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Originators of the barback concept, Verholen of Germany offers a wide selection of barbacks for your BMW K1200RS. Choose from 33mm, 50mm, or 80mm. Keep in mind that if you go longer than 33mm you may or may not have to install a longer brake line. Some need a longer line.. Some do not. Why? BMW was not exactly "uniform" when cutting lines. Some are longer than others.

FYI.. if you need to install a longer brake line, the 97-01 K12RS's REAR brake line is 2" longer than the RS's front line and should work perfectly up to 65mm. Verholen says thier 50mm kit does not need a longer line. Verholen barbacks fit ALL model year KRS's. They do NOT fit the GT. Note: Barbacks are sold only in pairs. Duh. Also.. we're told the 80mm install is a bitch. The main reason being the switch housing wires can not be lengthened. Consider yourself forewarned.

Pirates Lair sells 3 different length risers for your BMW K1200RS.. So which length barbacks do you need? That's a good question and one we would be glad to spew advice on. We ALWAYS suggest that you NOT buy barbacks until you have spent some time on the bike. Do NOT judge the RS riding position after coming off another bike until you have acclimated to it.

NOTE: Don't forget... K1200RS barbacks are not compatible with the K1200GT.

CONVERSION CHART : 33mm =1.3" / 50mm=1.96" / 80mm= 3.15"

Verholen K1200RS 30mm Barbacks $253.US (USPS Priority Included) (1) Kit In Stock!
Verholen K1200RS 50mm Barbacks $253.US (USPS Priority Included)
Verholen K1200RS 80mm Barbacks / Longer Brake line Combo $328.US (USPS Priority Included)

SPECIALS / SALES / BLEMS: Want to save some money? Not as anal as the rest of us poor bastards? On any given day, we may have a pre-owned pair of barbacks on hand. Sometimes they have minor scratches.. sometimes we just don't have the original packaging. I deem these "unworthy" of selling at full retail price hence the $ discount FYI.. my standards are very rigid. None of the flaws effect structural integrity. Flaws, if any are cosmetic only. Call to confirm availability before ordering!! 828.628.7093 EST
Pre-Owned Verholen K1200RS 33mm Barbacks $000.US (USPS Priority Included) Out Of Stock!