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ZTechnik S1000RR VStream Windshields.. Customer Comments

I got a chance to do about two hours riding last week to test the Tall Z screen on the S1000RR and my overall impression was good. I am 6'4" tall so the screen hits me just below the helmet in the normal riding position. There was almost no buffeting at speeds up to the 80 - 85 mph range and very little on the freeway. I didn't test it near any semi's as they generate so much turbulence that it's hard to tell any difference. The airflow seems to go around the screen and hits my shoulders. The positive of that is it takes some of the weight off the wrists, but the factory screen lets more air hit you in the chest and does some of the same lifting/support. If you duck down behind the screen, the wind noise in your helmet is slightly better, but one couldn't ride very far in that situation! Shorter [than me]riders should really get the benefit of the screen throwing air over their helmets. There is a small amount of distortion when you look through it, but that's to be expected with all those tough curves. As you saw from the pictures, the look is also better than the factory design as it looks like more of a true racing shields. In summary, there were several positives for me and no negatives. If you need more information, or pictures, please let me know.
Jim Wright / Tryon, NC
The Tall Z windscreen is certainly higher than the stock S1000RR shield. As the bike is my day driver and I do highway rides all the time, it is nice to have a more effective screen than the "tall BMW stock" that I had on the bike originally. The windshield install is super easy. Takes no more than 10 minutes. 8 minutes of that time is removing the rubber grommets from the old screen and putting them in the new. It would be my preference to be able to purchase a set of 6 new rubber grommets for the new screen and leave the old ones in the old screen. That way I could more easily (2 minutes) swap screens back and forth for track days, etc. I have put an upright bar riser set on the bike and the screen now has a "lifter" insert at the site of the mounts of the mirrors. I think without that the entire windscreen installation took no more than 8 minutes. Of note the new screen is really stout ! Heavy lexan throughout and appears really robust. So far I am very pleased with it.
Follow-Up: Got out this morning at a variety of speeds to see how the tall ZVstream screen did. 
1. As I thought, it is very stout.  No deflection or vibration of any concern.
2. It is effective and makes this bike into a Sport Tourer capable bike.  Why take a race bike and make it into a tourer? Because it is a great bike !  Does it need bags?  Eh, who cares !  It's a great bike !
3. There is an interesting low hum that sounds distinctly like reflection of sound back at the rider from the screen, originating in the airbox.  It is not noticable on the stock screen but is similar to the noise you get in full tuck. Not particularly disturbing, but definitely noticable.
4. Overall a pleasure to drive for highway riding.
BTW, I would love to see them come out with this particular screen in dark grey...
Carl Bodenstein / Spokane, WA

Wanted to give you a little user feedback on the Z2480 ZTechnik S1000RR VStream Tall Windshield that I purchased last week. My goal was to gain more wind and weather protection during those times when I was exposed and not traveling back roads. After lots of research and price/feature comparison, I chose the Vstream. Today, after over 600 miles of use, I can testify that this purchase meets all of my needs (and more). First, the product was affordable... nearly 1/2 price of the competition. Second, the install was painless (a 1/2 beer job). Third, the windshield now directs the wind up and over my helmet - no more direct-wind-buffeting. For reference, I am 5'9" tall and slight in build. This purchase was the absolute best upgrade I've made so far. And too, your customer service was fantastic and shipping was fast. Thanks brother!
For those who may be considering this upgrade, please note that I had to buy replacement bolts with longer stems to be able to completely secure the windshield to the OEM grommets. The OEM bolts were too short to reach entirely through the thick Plexiglas and gain more than a few threads of the rubber grommet. A quick stop at the local Home Depot and I was all set (cost me like $5 for 8 Allen head bolts and some nice galvanized washers with rubber bottoms). So, If you're considering this as an upgrade, I can highly recommend this windshield. It does all that I had hoped and only slightly dented my Visa balance.
Jeff R / Rockville, Maryland