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Staintune Exhausts from Australia are simply the best looking, best sounding exhausts on the market!!... There.. I've said it. Disagree with me? Then you're wrong. . It’s smaller, quieter, sleeker, never needs re-packing, and IMHO.. is simply beautiful.

The 2013- 2015 Honda CB1100F is truly a modern day classic and Staintune recognizes that fact. They have managed to capture this modern classic and produce a muffler that not only looks the part, but more importantly sounds and performs as well with a 7Hp increase over standard. This extra performance is noticeable right across the rev range. There is also a weight savings of about 4.4lbs between the oem and the new Staintune.

The exhaust note is best described and deep and refined a true pleasure from idle to red line. This is an exhaust note that uncovers a perfectly tuned engine once aboard with a blip of the throttle the CB1100F comes alive and is ready for a true retro riding experience. Install time? We've been told it's a chimp-easy, 15 minute install with basic tools and intellect..

The design concept behind the entire Staintune line of exhausts is simple... They are made for real world street riders looking to possess the highest quality system available on the market today.

Staintune's goal... to enhance overall dynamic response during normal street-riding conditions, rather than making boisterous claims to big horsepower increases available only at the highest RPM range at full throttle.

Note: Staintune does NOT make an exhaust for the CB1100 Deluxe with the dual canisters. This kit fits the standard single canister 2013-2017 CB1100 only.

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According to their literature, Staintune exhausts systems will outlast all others, especially under the high-heat, high-corrosion demands of urban driving. The effort required to use only stainless-steel pays off in the long run for you. Even after the 12-month warranty has expired, small scuffs and surface imperfections can be polished out at any machine shop for a reasonable charge.

Pirates Lair tries to keep these in stock. If they are marked as In Stock below we can ship immediately.. If not..It takes us about a 5-7 days to get Staintune systems before forwarding to our customers so plan accordingly. . Unlike other vendors, we order directly from Australia. If you have any questions about ordering.. just call us at 828.628.7093 EST or e-mail us.

: You may or may not have heard that Staintune pipes turn a golden color after use. This is true. The nature of stainless steel. Some do not like this aspect of it, but in reality, there are at least 4 products on the market that can keep your canister looking new. Wenol or Semi-Chrome Polish, are very good, but we prefer Boms Away. Why? It's an unabrasive liquid and is simply easier to use involving less effort/time. It also leaves a glass-like finish on the metal when done. Of course, all of these polishing compounds do require a little "effort" as the main ingredient. Is the 'tune worth it? Absof#*#inlutely!

Pirates' Lair also sells Staintunes for Aprilia, Ducati, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha. For pricing and info for these bikes Click Here As these are imported from Australia, it's always best to call before ordering so we can check on availability with the Aussies. 828.628.7093 EST

Note: Unlike everyone else, our prices include USPS Priority shipping in the USA. We ship internationally! International customers will be notified of shipping options and availability prior to purchase upon request or after purchase. For customer comments.. Click HERE

2013 - 2017 Honda CB1100F Staintune SS Slip-On Exhaust Complete / $830.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) Discontinued By Manufacturer 1/25/18!!