Take me home, Captain!

The list of things you can't get for the BMW K1200RS/GT just got shorter. Gaze upon yet another exclusive offering from Pirates' Lair... the K1200RS / GT Touring Footpeg Kit. These imported aluminum pegs (from Oberon Engineering of Great Britain) are slight wider and slightly longer than stock. Beautiful, 50% lighter than stock, comfy, trick as hell.. what more could you want? Besides the obvious cosmetic enhancement to your bike. Due to the thin height of these pegs, you will actually gain about 1/2" extra lean-angle clearance without raising the pegs. My copilot says she prefers these over the stock rear pegs as she can move her feet more freely. FYI.. these are the same length as your stock pegs.

Our kit comes complete with (2) front and (2) rear pegs and all necessary mounting hardware.. Click HERE for a larger view. These simply bolt on with no modification necessary except for slightly bending the (2) front peg return springs. Otherwise, install is about a 15 minute endeavor. How do they feel? I had these on MY 98 and loved both the look and feel.

If you already have our Custom Footpeg Kit, these pegs will bolt on to those carriers.. They are 100% inerterchangable. We offer the Touring Pegs in SILVER ONLY. Spare pegs sold separately should you drop your bike for $40ea.

Note: ALL our custom pegs come straight out of the factory slot exactly like the 2002/03 model RS/GT's. On the older model K12's the footpeg had a 1" offset-rise to it, meaning it was 1" higher coming out of the same housing. Bottom line.. if you have an older K12 with the higher factory pegs, our pegs will lower your feet about 1" which may or may not affect your controls.

We also carry an optional shift lever extension and a brake lever extention. Both the BMW Brake Enhancer and the BMW Shift Lever Enhancer look quite simple....but there's a lot that goes into them. They are designed and produced by a fellow BMW rider. Install is chimp-easy. Just slide over the existing levers then secure with furnished 6mm set screw. Done. FYI.. the brake lever has a rough knurled texture. The shift lever is smooth as to not scuff up your riding boots.

The brake lever enhancer listed below fits every model year K1200RS, K1200S, K1300S, K1200R, 2006 & Up K1200GT, R1100R and R1150R. These do NOT fit the K16 series BMW.