Take Me Home, El Capitan!

Witness the Marc Parnes Wheel Balance Kit .. Some of us choose to mount and balance our own tires.. Why? Because we hate to pay the local extortionist.. er.. dealer $60 a pop to mount, scratch, and balance our tires. In case you didn't know.. the rear MV wheel has the widest opening of any bike on the market so other balance kits will not work. The MV Agusta Kit comes complete with axle, bearing blocks, and (2) cones for balancing both wheels. The two cones are now dual tapered so they can be used on both front and rear wheels The Ducati 1098 set and these are basically configured the same but have different sizes and angles.

Our MV Agusta Kit fits every model year F4 including the 1000cc F4 and the Brutale. Our Ducati Kit fits every 1098 version... and No.. it does NOT fit the 828. User supplies two support stands of equal heights to support the balancer and wheel. Any milk crates, cylinder blocks, or jack-stands work perfectly.

Benefits of the Marc Parnes Balance System...
* Extremely accurate running on precision low friction shielded ball bearings
* Portable.. it fits in your tool box or tankbag
* Does NOT require special factory adapters
* Durable CNC machined from billet 6061-T-6 aircraft aluminum with a hardened steel axle
* Cones will work on many different motorcycle makes and models
* Simple to use and inexpensive
* Adhesive balance weights included

For Marc Parnes Balancing Procedure ... Click Here
Pic of Ducati 1098 Wheel Balance Kit ... Click Here

MV Agusta F4 / Brutale Wheel Balance Kit $138.US (US Priority Shipping Included)