Take me home, El Capitan!

Replace the stock windscreen on the BMW K1600B (Bagger) with your new best friend and touring partner from ZTechnik...the VStream! Pirates Lair offers two versions. The standard Z2463 VStream (above left) which offers much cleaner protection than your stock shield and the Z2464 (above right), which is 2" taller and 2" wider than the standard VSstream for those who want all the protection you can get. Each VStream not only redirects wind.. it allows you to use your communication system with a lot less noise... or so says ZTechnik's advertising wordage.

ZTechnik proudly introduces a revolution in windscreen performance. The advanced "V" shape and dimensional contours of the VStream® windshields push the wake, typically referred to as the von Karman vortex, out and away more than 4 inches from the side of the rider's helmet. The rider then resides in a quiet and calm air pocket. This benefits the passenger as well.

State-of-the-art FMR™ coated polycarbonate gives VStream windshields outstanding clarity and strength characteristics. This exclusive, sturdy polycarbonate is 30X more resistant to abrasion than acrylic materials, has better UV life, chemical resistance, and optical definition, and has superior crack and impact resistance. Fits the 2011+ K1600GT , K1600GTL, Bagger, K1600 Grand America!

View of Side-By-Side Comparison.. Z2463 vs Z2464

Z2463 VStream Measurements: H x W: 21.0 x 23.5 - Clear
Z2464 VStream Measurements: H x W: 23.0 x 24.0 - Clear

ZTechnik VStream Standard Windshield for BMW K1600B / Bagger $280.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)
ZTechnik VStream TALL Windshield for BMW K1600B / Bagger $298.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)