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BMW K1200RS / GT Stealth Backrest Customer Comments Page!

Just finished installing my Stealth Backrest on my beloved 2004 K1200GT. I bought the backrest from you back in 2005 without knowing I would go through some very difficult health problems and several surgeries. Over the last 3 years I rode the GT intermittently and mostly for commuting, and the Stealth sat in the closet in the box. Happy to say that having just turned 55 I'm back in good health and the GT is now getting the use she so well deserves. My wife told me get the backrest out and install it so we can ride together, so that's what I did this evening. The install was straightforward with the following exceptions. I had to file the holes out a little in the rear of the casting so the bolts would line up, and I had to grind down a couple of high spots on the front wing edges so they would fit precisely flush against the BMW rack. This was no big deal as I always plan for a little extra time for cut and fit on any casting, and this casting was clearly high quality. Also, surprisingly I had no problem with the hidden Alan head bolt as I removed the seat latch platform and was able to reach it easily. Overall, I found everything to be of the highest quality, all parts included as stated, instructions clear and simple, all in spite of sitting in the closet for 3 years. My son dropped by on his 2004 Guzzi V11 Ballabio and I paused while we had a beer and visited, and my 4 year old grandson "helped" me finish the install. So, while my install time was longer than reported by others on your site, the job was done perfectly. As I keep telling my wife of 30 years, I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was. Many thanks to you both for being an honest vender with excellent products and service. May you live long and prosper
Norman Powell / 2004 K1200GT
Finally had time to install the Stealtrest backrest on the K1200 GT( with my son). Took my 14 year old daughter for a ride once installed( and she has gone for many rides on other bkes with me) and she said that was the best ride ever, she felt secure and comfortable. Thank you, Michael
Michael Asciutto / Old Bridge, NJ / 2003 K1200GT

Just finished the first ride with the new Stealth Rest and my wife.
1. Height of rest for her, perfect. She is 5'0". No higher and no lower.
2. Angle... just right.
3. Every time we ride I keep the K12 in "granny mode" she is very timid about "falling off" the back. Tonight, after a few miles she said so, is this really a fast bike? I believe her summary of the next few seconds was "Holy Shit!" This is not a woman prone to use profanity. We were using Chatterbox at the time so I had direct feedback during the whole experience She loves the Stealth Rest, everything about is what she was looking for comfort and confidence. I like because it looks great on the K12 without detracting from it's natural beauty.
Gregg Soster / Columbus, Oh / K1200RS
I love the backrest Scott bought from you. It makes riding as a passenger really comfortable. and you can quote me. The backrest makes me want to ride on the motorcycle instead of taking the car. It really makes a difference!
Heidi Turrin / Berkely, Ca. / Co-Pilot K1200RS
I purchased one of the stealth backrests & I gotta say it works great! Brenda hasn't fallen of the back of "ILEAN" since installation!...good deal. Thanx. Happy AAARRRGGing!
Robert Miller / Kirkland, Wa / K1200RS
Jennifer's response initially after a 250 mile ride, was that the Stealth made "the difference between night and day" as far as comfort was concerned. From an aesthetic view point, I was pleased that the BR is very easy on the eyes. It is not obtrusive and seems to fit the lines of the bike quite nicely! As you might imagine, the BR was a hit at our Death Valley get together.
Steve Carr / Diamond Bar, Ca. / 98 K1200RS
We got the T-Bag Roll Bag on Thursday night and used it this past weekend. Looks very trick!! The proportions are just right. Along with the backrest, we are very happy with the setup. I'm sure I'll get the Texan bag for the week long trips we make in the summer. My wife feels much more secure with the backrest in place, and it does not upset the look of the bike at all. Thanks for a great invention and keep up the good work.
Gregory P. Liscio / Media, Pa. / 2002 K1200RS
I love the backrest! It makes the ride very comfortable and I am able to ride longer. I am very relaxed during acceleration and on twisty roads. The height of the backrest is just right for me. But then again, I'm only 5'3". The backrest supports my lower back quite comfortably especially during a sudden surge of acceleration. Not only is it more comfortable for me, it looks great on the bike. I give it an "O" for outstanding! Thanks Jerry!
Jennifer Pomeroy/ Diamond Bar, Ca. / Co-Pilot K1200RS
I just hate to tell Pirate that he has done something worthwhile. You know how he is. Anyway, with that in mind, I just installed his Stealth Backrest on the K12 and, I hate to say it, but I'm impressed. My wife has never been too impressed with Pirate. Who can blame her? Her only negative comment was that it is so comfortable that she now knows how the old ladies on the Gold Wings feel. I didn't ask for an explanation since most of the old ladies have an old fart sitting just in front of them! Back to the backrest. Although I don't like the looks of any backrest, the fact that it comes off in about 3 seconds and will only be on the bike when it's loaded for 2-up touring, it's not an issue. The mounting plate is very inconspicious, however, what little you can see looks very "right" and actually adds some strength and rigidity to the rear rack. The material he uses is a pretty close factory match. All in all, I give the Stealth 2 thumbs up!
Barry Gibbs / Dallas, Tx. / K1200RS
It took about 45 unhurried minutes to install the Stealth Backrest. I think it looks OK on the bike. The first test of its value followed with a test ride by my wife. A very short ride got a strong positive response. We will be riding to Mid-Ohio Saturday morning for the Superbike races. That will be the true test! I expect good results.
FOLLOW-UP: My wife loves her new Stealth Backrest. We used it on a ride from Indianapolis to the Mid-Ohio Superbike races then to Cleveland, and she couldn't believe the diference it made. She no longer drools when she sees a KLT or Goldwing pillion accomodation. I really like how quickly it goes on and off.
RRG / Indianapolis, In. / K1200RS
I went on that ride last week and it was great. My passenger, my 14 year old son, preferred the Corbin saddle but loved your backrest. He said that it "held" him better and was more comfortable on the straight long stretches of the turnpike. I also showed it to my dealer, Cross Country in Metuchen, NJ and gave them your card..They were impressed at the simple aesthetic way it was hooked on. The sales guy's name is Dino (just in case he calls). Keep up the great work....
Cesar Blardony / Monroe, NJ. / K1200RS
Ok Pirate. she's installed. Took a good hour. The back screw under the tail light was a bitch, just as you said it would be! limited tool's. Everything was straight forward. fit and finish is nice. I also like the fact that I can take her off in seconds. Kids love it! Thanks.
Frank D'Amelio / Hauppauge, NY. / K1200RS
Installed your backrest and am very impressed with the quality of workmanship. Well done! Install went well. Did the total install in less than an hour and minimum cussing. I find no problems with the instructions you supplied. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product. It is everything you advertised. Only suggestion I have is to have some type of tilt adjustment on the backrest. On my 93 K11LT I had a Corbin seat with had a backrest for the driver. It used some type of hinge and a adjustable screw that would change the angle of the backrest. Might be a nice option for those hard to please passengers. Bottom line is I love how easy it is to remove when riding solo and how my wife enjoys the comfort and security of it when we ride two up. Take care and enjoy.
Frank Ohly / Port Townsend,WA. / K1200RS
OK, put a few more miles on the new backrest. It looked like a great idea from when you first announced it as almost all my riding is 2-up! Install was easy, about 45 minutes taking it easy. Do yourself a favor and take the extra few minutes to remove the taillight assembly. It makes getting to that last screw in the grab handle so much easier your more than make up the time.
On the first ride minutes after installation we took a quick run to see how it fits. At first my wife thought it may be inclined back just a tad to far but you said give it a longer test (or easily re-bend the post). On the second trip of a couple of hours on the back roads my wife said it helped her back a lot! The other side benefit is I do not need to coordinate when I need to accelerate hard! The security of the backrest helps a great deal with this.
The only trick now is the mount and dismount of the passenger. My wife now does the "horse" mount but I need to make sure my feet are planted first. I like the look even without a passenger. Can't wait for the companion bag! BTW, on your bracket that bolts to the underside of the parcel shelf, that would be a great place to laser engrave something on it's back edge (the polished part).
Gary Mitchelson / Silver Spring, Md. / 99 K1200RS
Where's the air conditioning and stereo? Barry (my husband) and I just came back from our first trip on the BMW with your new backrest. Now I have two positions in which I can ride the bike and let different parts of my body go numb! I can lean forward or sit further back to use the back rest. Thank you so much! However, I have only two problems....1. You forgot to install the air conditioning system button! Wow, did we ever get hot riding when it was a mere 100 in Texas! 2. Please send the missing button for the surround sound stereo. I really like my music! I've looked everywhere on the backrest, and I just can't seem to find either one! Seriously, the backrest is great. It looks good and is very comfortable. This is a super product!
Joan Gibbs / Dallas, Tx. / Co-Pilot K1200RS
I am not a K1200rs owner. I am just a passenger. One of those crazy people who puts their life in the hands of one of these deranged riders, hoping and praying they don't get an itch to do one of the things they do best, play hard and let it go. I am however spoiled enough to have experienced both the Corbin and the Stealthrest. Hands down the Stealth wins. That "other" thing just did not fit me right, I didn't like the way it felt, I didn't even like the way it looked. The sleek little Stealth not only fits into our budget, it also is small enough and easy enough to transport just like you would a helmet for your partner. The Stealthrest is smoothly rounded and the fabric is nicely matched, so it doesn't stick out like a soar thumb. I'll bet BMW wishes they had come up with it. The Stealth fits my average 5'7" frame accented by the average pear shaped backside. It cradles my lower back and gives me the security I need given the caffeine level of my other half. All the trust in the world doesn't give you the security the Stealth backrest does while on the road. I love my other half, I need my Stealth. Thanks Pirate! Hope it was worth the trouble!
Amber E Goins / Shreveport, La. / Co-Pilot K1200RS
Pirate - I love the Stealth backrest. My BMW dealer asked about it when my bike was in for maintainance and I gave them your web address. It is a very clean installation.
Paul Filby / Windsor, Co. / K1200RS
Hey man, .. the backrest is great!! it accomplishes the "secure" factor for my wife especially when you crack the throttle a little more without warning her! as for the meat and potatoes part, I really like the ability to remove it in a snap, NO tools! I sanded and then polished the mounting bracket to match the already polished areas (by the way, it didn't mess up the countersink holes to where I would have had to recountersink them) mounting took about 2 hours. The upholstery, I think was done very well, the fabric matches the seat real good, people I talk to ask if that came with the bike because they didn't see it in any brochure from BMW and then the free advertising starts, you know the questions, how, where, when, and so on. I just want to say right here, whoever purchases this Stealth Backrest will really appreciate the time it took you to invent this and offer it to us!! Thanks!
Troy N. Turner / Broken Arrow, OK. / K1200RS
The wife and I took our first trip on the RS this weekend. 5 days 1500 miles from here in NJ thru VT, and NH to Moosehead Lake ME. than back thru NH, and VT to Lake George NY then home. Only the first 150 miles were on the super slab. We stopped for lunch at the intersection of 125 and 100,were we saw the first and only K12RS of the hole trip. Turned out to be a couple we had met last year in Lake George when I was trying to talk my wife into the RS. We were on my K12LT. They asked my wife which bike she liked better and to my surprise she said the RS. That was after 4 days of riding. Credit here goes to Pirate and his backrest,and to Russell for the most comfortable seat I've ever had. What an awesome machine the RS is. It does sooo many things sooooo well.
Bill Gawarkiewicz / Madison, NJ / K1200RS
Just installed the stealth backrest on my new '02 K-RS. East installation, good instructions. looks great, works great and my my wife is happy. Can't ask for more.
Lee Feldstein / Columbus, Oh. / 2002 K1200RS
The Stealth backrest installed like a charm, although I had to wrestle with that #@\\$%#$ rack bolt w/o any special tools. The backrest works great and is much appreciated by the Mrs. The Texan bag works great as well. Thanks.
Cleve Blouch / Mesa, Az / K1200RS
As promised I received the backrest yesterday. All parts were in good condition. Thanks a lot!!! The instructions were easy to follow and all of the hardware was identified. That one bolt below the brake-light assembly is a real tough one. I took my time and used a plain allen key and fingers to work it in and out. The backrest bracket fit perfectly and looks great. Even with the bolt problem the installation took only a little over an hour. Great product!!!! I'll let you know how my son liked it after our first ride on Saturday.
Follow-Up: I have now had a chance to use the backrest for 2 weeks. It is really functional. My son likes the backrest in the forward position as you suggested. This means that the backrest has to be repositioned to open the seat. I have had to do this quite a few times as we are debugging an Autocom intercom system. The optional nut makes this a breeze and something I would recommend to everybody with children. With the backrest in the normal position the seat is easily removeable. A number of freinds have recently seen my bike both with and without the backrest on. When the backrest is on, they have commented how the parts looks OEM, which to me is the highest compliment for any aftermarket component (your feelings for mother BMW aside). With the backrest off, they have asked if I got the part yet, not even noticing the bracket, another high compliment. You have made an excellent product and the hard work shows. As a licensed design Engineer, I can appreciate the difficulty in providing a product that delivers appearance and functionality. Too many times one or the other is sacrficed in the design process for the sake of cost savings.
Charles Michel / White Plains, NY / K1200RS
I like the backrest very much. I liked how it kept me from falling off. I like how it is real comfortable. The backrest looks very cool. I am very happy my dad got it for me. I had a great time riding the motorcycle for the first time. I can't wait until I ride again. My dad says that I am a real biker now.
Matthew Michel / White Plains, NY / Age 7 / Future motorcyclist
Well the shipment arrived in 5 days as you predicted and in perfect condition - thanks. Installation was straight forward thanks to your instructions and the advice to invest in a ball ended hex driver. In the process I discovered that my grab-rail was installed with only the 2 rear fasteners and that the front ones were missing - I hate to think how I might have discovered that if I wasn't fitting the backrest!My wife and kids think the backrest is fantastic! Without it they were having a real challenge hanging on at times under heavy acceleration (its a K12RS after all) but can now literally sit back and enjoy the ride.
Peter Robinson / Australia / K1200RS
I have the Pirate Backrest on my '02 and my passenger has been really happy with it. I ended up getting it through Sargent - (they sell it too) - shortly after I got their seat.The fit, design and so on of the backrest is great. Easy on and easy off. Design of how it mounts is brilliant actually. Combined with the seat, it has made two-up touring on the bike more comfortable for my passenger. While she's usually not leaning on it all the time, the backrest does provide her with a bit more security.
Tony / Rancho Mirage, CA / '02 K1200 RS - Pacific Blue
I just got it this week and agree with all the above comments. It looks great, installs easilyand makes day trip luggage a non issue (I hate to install the saddlebags if i can avoid it). Plus, Pirate is great to work with.
Dave Eisner / Marina del Rey, CA / 2003 K1200RS - Capri Blue
I received the Stealth Backrest for the K1200RS promptly following my order. I was very pleased with the quality of the components and the easy-to-follow instructions (including illustrations). I did want to note that installation took me no longer than one hour, even considering the slow pace I tend to take the first time I do a project and the extra time I took to wipe down some of the dirty bits under the bike’s seat that I had neglected up to that point. I began struggling with the “bitch” bolt for about five minutes and then decided that there had to be an easier way to gain access. I was able to do that by simply removing the fasteners that hold the plastic rear fender/ taillight assembly (one Phillips-head screw located behind each side panel at the forward edge of the assembly, and two Phillips head screws at the underside of the fender [beneath the taillight] that are accessed by removing a small panel that is held in place with one small hex-head screw). I then simply slid the whole assembly rearward (you have to be a little careful moving the panel around the seat release keyhole) and revealed unhindered access to the back grab rail bolts that allowed removal with a simple allen-head wrench.
Now, the best part. Like so many of your customers have written, the backrest has turned out to be the most significant enhancement I’ve made to the bike when it comes to enjoying the ride with my significant other. Prior to the K1200RS, I had a K1200LT. Needless to say, my girlfriend was delightfully comfortable on the LT and would ride with me regularly. The RS was another story because she always felt she was sliding off of the back under acceleration. It became such a problem for her that I seriously considered selling it for another LT just to get her interested in riding again (I bought the RS because I had literally ground half of the footpegs, a chunk of the center stand and even bodywork off of the LT from cornering aggressively). In one ride on the RS with the new Stealth Backrest, she has indicated that the difference is like night and day. She now looks forward to riding and no longer craves the LT (to my delight). I love that I can take the backrest off in a matter of seconds. Everyone’s happy. Sorry for the book here, but I thought you might like the feedback. By the way, the purchasing and follow up experience with your company has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’m sure we’ll do business again.
Eric Trow / Pittsburgh, PA / 2000 K1200RS
Merchandise received yesterday afternoon. Beautifully machined backrest and that bag is sweet. Now I don't have to worry about reaching around back and grabbing air instead of my wife's booty. Thanks for the rubber mat. It never occurred to me that a bag could possible rub of the finish. I'll check back for other goodies since I am sure that I will "need" something else. Take care.
Michael Smoot / Severn, MD / 2001 K1200RS
Dear Captain...I received the Stealth Backrest a couple of weeks ago and am loving it. it looks so good, I almost want to keep it on when riding solo. I may, if I get the roll pack to go with it. (I should have done so up-front, but wasn't sure which pack I wanted.) I recently purchased the bike and have taken my 13 year old son out for both before and after rides. Not only does he like it but it makes my ride more enjoyable. It's his first time on a motorcycle and the Stealth makes him feel secure enough to sit back without leaning forward on me. The wife is next but I anticipate nothing but positive feedback.
Pete Fontneau / Madison, CT / 2002 K1200RS
Bought your back-rest seat and put it on my GT some months ago. Nice fit, excellent instructions, the fit and finish is outstanding but..It works too well. My wife now rides on the back all the time. It's nice to have her on the back but... it does get difficult to ride with her digging her nails in my sides as I take some corners leaned over and do stopping ABS braking tests. Keep up the good work.
Harold Carrison / 2003 K1200GT
Just a quick note to say how awesome the Stealth seat is. Great design! installed fast and the wife loves it. I will be recommending it ! I had ordered the standard kit, but had Amber ship me one of the "seconds" due to my impatience. I couldn't find any defects anywhere, so it's a great deal. Thanks again
Jeff Schmaling / Libertyville, IL / K1200RS
Thank YOU for inventing such an awesome product! The freakin' thing looks like it came on the bike! I ride 2-up with my 12 year old daughter on the GT, so this will make her feel secure. Thanks again, and have a great night!
Dave Pappas / Wayland, Ma / 2004 K1200GT
The Pirate rocks!! I purchased your Stealth backrest from San Jose BMW on the web. Your instructions were flawless and it looks great. Thanks for all of the other K12 info on the website.
Tom Bird / K1200RS
I have installed the back rest recently ordered and am very impressed by its quality and functionality.
Per Bollner / Edenton, NC / 2004 K1200RS
I bought the Stealth Back Rest for my K1200RS and me and my girlfriend love it! Allows her to lean back which and keep her weight off me. This helps prevent my hands from going numb and my lower back from hurting. Look, I’m in my early 40’s so what can I say. Also helps her stay awake too. She used to fall asleep on longer rides leaning on me with her chin resting on my shoulder.
Ken Landis / Corona, CA / K1200RS
I received the T-Bag helmet bag and Stealth Backrest today. Both items are great. I'm really impressed with the quality of the T-Bag and the craftsmanship of the backrest. Thanks for the super fast service and shipping.
David Pinkowski / Hanover Township, PA / 2004 K1200GT
Put the Stealth back rest on my /GT over the winter, my wife says thanks. I must admit when I got to the line in the assembly instructions that said TRUST ME!, the little hairs on the back of my neck started to quiver but everything went as documented right down to the choice of tools. Just ordered the T-Bag to go with it for a trip to Road America for the June races. It is refreshing to find customer service and cool toy's all in the same place.
Chuck Ballard / Interlochen, Mi / 2004 K1200GT
Thank you very much for putting the rush on the stealth backrest for me. ( I noticed the postage and realize you made a special effort!) My GT is a new bike and having moved my lovely little wife from her throne on an RT, I was definitely concerned with her comfort. It was her first ride on the bike and I didn’t want to hear “I was more comfortable on the old bike, why did you trade.” It was easy to put on, except for one screw which was a real bi@#$. Overall though, well worth the effort. After a day of riding we were both very happy and she actually said she was more comfortable on the new bike. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!
Chris Albright / Dunlap, Tennessee / K1200RS
Just wanted to say that I recently purchased a Stealth backrest for my husbands K1200GT and he's diggin it! Nice little set up! The backrest rocks when I'm not on my own ride! I was able to be a comfy passenger to Arizona Bike week in a few hours w/ 370 + miles easily done w/out any back aches or pains. Thanks for some cool products!
Nola Castillo / from Sunny So. Cal. / K1200GT
We just purchased the Stealth backrest, LED brake lights and a few other items for our BMW K1200GT. And we wanted to thank you! Your humor in the directions is priceless and kept my husband from being frustrated. And the Stealth back rest is so comfortable! It totally changes the ride for me- I no longer have to concentrate on where we are going and I get to enjoy more of the scenery. The back rest looks small, but because of the design and position of the rest, nothing more is needed. It's as comfortable as riding in a car. And we just had to thank you for that. Thanks again!
Janine & Doug Yerk / Lansdale, PA / K1200GT
Put it on last night... looks like it grew there. Another satisfied customer.
Timothy Bellars / Chesapeake, VA. / K1200RS
RRRR.. Yer booty (stealth backrest) arrived very promptly, great service indeed, and was installed forthwith... easy neat clean and nearly perfect, though I'd like to see cleaner mounting slots on the outboard end... milled rather than rough cast. The Mrs and I took our first sunset cruise on the K1200GT awesome. Thanks
Mark Krick / Doylestown PA / K1200GT
12/16/07: Hey the backrest is awesome. My biker buddy is my 8 yr old son and he says it makes riding much, much , better! Rather easy install also took about less than 1 hour
Mark Moser / Maddisonville, Tn. / K1200GT
Just installed your Stealth Backrest on my K1200RS. Wife loves it and I like being able to ditch it when alone. Outstanding invention and worth every penny!! I found a great addition to your installation instructions. I did not get the 5mm ball-end hex as you suggested and managed to drop the regular hex under the seat latch system when attempting that hard to reach screw. A few choice words, etc. Had to remove the seat latch system. Turns out that removing the four screws that hold the seat latch system in place allows easy removal and then easy reach to that rear Grab Rail screw too. Probably even easier than the ball-end hex, since you now have plenty of room for your hand (well sufficient if not plenty). Just thought I would pass it along.
Steve Romaine / K1200RS