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As the riding season changes so can your K1200RS/GT shield! Pirates' Lair offers the entire line of replacement windshields from ZTechnik for the K12'er. Two for the 97-01 K1200RS's and 3 for the 02+ K1200RS / 02-2005 K1200GT's. Take your pick from either a taller than stock shield for all models or a sporty dark tinted short shield for each body style or a short lightly tinted (not pictured) for late models GT/RS's.

The taller shield for the 2002-04 RS or GT, which is about 1.50" taller and 1" wider that stock, features just a hint of tint to the material. Agreed... it's not much taller than stock, but it offers much cleaner, quieter air over the piece of crap that came on your bike and it doesn't muck up the looks of your bike like an Aeroflow or Parrabelum. The short shield comes in a rich dark tint giving it a very sporty, low profile appearance.

The entire line of ZTechnik replacements shields are made from Lexan® FMR polycarbonate for durability and scratch resistance. Unlike the barn-door visual characteristics of the Parabellum or Aeroflow, (not that there's anything wrong with that) ..these are sleek and attractive yet functional. Customers rave about them...

Note: ZTechnik and Parabellum are (to my knowledge) the last manufacturers still making shileds for these bikes. I don't expect either to continue much longer. Now might be the time you buy one while you still can. Just sayin. If I don't have these in stock, it'll take us about a week to get.

1998-2001 BMW K1200RS
Tall Light Tint 97-01 K1200RS $252.US Discontinued 1/1/2020! No More Left!
Short Dark Tint 97-01 K1200RS $245.US (USPS Priority Included) Discontinued 6/15/2020! No More Left!

2002-2005 BMW K1200RS / K1200GT
Tall Light Tint 2002-05 K1200RS/GT $285.US (USPS Priority Included)
Short Dark Tint 2002-05 K1200RS/GT $260.US (USPS Priority Included) Limited Supply! Soon To Be Discontinued!