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Once again, Verholen of Germany is at the forefront of BMW accessory development. Their exquisitely crafted K13/K12 Peg Lowering Kit is machined out of T-6 Aluminum and comes furnished with all stainless steel hardware. It is the solution for cramped legs and bad ergonomics. The "S" Lowering Kit drops your pegs by a full 40mm and the icing on the cake.... allows you to adjust your pegs forward or back. The kits fit the K1300s, K1200S, K1200R, K1300R, and R Sport. Note: Not compatible with the K1300S HP.

While I have NOT done an install of this kit yet, a customer of mine said it took him all of 20 minutes. He said they made all the difference, however.. he said there is a side effect to having them on the bike. The pegs will be lowered and placed about 3/4" away from the bike, but the brake pedal and shift lever will still be hugging the bike so you'll need to either purchase our optional K1200S/R Shift Lever Extension and/or Brake Lever Extentions or get used to shifting and braking "inward." Otherwise.. it should solve the cramped leg problem for most.

2009+ K1300S With Shift Assist: If your K1300S has the quick shift assist option, we offer a package below with an adjustable shift lever rod extension.We have this part custom made by our machinists. We also can sell this extension as a stand alone item for $25. That piece looks like this.. Call us if interested at 828.628.7093 EST

Click Image For Larger View.. If You Dare!

Hornig Brake Lever Extension - While you probably don't use your rear brake too often, it's still nice to be able to find it when you do need it. As you would expect.. Pirates Lair has your back. This German-made slip-on brake pedal extender is machined out of aluminum and has a natural anodized finish. The surface is slotted to avoid slipping. This enlargement simply slips on and is held in place with two set-screws. Chimp-easy install. Fits the S1000XR / K1200S / K1300S / K1200R / 2006 & Up K1200GT. These do NOT fit the K16 series BMW.

Hornig Shift Lever Extension - Big boots and a small shift lever make for a cheatin' wife... er.. bad ergo's. Pirates Lair offers and easy solution. This slightly polished shift lever adapter (also made in Germany) fits directly over the existing shift lever giving you the length your wife dreams about. Problem solved. This enlargement makes for safer shifting and easier accessibility. Simple install. Add a dab of silicone on your oem shift lever, slide the Hornig piece over, then let it set overnight. Done. Fits the K1600GT / K1600GTL / K1600 Bagger, K1200S / K1300S / K1200R / K1200RS / K1200GT / S1000XR. Note: We've been told by customers that these will also fit the Concours 14, Versys, ZX-14, and Honda Blackbirds. We suspect they'll fit other bikes as well but we have NOT tried them on others.

Also.. for those who have installed the Verholen K1200RS / 02-05 GT Peg Lowering Kit.. our optional extensions compliment that kit as it brings the shift lever and/or brake lever out similarly to the new peg position.

BMW K1200S / K1300S
Hornig Shift Lever Extension $44.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)
Hornig Brake Lever Extension $66.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)

BMW K1300S / K1300R ONLY

SPECIALS / SALES / BLEMS: Want to save some money? Not as anal as the rest of us poor bastards? On any given day, we may have a pre-owned peg lowering kit on hand. Sometimes they have minor scratches.. sometimes we just don't have the original packaging. I deem these "unworthy" of selling at full retail price hence the $ discount FYI.. my standards are very rigid. None of the flaws effect structural integrity. Flaws, if any are cosmetic only.