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Pirates' Lair is proud to announce that we are currently a proud importer of these British-made Billet Aluminum MV / Yamaha / Ducati Gas Caps. These are simply the finest looking, best made billet gas caps I've ever seen and I've been around longer than dirt. Are we not worthy? I have one on both my Yamaha R1, my Ducati 1098, and my BMW K1200S. A special thanks to our good friends at Oberon Engineering in the UK for producing these for us...

Got wood?? Of course you do. These are designed to mimic a race bike's gas cap... sleek, attractive, and functional. Valentino Rossi would be impressed. This is a direct replacement for your factory fuel filler cap and includes stainless steel screws and gaskets. In case you are wondering.. No.. they don't lock.. and neither do the gas caps on any late model 4-wheeled vehicle you own so for gods sake..unless you live in an area with roving bands of petrol thieves..willing to risk 2 years in jail for $9 worth of gas...Relax and fagetaboutit. Easy on/easy off without a key. I'm pretty sure these will fit virtually every MV Agusta (including the Brutales) as well as virtually all late model Yamahas and Ducatis. If in doubt..Email me and we'll figure it out.

Installation Note: Before putting in the screws to secure your new cap to the bike, check to make sure the factory vent tube/outlet lines up with the tiny hole in the Oberon cap. If they do NOT line up a vacuum will form while riding making pressure build which makes the cap hard to get off. An easy way to check to make sure is to put a little grease on the top of factory rubber outlet. Then lightly put the new gas cap in place, then remove the cap and see where the grease is.. In most cases the ring of grease will surround the tiny hole and you're good. If the hole does NOT line up just take a tiny drill bit and drill a new hole in your new aluminum cap ..It'll only take a few seconds as the metal is soft. . and for gods sake.. don't drill the hole with the cap still on your gas tank...Saavy?

California Customers: If you live in California or anywhere else where the fuel nozzle has the vapor recovery boot, you already know that the stock cap is a pain in the arse. The stock cap will not open enough to get past the vapor boot so with the deep filler neck, it is almost impossible to fill without splashing. Not good. These billet gas caps eliminate this issue for easy, splash-free fueling.

Billet Aluminum MV Agusta / Yamaha / Ducati Gas Cap Kit / Silver $153.US (USPS Priority Included) Special Order Item!
Billet Aluminum MV Agusta / Yamaha / Ducati Gas Cap Kit / Black $153.US (USPS Priority Included) Special Order Item!