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I've been wanting to add HID kits to our menu for eons, but they always looked too complex for us mere mortals to install and expensive. Well.. the times they are a changin' as most kits these days are relatively easy to install and cheap.

The NSSC HID conversion kits we have chosen for our menu are truly plug & play and installs as though it came from the factory. Each kit contains (1) HID bulb and ballast. They should work on virtually any motorcycle that uses H7 bulbs. No splicing, no wiring headaches, only a smidgeon of brain drain needed, no heat issues, no depleted wallet.

NSSC HID conversion kits use ultra slim digital ballasts designed to fit into the tightest spaces. Measurements for the ballast is 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.5" at only 8oz each. The ballasts are waterproof and are designed to withstand the shock and vibration of a motorcycle. The 35w NSSC HID bulbs on our menu produce a serious 4000 lumens at a color temperture of a bright natural white 5000K. For reference, your oem halogen bulb puts out only 1000 lumens. FYI, there are UV filtered to keep the inside of your housing from yellowing over time. Each bulb slots perfectly into the spot of the old bulb. Our kits are CanBus compatible and come with a 1 year warrranty. If either the ballast or bulb go bad.. we'll replace them. You pay only shipping..

The single bulb/ballast kits we sell are for a single bulb replacement such as low beams or high beams only. If you have one bulb for low beams and one bulb for high beams and they use different bulbs and you want both of them to be upgraded to HIDs then you will need two single/bulb ballast kits. All the harnesses are plug and play. Install instructions are included with each kit. The time has finally come for superior motorcycle lighting! What are you waiting for? Isn't your life worth it?

Lastly... A lot of customers call us asking if they should convert BOTH their high and low beams to HID. My personal opinion after speaking with numerous riders is to replace only the low beam at first. Try that and if it's not enough light for you.. then spend the bucks and upgrade the high. Virtually everyone (except the off-roading guys) tell me that converting your low beam only is plenty bright for most mortals. So it is written. So let it be done.

Note: While NSSC offers both 35w and 55w bulbs for their kits, we chose to offer our customers only the 35w with 5000 lumens (for the most natural white light) for a variety of reasons. Obviously the 55w is brighter, but we've been told that it's too bright for street use and should only be used for off-road. Rather than just take their word for it, I actually spoke with over a dozen BMW riders are have been using 35w HID bulbs and all agree it's plenty bright without being offensive to others.

Fitment Guide: If you are unsure of what bulb kit you need.. let us know and we'll see if we can help. With the help of our customers I'm adding to the fitment chart at right as we go. You'll need to evaluate your bike to determine what bulbs you need. . If curious, consult your service manual or booklet, consult your dealer, or ask someone on one of the various chat sites..

98-2004 K1200RS / 2002-2005 K1200GT / Early K1200LT Owners: Your bikes use a H7 Low beam and H3 High beam. While the NSSC H7 HID install is virtually plug-n-play with zero problems.. the H3 kit for your high beam is not due to the weird oem adapter on these bikes. Can a high beam HID conversion be done? Absolutely, but not without a few mods. Email me if interested and I'll send you some pics of this H3 & H7 install. Again.. I always advise the customer to go HID on the low beam first. Try that for a while and if it's not enough light for you.. then upgrade the high. Saavy?

H3 Availability: Due to lack of demand, we've discontinued them from our menu. If you need an HID kit other than H7 ... email me and I'll point you to a place that sells them at a good price.

Note: We have determined that these HID kits will NOT work on the BMW R1200S without serious modifications.

BMW Headlight Bulb Factory Fitment Guide
1998-04 BMW K1200RS / (1) H7 low & (1) H3 high
2002-2005 K1200GT / (1) H7 low & (1) H3 high
2006-08 K1200GT / Xenon low / (2) H7 high
All BMW K1200S  / (1) H7 low & (2) H7 high
All BMW K1300S  /  (1) H7 low & (2) H7 high
All BMW R1200GS & GSW /   (2) H7
2005+ R1200RT / (2) H7 low & (1) H7 high
2010 BMW S1000RR  /  (2) H7
F800ST / (1) H7 low & (1) H7 high
F800GS /  (1) H7 low & (1) H7 high
99-2004 BMW K1200LT  / H7 low & H3 high
2005-2007 K1200LT  / H7 low & H9 high
2008 + K1200LT had factory HID for low & H9 high
K1300GT (Factory HID on low) - (2) H7 high
K1300R & K1200R /  (2) H7
2015+ R1200RS / R1200R (1) H7 low & (1) H7 high
2015+ S1000XR / (2) H7  (1) H7 low & (1) H7 high

View of HID Wiring From Back of Headlight On BMW K1200S
HID Upgrade How-To On 2003 BMW K1200GT
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NSSC 35w HID Conversion Kit / H7 $68.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) SOLD OUT! DISCONTINUED 6/24/24!!