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Unlike the German made barbacks, the K1200RS Bar Backs made by the American Machine Company not only bring the bars up by 5/8" and back by 30mm but they also change the angle of the handlebars by 10 degrees making the bars more parallel to the ground for greater riding comfort. With the American Machine barbacks installed, your 98-2001 handlebars will be at about 6 degrees downward slant, instead of the factory 16 degrees. Angle change in degrees is not known for the 2002-04 models as of this writing but I'd guess about 6 degree change for the late models. Our customers tell us the angle change makes all the difference in the world.

Quality craftsmanship and American ingenuity at it's best. Notice the the cut-out to clear the throttle cables? (pic above) Note: Barbacks are sold only in pairs and only in the 30mm length. Stainless hardware included. Pictures of installed bars on a 2000 KRS available upon e-mail request at pirate@acelink.net

Note/Warning: ANY brand barbacks will ever so slightly come into contact with ANY RS windshield or mirrors once installed.. this is normal... but as it should just touch only at FULL LOCK... and the ONLY time the bike should be at full lock is pushing it bike around in a parking lot or garage or when you're about to high-side, you just have to be careful in those situations.. After a few days you'll forget all about this issue. Lastly, these will fit every model year K1200RS... 97-2005.... K1200RS barbacks are not compatible with the K1200GT. . For GT Barbacks Click HERE

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Note to the Broken Hearted: Yes.. the American Machine RS risers are all gone due to the company crashing and burning under Obamunism. Here's an out-of-the-box idea if you had your heart set on the angle change that the American Machine offers.. You can always buy yourself some GT clip-ons from your local extortionist...er.. BMW dealer, install those on your RS, and then buy the American Machine GT Risers. We have a few of those left. Cool, huh?!
AmMa K1200RS 30mm Barbacks $170.US (USPS Priority Included) SOLD OUT 9/12/12! Discontinued by Manufacturer! EMail for Alternatives!

Pre-Owned AmMa K1200RS 30mm Barbacks $170.US (USPS Priority Included) Out Of Stock!!