and going through the proper throttle position resetting procedure, my 2001 K1200RS puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurs like a Ferrari or sounds like a Two Brother system without the baffle WOW! Crazy low end torque and wonderful leveled out shifting. I LOVE THE SETUP! Thank you so very much! Again, you guys are the absolute best!! A Pirates' fan for life!
Kellin Dobbs / 2001 K1200RS / Flowery Branch, GA

I just got back from a test ride after installing the chip & it was definitely worth it. The throttle response is much crisper than before. It even sounds different to me!!
Jim Zagryn / 2002 K1200RS / Northford, CT

Captain Jerry.. Success! The Rhinewest chip and Remus pipe transform the LT to what it always should have been – a high performance, head turning, eye bulging, thrill every moment BMW name-worthy touring machine. Most important is the PREDICTABLE low end torque – no more off-the-line balance-challenging clutch-eating hesitation. Precise power exactly when you need it most – to get the wheels rolling and bike stable. Especially in turning starts (like from every other stop sign). It sounds like a Ferrari (or an RR) when you hit the gas, quiet while cruising, breathtaking adrenaline pumping acceleration (100mph is almost instant (on a test track of course, professional rider, don’t try this at home kids)) while providing a broader power range that is much more forgiving in blind turns where the final slow-down speed is uncertain.

Installation is a snap for the pipe – it arrived in less than a week from when I ordered it online from you, came in 3 sections easily assembled on the bike – just THROW AWAY THE INSTRUCTIONS. Obviously written by a non-native English speaker who has never actually installed one on an LT (photos appear to be GT?). I reused my O2 sensor to keep things legal and have a happy Motronic. (A very nice plug comes with the pipe for those who wish to go sensorless.) The Remus finish is flawless. For those that don’t know, this is a SILENCER – straight through exhaust – zero baffles, but still quiet, just Ferrari quiet. The Rhinewest chip was also a breeze – once I got the Motronic free (it’s very safe – will never be stolen without the bike). The chip also arrived within a couple of days of ordering – thank you for the free shipping!

If anyone has ever changed a socketed computer chip (aka any tech with a Mil background or any of us old techies), it could not be simpler or easier. Very good step by step experienced instructions from the Rhinewestlanders in San Antonio – hats off to a great product with clear instructions! No need for the Harley Tool (3lb sledge), but I kept it handy just in case. Their programming is far superior to Microsoft Office at about the same price. The combo is incredible. When I first started the bike, the Motronic was obviously programming starting at zero knowledge, so it ran rough and I was sure I had made a tragic mistake, but after the run today, it’s every bit as perfect as a brand new bike – just sounds a lot better. Quality sound, hard to describe, but not at all like a loud pipe. Very similar to the Staintune ($$$) I had on the RS – Formula 1 sound. I just restarted it from cold and it was perfect. Great combo the chip and pipes.

Lessons Learned: Follow the Rhinewest instructions step-by-step (they are simple – have photos for riders like me) including resetting the throttle reset (turn key on, don’t start, twist throttle full range 2-3 times, turn off – simple). It will run rough when first started (smelled rich), but smooths out within 30 minutes of test idle, was completely happy after 100 fun miles of hill country Sunday morning cruising. Solved a boatload of intermittent rough running issues. Cost in mileage: 3mpg. That’s all. 45 is what I’m getting now, 48 was the previous norm for the hesitationmobile. Idle suggests a much more powerful engine than the previous “Vespa” purr, but it is smooth once going. Thanks again for the amazing service – Pirates Lair rules!
Marc Bracken / BMW K1200LT / Wimberley, Texas

Installed the RW Chip last night. The difference is evident as soon as the bike was fired up..........crisper response. I left the K&N in just to see how it would work. It seemed to make sense that if the exhaust is allowing more air to exit, that the engine should be allowed to breath. Seems to work well. No noticable issues.
So it appears that I can report after putting about 50KM on it tonight that the combination of the K&N, ZTechnik exhaust and RW chip is a winning combination. The bike pulls noticeably stronger right from the bottom end to red line. The sound is addictive.........kind of like a 4 cyl Nissan racing engine if you have ever heard one of those. It has a wicked growl. I found that I don't run it to red line as much and usually run it at higher RPM just to hear the engine.
Bottom line is that I would recommend this combination for sound and performance. The price is a bit high but if something works well, price is only one of the factors to pump into the equation. Thanks for your help on this Jerry and Amber.
Bob Moore / 1999 K1200RS / Alberta, Canada
The chip is great!!! It has a real even power on, all the way up to the limiter. There is no low end wait. Lots of smooth torque. I'm glad I got it, with my Staintune sport exhaust and the chip I can really notice the difference. I ran into a friend of mine who has a stock K1200RS and we both got on it and there was no match. Of course I have a Dale Walker electric shift and that could of helped also. Thanks again, By the way I'm looking forward to hearing about a turbo kit. I'm real interested!!
Dave Collier / 2000 K1200RS / Ocean Ridge, Fl.
You should call the Rhinewest performance chip "lost wages" because once you install one you are not going back to work. Since I installed one I missed several breakfast at home, a couple of late nights with my wife on the porch and several children who only ask where am I going. Thank you and Amber for the overnight services on the performance chip. I installed it in about three hours in the hot garage. Removed the K & N air filter which does do some weird things and followed the easy instruction for adding the chip. Everything went well and the damn bike runs like a bat out of hell, what a wonderful sound and feel. I thank you so much for a wonderful ride this evening as the sun set. I can't wait to get up and see how many tanks of gas I can burn after I install the pirates radar mount. If it wasn't for your Webster and wealth of knowledge ... life would have been very dull on the mighty K. I could go on but enough is enough. later my friend.
Dennis Hannibal / 2003 K1200RS / Accident, MD.
Received the chip and had it installed. Runs great. I notice enhanced throttle response and low end improvement. Thanks!
Daniel Loeb / 2002 K1200RS / Takoma Park, Md.
Rode the chip today ... First ride with the new chip in my 2000 K12 (took the old chip, even though mfg'd 10/99) today. Crisp, sunny day. Smoothest performance ever. All the way across, the smoothest response and most authoritative tug ever. Not a drop or a lag anywhere. It's not absolutely, slam-dunk stronger, but its RIGHT THERE, as if everything is timed and injected perfectly for the hardware. And I guess that was the point, anyway. Subjectively, I used to feel just the slightest bit like the bike's weight was a wee bit of a burden for the motor coming up wide-open-throttle from 4000-6000. That feeling is gone. It's like the bike has lost about 40 lbs. Whatever, it's a minor but nice optimization rather than a new slug of gusto. I'm glad I did it. I would have done it for \\$500.
Jonny Resci / 2000 K1200RS
Hi Jerry , I've put the chip.......first impression.......it's simply fantastic, it is power everywhere, i'm very glad, the bike is not the same .now it's a bike for old people. effectively the engine is smoother, it's more power everywhere, the sound of the engine change too, it's more fuller.
Filliere Serge / K1200RS / Avignon, France
I'm back from my first ride and I don't think I can convey what a difference that chip makes. 160 miles of back roads at 60 degrees and I have to say it's not like turbo power, it's mostly in the bottom end. No lag like it used to have. After 100mph its hard to tell the difference. It is smoother all around and my bike is waaay smoother than my buddy's LT. Even he said so after he rode mine. My bike also shifts much smoother than his. My bike does everything better than his except block the wind and play Elvis CDs. I give the chip and TB pipe two thumbs up.
Todd Wilson / 2002 K1200RS / Atlanta, Ga.
I finally got off my K12 Sunday night after installing the new chip on Friday and I have to say, everything I've read about the chip is true! More and smoother power, pulls hard from the first throttle twist to the last! I am very impressed with my new found power.However, Like most sources of power, I'm having to learn the proper way to use it. I was previously accustomed to just rolling the power on rather sharply through turns. No more... the first time I did that in one of the small twisties prevalent in Northern California, I managed to break the rear tire loose. After my heartbeat returned to normal, I made a mental note to only let a little of this monster out the cage at a time. Especially in tight turns...I have no idea what the before and after difference between my Rhine West chip with Remus pipes Vs my stock chip with Remus would look like on a dyno chart, but I can tell you that I definitely feel it and it's not small!
Bob Linscomb / 2000 K1200RS / San Jose, Ca
Finally got a chance to take a ride yesterday and absolutely LOVE the chip (just like everyone else I guess). A small power gain (nice), less vibration (how is this possible?), less sensitive throttle (very little on/off abruptness); this is probably my favorite improvement from the chip, and finally gas mileage that is at least the same (maybe better?). Please tell Rhine West that there's another satisfied customer.
Kurt Cleveland / 1998 K1200RS / Beverly, MA
I have only two words about the RhineWest chip and Two Bros exhaust. FUCKING AWESOME. This bike screams now... And I am in Denver. I can't wait to get this thing to sea level.Thanks again
Ronald LeClere/ 02 K1200RS /Highlands Ranch CO
Was out riding all day today, enjoying the RW chip. Better power, smoother, better throttle response and believe it or not, about 1 mpg better as well. Bike even sounds a bit "meaner" for lack of a better description. Well spent money for sure.
Aaron Cordero/ 02 K1200RS /Redwood City, CA
Chip arrived safely 8 am Tuesday 30th, and fitted today 31st, all I can say is AWESOME !!. Test rode up in the mountains around Canberra after fitting, came out of some good esses and powered on hard, the rear broke traction and the front lifted, that's power from this big heavy brute !! FANTASTIC.
Ray Zurvas/ 02 K1200RS /Australia
I have seen the debate on the chip. I have no information on HP, gas mileage or other data. I do know that the engine feels much better. Throttle response is more linear and it definitely feels like it has more power. I know this is a seat of the pants reading and not worth much in hard data, but it does feel more sorted. I think it exhibits the most positive change for any single add-on i have ever done to a motorcycle engine. I have a 2001 and live at 5000 feet. The bike has a totally different personality and exhibits no pinging or excessive richness so far. I know Pirate sold about 25 of these on the group order and there are probably 24 other people that will have opinions about the chip, but for me it was well worth the cost. The replacement was easy and took less than 2 (easy) hours.
Randy Prade / K1200RS / Aurora, CO
Just wanted to give a ride report about my experience with the Rhine West chip. Overall, I have to say that it is flat out the best money that I''ve spent on my bike so far. The best way to describe the way the bike feels is that 3rd gear feels like 2nd gear, 2nd gear feels like 1st gear, etc..but without any corresponding ""over-revving"". In other words, the bike isn''t revving higher, it just feels like it has more juice at the same points in the power band. I''ve also sense slightly less hesitation in terms of the bike getting to speed. I never felt like the bike was slow, but now there''s no lapse between thinking what 100 mph would feel like, and being there. Everything feels pretty close to instantaneous. I have a Remus Carbon Fiber pipe on my K12 and have noticed no adverse effects in terms of increased backfiring or funny noises. The only downside that I can think of is that fuel economy does seem to be compromised slightly. My fuel light comes on at about 135 miles (I do live in Manhattan, so someone that lives in a more rural area may get more love out of their fuel tank). To me it''s a small price to pay, but its something to keep in mind if you''re planning a trip in an area that doesn't have frequent fuel stops. If you're thinking about it, don't hesitate. This is an upgrade definitely worth making.
Christof Laputka / K1200RS / NY, NY
Put 100+ miles on her today with her new brain and horns. First let me tell yua that all of you're descriptions were right on the money. She pulls so smooth, smells so sweet, very little backfiring anymore, and yes, feels stronger/faster. Hell, think about it - Rated 130bhp stock, chip adds 12 or so and the Remus pipe adds an additional 8. I don't need a calculator to figure out that we're running 10 ponies less then Suzuki's big gun baby! OK, OK, I know, I'm dreaming and getting ahead of myself however I have one word for yua, JAILBAIT...... I'll leave it off with that. Pirate, you da man...
Ken (the Trainer) Frieberg / 2000 K1200RS / NJ
Exactly what I was looking for...After a false start with my Rhine West install (02/00 production date still required the older chip, my bike rocks. This is not an in-depth report, I'll do that after my post-install dyno run later next week, but I wanted to report one thing. With the Two bros and the new CPU I can get the fucker towheelie on demand in first gearwith a twist of the wrist. Yess!!I feel like a squid again. I am one happy camper.
Darren Ward / 2000 K1200RS / Canada
I cheated death many times today. I rode it like I stole it! I was out looking for Hayabusa's and Viper's to run! I may have grown a third testicle! Although the Rhine West chip is a chunk of change, I think it's definitely a worthwhile enhancement! The chip is now \\$400. and my dealer charged me 4 hours labor to install it. I know, I could have done it myself, but I wanted him to mess with the Motronic.) With the Remus screaming and the Rhine West chip running the Motronic, I could grab handfulls of throttle and hang on for dear life! My 1998 K1200RS is more responsive than ever before! I used to twist the throttle, the engine would seem to rev and the bike would catch up with the engine. Now, especially at 4.5 K and up, I will wick it and the bike will LEAP all the way to the rev limiter. I spent more time at 8-9 K rpm today than I have the entire life span of the bike. This chip is incredible! Now, I only wish I could ride as well as the Rhine West equipped K1200 RS will run! Watch out for this one!!!!!!!
Ron Johnson / K1200RS / Texas
The chip installation was as easy as everyone said it would be. The directions were well written and clear. The only trouble was that I wasn't able to find a Torx T-30 tamperproof driver...so I took the Motronic control module to Revard's BMW (Indy). He took me to back to the shop where a tech removed the tamper-proof screws with a Torx tamperproof driver, then gave me some 5mm hex screws that were properly threaded to replace the tamperproofs. Everything went back together perfectly and easily. I found that using a putty knife to pry the case open is probably better than using a screw driver because the wide blade distributes the stresses on the edge and resists bending the Motronic's metal housing. A new Exacto knife made a clean job of the silicon bead. I changed the oil while I was at it, just because the lower fairing was already off. The whole process, not including going to Revard's for the Torx, took about 2 leisurely hours (including cleaning). After the bike was back together, the bike fired right up, idled smoothly at 1000rpm.
***THE RIDE***
1. Smoother, more even acceleration, faster acceleration, and a stronger sense of torque all the way to redline. Before the chip (BC), the power band did not seem as constant throughout the rpm range. After the chip (AC)a twist of the wrist produces serious grunt anywhere above 3000 rpm, and produces serious grins anywhere above 4000 rpm.
2. I can't explain why, but the bike felt smoother. I might have been high on the fact that my 2001 silver/blue just grew some mighty big balls, but it really does feel smoother. Can any of you folks venture a guess as to why the chip would make the engine run more smoothly?
3. The bike (AC) makes me grin more than (BC). It makes me want to run the bike at higher revs. It makes me go faster. It makes me happy as a pig in shit. I realized that I wouldn't have known about the chip (or been graced with Pirate's discount), or have had the detailed instruction and advice without the K12 forum.
Mike Miller / 2001 K1200RS / In.

The first thing I noticed was the significantly smoother idle and smoother throttle response at slow speeds. Today, I rode a section of back-roads that I am quite familiar with, just out my gate and up ten miles and back. The throttle response is significantly improved throughout the range I was able to test, predominantly in the 2,000 to 5,000 rpm area. What I am most impressed with is the improvement in the way the bike behaves going back and forth on and off the throttle. In a set of tight turns at about 3700 rpm, gradually rolling on and off the throttle, the engine no longer hesitates or bucks. The action is very smooth getting back on the gas when you have just backed off a little. The stock chip behaves like it is an all or nothing proposition, and the Rhine West chip seems to provide a much smoother transition back to On the Gas. I was very pleased! The additional torque is noticeable as well, though with the wet roads and threat of sand from yesterday's snowplow crews, I didn't get leaned way over to test some of these traits, but on the straight line acceleration in the low rpm ranges, the increase in torque was noticeable.
Of the 3 tanks I have run since installing the chip 2 weeks ago, I have maintained ~40.5 mpg on my regular 50 mile commute. A mix of 10 mile tight twisties averaging 50 mph, 35 relatively flat two lane rural highway, and 5 city freeway, both with the speedo locked on 70. This is what I have been averaging since I purchased the bike in Jan 2000. ....No change in normal commute gas mileage! I am extremely pleased! Rhine West has done an outstanding job, and you helped by having your K12 site and making the chip available to us.
Jim Douglas / 2000 K1200RS / Ca.

The Two Brothers exhaust is so sweeeeet. it sounds like a motorcycle now, also just loud enuff for folks to notice, but not frown. Two CHIP motor-officers were picking up their Police Specials, and heard me fire-up the Two Brothers and said they'd like those on their bikes. I responded, I wish they would get them so I could here them coming, too. The chip works. Smooth acceleration, no lag.. but in terms of noticeable power, well worth the money. the mechanic noticed the difference on his test ride, and commented such. I am very happy with all of the parts, and of course your personal/professional customer service is outstanding!!! I most certainly will refer people to your site.
Reuben Mitchell / 98 K1200RS /San Diego, Ca.
I was able to single handedly install the chip (with a full tank no less), but it did take quite a bit of time (6 hrs). I move slow when I am in new territory, but it paid off-no lost or broken parts, didnt scratch any of the tupperware etc. First impression of the performance change post chip is that the bike is slightly stronger-just noticeable. The biggest change is the smoothness. Idle is better, and on the road, the vibes are nearly absent. I had a particular spot, at about 4500-5000 rpm where the vibes were pronounced. Now that is gone. I've only ridden it 25 miles so far, so not much info yet. On the "needs improvement side", the rhine west instructions were not very accurate for my bike. They were written for the older K's and need a update. True, there is a section where they acknowledge the difference in the fuel lines for later bikes (quick disconnects) but the instructions for removing the plastic were not completely helpful. But is was easy enough to figure it out-obviously. Also when I got the brain out and opened (didnt pinch my fingers once!) I had a surprise. The circuit board is sealed with clear sealant on the top and bottom. When I pried the case halves, the bottom gave way first. i had to then very carefully pry the circuit board from the top half-not fun. The top had much more sealant than the bottom. Chip replacement was as per the instructions, with the exception that it was pretty difficult to press the encryption board into the socket--and boy-you do NOT want to bend those pins-or you've just smoked 400.00! It was easier to install the chip on the enc board (it was sitting in the socket at this point) and then slowly alternate pressure from side to side/front to back to get everything seated well. Cest la vie.
Aaron Cordero / 2002 K1200RS / Redwood City, CA
Just got back from Santa Cruz BMW with the new chip. Those folks know their stuff. They do chips and call it "engine checks" to get around and BMW issues. They are very efficient.
Initially, the bike idles better; steady at 1100. The bomb really comes on however over 4k. Pulls very hard. More throttle response in general. Holly and I had both side cases full and a T-back throwing up full on the back and it still was a rocket. Made it back from Watsonville in about 2 hours. Amazing how much ground you can cover whipping along between 80 and 100. I can imagine things will get more interesting with the TB exhaust.
Tech Tip Da boyz at Santa Cruz say when you kill the power to the motronic unit, upon returning power to it, and before starting the engine, open and close the throttle all the way twice. The computer will reset itself to the chip settings and make things work just ducky. It did. Zoom.

MC Block / 2002 K1200RS / Shell Beach, Ca.
The Rhine West computer chip went in with narry a problem. In fact, from fully faired bike to stripped bare with exhaust and chip installed only required two hours. The combination of the chip and exhaust is awesome. It feels like a CBR now, with much more mid range punch, and a banshee wail up to redline. The power increase is apparent across the RPM band, and in first gear, a roll on from 2000 RPM will lift the front wheel, no clutch work required!! Not bad for a heavy beast.As I told you previously, the TBR exhaust looks great, sounds great too.
Jacob Mayer / 2001 K1200RS / Tempe, AZ
Just installed the latest torque arm and the chip. The torque arm is a piece of art. You were right - this chip with the Staintune runs like glass throughout the powerband. Thanks for your insight.
Daryl Miyasaki / 2002 K1200RS / San Jose, CA
(Further) kudos on your recommendation of the Rhinewest chip. The one I recently purchased from you works just great. BTW, that installation turned around my shop's service manager's attitude about the chip. Seems they had had problems with 1-2 previous bikes fitted with the chip. I suspected (correctly, as it turned out) that it was because they didn't know about the two installation "tricks" - - disconnecting the battery during install and resetting the throttle position sensor upon completion of install, so I carefully explained those points to the service manager and the mechanic. Now that they've seen that the thing works fine if those procedures are followed, they're converts.
Dean Allison aka Der Bikerscheister / 1999 K1200RS / La Canada, CA
Installed the Rhinewest chip today. The number on my 2003 K1200GT did not match the number supplied with the chip but I called Rhinewest and they said it should work in my late model bike and they needed to update their documentation. In my estimation, the throttle response at low rpm's is improved. Much easier to blip the throttle and match RPM's for downshift. Thanks!!
David Littlefield / 2003 K1200GT / Lake Jackson, TX
Just wanted to let you know I installed the Rhinewest chip yesterday and it went quite well. Actually didn't have to remove the gas tank after all. Just had to get it loose and pull it aside and brace it with a long box to keep it steady and then take out the control unit. The worst part of the job was removing and then replacing the tupperware. That and the 95 plus degrees here yesterday afternoon! I took it out last evening for a road test and I was very impressed. Smoothest power delivery I have ever felt in any motor vehicle bar none. Pulls harder in general as well. The 4000 rpm buzz is practically gone, a really nice plus.
Thanks again for the great service on this and have a good week.
Jonpaul Rearick / 2003 K1200RS / Waskom, TX
It took about three hours to install but no real problems. I took out the K&N and replaced it with a stock air box. I felt no real change in the smoothness of the bike (but it is pretty smooth to begin with) what I did feel was better throttle response and a very linear pull under full throttle acceleration. After my sarcastic remark in my previous e-mail about my driving not causing the drop in gas mileage I experienced after chip installation I decided to take your advice and check again. I have a road that I drive in a very civilized manor (bad road/great scenery). I always get 40 mpg. I drove it today (140 miles) and got 43.4 mpg. ... Again, thanks
Michael Black / 2002 K1200RS / Boulder, Co.
Just got to try out my K12LT for the first time with the Rhinewest chip. A nice, smooth power increse throughout the rpm range regardless of load, and quite alot more power when you really get on the gas. The biggest thing for me was the hard engine braking that occured when you get out of the gas, such as a freeway off ramp, is now gone. It is now much easier to stay smooth when downshifting. I hope the gas mileage ($2.53 a f***ing gallon, $15.50 for a fill up here in tax happy Wisconsin) will stay about the same. Thanks for a nice product. Thanks again...
Steve Schowalter / 2003 K1200LT / Jackson, WI
All went OK and works great!.First impressions was a quick straight line squirt flat changing between 1st & 2nd lifted the front wheel ....not bad I then took a pillion for a 300 k ride the next day...well that's when I noticed the BIG difference , the bike pulls heaps better from low rev's and a lot smoother through the rev range. The other thing I notice is the bike runs a lot cooler....I am very pleased. I have 02 K1200RS with a Remus carbon fibre system .. Cheers
Rod ( wacko-Ocker) Smart / 2002 K1200RS / New South Wales, Australia