Take Me Home, Captain!

Once again, Pirates Lair delivers the goods with this "exclusive" offering commissioned from the good people at Evoluzione.. This exquisitely crafted K12 / K13 Peg Relocator Kit is machined out of lightweight T-6 Aluminum and comes furnished with all stainless steel hardware. The kit will look factory once installed. If you are looking for a little more room on your K1300S, K1300R, K1200S, K1200R, or R Sport without sacrificing ground clearance, this is one inexpensive option for cramped legs and bad ergonomics.

The "S" Relocator Kit drops your pegs straight down by a full 1" without mucking up the looks of your bike. Install takes all of 30 minutes and is virtually plug and play. You will need to adjust your shift lever which takes all of 2 minutes but otherwise.. a 'luded out chimp could do the install. We offer the Evoluzione designed kits in both Silver or Black to match your bike.

K1300S Owners: We offer peg relocator kits for both the BMW K1300S with or without the optional factory quick shift assist feature. The kit for the BMW K1300S with the quick shift option comes with an additional shift lever linkage extension (pic above left) hence the slightly higher price..

Need a little more drop than 1" and some adjustability? We got your back. Pirates Lair also carries Verholen Peg Lowering Kit for the rider. Same easy install, but you'll sacrifice a little ground clearance. We also offer the quick shift extension piece as an add-on to the Verholen kits. Email me for details and pricing.

Either brand you go with should help solve the cramped leg problem for most. Note: Not compatible with the K1300S HP.

BMW K1200S / K1300S

BMW K1300S / K1300R ONLY