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The Entity: A Truly Scary Story.. for Christian and Bryson

This write up won't be of much interest to some. It's not motorcycle related. I wrote this primarily for my grandsons, but it may be of interest to those who are into the supernatural, ghost stories, tales of the unknown..

During my last visit with my two teenage grandsons, the subject of scary movies and the supernatural came up. My grandson, Bryson asked me.. "Do you believe in ghosts?" An innocuous question. My standard answer when this or similar questions come up is always... "There are many things in this life that I don't understand.. Things beyond my comprehension." While I have never personally seen a ghost, I have come across people during my travels who swear they have and after seeing the looks on their faces as they described their harrowing tales years after the fact.. I do believe THEY believe. It's always the look in their eyes that's the giveaway as to if it's just a  story... or the real deal. If they believe.. they want YOU to believe them. If it's just a related story.. they just want a response.

I told Bryson that I have had two experiences with the supernatural and that when I had the time.. I'd write of the incidents and send them to him.  As Halloween is a few days off and I have a little bit of time here during the pre-holiday biz lull.. what better time than to put pen to paper with a scary tale..albeit a true one.

My first supernatural experience happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old.. It was in a church full of people on a Sunday morning and lasted at least 3-4 minutes. It wasn't scary and it wasn't religious, but it sure was memorable. That's a tale for another time. My second experience of which I'm writing today was different. It was truly scary. An experience that is as clear and as frightening 40 years later as the day it happened.. Through the years I have only shared the following account to a handful of  my closest friends. It is my personal opinion that none of them believed me.. and that's fine. If the situation were reversed.. I probably wouldn't believe them either. 

The following account is 100% true. No embellishments. I still have no explanations.  I saw "something".. It touched me.  It scared me more than anything I have ever seen. When trying to make sense of the event, all my mind comes up with is that it was death incarnate coming for me.  If not for ..I don't know... divine intervention... I honestly believe I would not be here writing this story.. living my life. A few more seconds and .... ?? I have always figured that on the day of my eventual demise.. he may return.. just as I remember him all those years ago.. ageless... timeless.. faceless...To finish his business.

The Event:

n 1971 I was in a horrendous motorcycle accident that put me in the hospital for 6 months. I was broken up pretty badly. One doctor later told me I had cheated death. Many claimed it was a miracle that I lived through it. After all those months recuperating in a hospital in Nashville, I came out in a full body cast from mid-chest to just above BOTH my knees. I was to stay in this cast for 3 months.. ie..bed-ridden with almost around the clock care required. Basically, someone.. my parents, friends, family took turns staying in the house with me in case I needed anything. I wasn't in any pain.. I was just stuck in bed on my back with no mobility other than my 2 arms and one leg from the knee down. It was a dark period in my life.

My 10x12 room was in the middle of the small house just off the kitchen. It had real wood paneling on all the walls, an off-white ceiling, and one window facing behind the house overlooking some tall walnut trees. There were two doors.. One on each side of the room. My mother had my bed turned around so that my feet were at the window so I could spend my days looking out over the trees.  I fondly remember watching a family of squirrels every morning.. Leaping ..playing.. seemingly flying from branch to branch each day before breakfast. For entertainment I was a voracious reader.. Mostly sci-fi...Ursula K. Le Guin, Tolkien, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, etc..  I also had a hi-end stereo system at my fingertips with reel-to-reel tape and turntable (with 200 albums) all within reach. That stereo helped me keep my sanity although I'm sure it helped ruin my hearing. A minor trade-off.

I always asked to have BOTH doors closed at all times for both my privacy and to keep the sound sequestered around me. On the wall to my right  I had (as I recall) posters of Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, and the Beatles. To my  left, a posters from Casablanca and the Marx Brother's Animal Crackers and between them a large round white-faced clock to remind me of how much of my life I was missing. It was the type that you could hear ticking and see the second hand sweeping in jerky increments..This was long before digital clocks.

At 12-noon (sharp) each day, my mother would bring me some sort of lunch, but on this day my mother had to run errands and had asked our neighbor, Polly Boston to come in to feed and check on me. At noon she was nowhere to be seen. I remember clearly being peeved. While I waited, I was listening to FM radio when suddenly the room went silent as if the power had went out.  I looked up at my ever vigilant wall clock and it was still noisily ticking away, but seconds later while my eyes were on it ... it stopped.  It was  precisely 12:12. There was no other sound in the house until....

I heard the door knob over to my left starting to turn.. I said.."Mrs Boston? Is that you?" No response... the knob twisted and turned a couple of times as if someone was trying to open the door but for whatever reason couldn't. Slowly the door opened. Something stood there. It was shaped like a man.. At least 6ft.. it was almost translucent. I could see it's internal organs, veins, heart, muscles, lungs. I could see it's heart beating. It had no discernable face. No eyes.. no mouth.. no ears, nor nose.  It took one step in. It slowly looked around the room then fixed it's attention on me laying just 4 feet away. It slowly walked over to me and stood there looking down at me. I was incapable of uttering a sound such was my fear. I wanted to scream but no words.. no sound could escape my lips. My heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest. I remember thinking I hope I don't have a heart attack. I could hear my own heart beating.

he entity put one of it's hands on top of the other.. both  palms down (as one might do when performing CPR).. bent down, placed them right over my heart and pressed down. His hands seemingly went right through my cast and body directly onto my heart. At that point it felt like the bottom of my bed had dropped out.  I was free-falling into oblivion.. I remember trying to catch my breath put I couldn't.. I thought.. No.. I knew this being was trying to kill me and it would succeed. I would pass out any second. Today I would die.

Just when I feel like I'm gonna black out, out of the depths .. I hear a sound... The door to our kitchen had opened. It was Polly Boston with my lunch. At the same moment I heard the sound, so did the entity. It quickly turned it's head towards the sound. It quickly stood up. It looked down at me and then back at the sound. It turned to exit the room through the door in which it came. It looked back at me once then slowly and silently closed the door just as Polly opened the opposite door. Polly walked in, casually setting my lunch tray down, turned to me and said.. "My God.. you're as white as a ghost!".. I still couldn't speak although I was trying. I wanted to warn her. Would it come back and kill us both? She walked over to me and was feeling my head to see if I had a temperature when the music suddenly  came back on (all by itself) and scared the shit out of both of us.. I looked up and it was still 12:12 and I swear it was a few beats before the second hand started moving again...

Over a year later, in the middle of the night, a sobering thought brought me right out of my sleep.. I sat up in bed and remembered.... That wall clock .. the one that stopped just after the music.. It wasn't electric... it was battery powered..  As I said.. some things are beyond my comprehension...

Postscript: In 2009 a movie called Knowing came out with Nicolas Cage. Towards the end  there is a scene where the aliens take their real form before ascending to their spacecraft with his son. If you ever get to see the movie.. these beings are the closest thing I've ever seen to the entity that came to me...

Rod Serling once wrote... "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

And that's all I've got to say about that....
Jerry D. Finley
Captain / Pirates' Lair