Take me home, El Capitan!

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Check out our beautifully engineered, custom made Paralever Torque Arms. Are they sweet? or what? Made from aluminum billet with chamfered lightening holes, they come with a bright "deep etched" finish.. and yes... they maintain stock paralever geometry so there are no warranty issues. Our arms are the EXACT same length as the factory arms. Very strong, very light, very cool and the only place you can them them is right here, bucko! ! Easy install using furnished stainless steel bolts. No mods necessary. Replace that cheesy stock unit with something as beautiful as the bike itself. Purely cosmetic.

All our arms come with (2) 10 x 55mm stainless low head socket bolts and locking nuts to complete the package. These bolts cost us $4 ea! FYI.. This is what I have on my 2006 K1200S.. These pieces are visually stunning even to mere mortals. The question is. Are you worthy? We offer two versions for your K1300S, 2005-08 K1200S, K1200R, K1200R Sport, K1300GT, or 2006 & later GT.. each with the stylish Pirates Lair logo lovingly engraved on the side. Each will guarantee attention from the apposite sex..and occasionally from the same sex. We offer silver and anodized black.. Full two year replacement warranty.

K1300S / K1200S / R / K1200GT Install Tip: Unless you are David Copperfield, getting to the nut on the back of the front bolt will be an adventure in frustration. There's not much room to maneuver back there. I fought with mine for 30 minutes before I realized that I'd need a short (5") , 17mm open ended wrench which makes the job very easy. I got mine at Sears.

Hugger Owners: Our Torque arm is NOT compatible with every hugger without minor modifications. Usually using a Dremel tool. If you have a Bestem, Pyramid, Pack Parts, or Ilmberger hugger you may or may not have to do some trim work if you want to use our magnificent arm. Consider yourself forewarned. FYI.. here's a shot of the K1300S with an Ilmberger CF hugger and our arm... The owner said no mods were needed.

55mm Bolt Notice: The 55mm stainless steel bolts we furnish are the EXACT same length as the stock bolts. However.. the stock arm is indented on the end giving you a little more thread length to work with. The downside of using longer bolts is that the next longer length would stick out by a full 5mm making it look too long.. Early on I had some people complain when I furnished a 60mm bolt... Damned if I do.. damned if I don't... FYI.. I've been selling these arms for a few years now with 55mm bolts without a single reported issue. Use them at your own discretion. No matter what bolts you choose to use, I strongly suggest you use some Blue Loctite or buy yourself some 60mm or longer bolts. For what it's worth.. I have had the 55mm bolts on my bike for 4 years and they're working just fine ..I'm just sayin.'

K1300S Owners: We have had (2) reports of foreign K1300Ss with a minor clearance issue with the swingarm support bar tit. (See pic). One in Canada.. one in Dubai. On my K1200S arm I have about 1/32"-1/16th" clearance which is what you're supposed to have. The fix is simple. Take a file and shave off just enough for the tit for clearance with the torque arm. Takes all of a minute...That's what I'd do.

Comparison Image: Factory K1200S Arm vs Pirates Lair K1200S Torque Arm.. Click Here

Close-Up View of Black Pirates Lair Torque Arm Engraving.. Click Here