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The Pirates' Lair Honda ST1300 Stealth Backrest : Customer Comments Page!

Jerry...Mr. Pirate...Mr. Lair??? Just wanted to drop a line and say "thanks" for the speedy delivery and top notch product. The backrest arrived yesterday, and within 10 minutes of reading (and understanding) the instructions, it was installed successfully. I was a little concerned about the look of the bike after installation, but my fears were put to rest when I had a chance to look at it from afar (5 or 6-feet), It really compliments the lines of the ST1300, just like me when I wear my "Buster Crab" slimming t-shirt. I decided to purchase the stealth after reading the many glowing reviews by my fellow ST1300 forum buddies. I wish all of my dealings on-line was as easy as this experience has been; thanks again!
Jeff Primiano / Mayfield Heights, OH / 2009 ST1300
Received a few days after shipped. Thanks for the great turnaround. I was very happy with the look and quality after install. Perfect fit. Great product.
Timothy Allen / Silverdale, WA / 2009 ST1300
Attached please find the installed photo, my wife feels that backrest is very comfortable, it's a nice backrest! Thanks for your good quality and reliable service. Regards.
Wu Sun Yeung / Hong Kong / 2003 ST1300

Backrest arrived on time yesterday - got it installed last night and rode about 50 miles with my daughter. Will have a more complete report after the weekend, but the initial trial run shows that its exactly what I was looking for. Keeps 11-year old a lot more secure, does away with some of her moving around. She says that the backrest is the correct angle.
Follow-Up: I like the look on the bike and it seems to hit both my wife and daughter at the right places on their backs. They both indicate that the angle seems correct for them. I suspect that the slight amount of padding helps provide a universal fit. The backrest portion seems large enought that it keeps both from sliding around and actually helps them stay in a straighter up position with the bike.
Bill Chapman / Tulsa, Ok / 2003 ST1300

I am definitely happy the backrest. The fit and finish are as good as I would expect from Hondaline and installation was a breeze. My wife refused to get on the bike before I got the backrest and now she says she feels more secure. Congrats on a well thought out product.
Jeffrey Jacobi / Houston, Tx / 2003 ST1300
Jerry: ..Your backrest for the Honda ST1300 is a beautiful quality product. The product looks great on the bike and installation was simple. Thanks for a great product.
Robert Powell / Burton, Mi / 2003 ST1300
Got the ST1300 Stealth backrest. It arrived in perfect condition. Construction and workmanship is first-rate. I like the Rhino finish on the mounting plate, and the curved contour of the backrest. Installation was a breeze. Literally installed it in about 10 minutes. It's been cold'ish and snowing here in Denver for the past few weeks so haven't had a chance to take it out for a test drive yet. Will forward more feedback when the weather warms up a bit, and we've had a chance to take it for a road test.
Patrick Fruth / Castle Rock, Co / 2003 ST1300
Great design, no complaints from passenger (although my typical response to passenger complaints is to ride faster, thus drowing out the complaint). Somewhere in the development stages I thought the backrest would end up with 2 positions, i.e., the ability to slide it a bit forward or back, and the final model doesn't have that option. Not sure it matters, dont' really care. In the ideal world, it would somehow not interfere with adding a Givi trunk or the European Honda trunk, but such is not possible. FWIW, I looked very closely at an installed Honda trunk at Niehaus this weekend, and the passenger pad/support value is probably poor enough to drive a good marriage to divorce....really glad I saw it up close, and talked to someone who had some miles with it, no way I have an interest in it. Re the occassional need for extra storage, now that I have your passenger support I am a grab n go to toss a T-bag on it for extra capacity. All in all, anyone who might complain about your product likely has too much time on their hands....great job Jerry!
Steve Wadlington / Memphis, Tn / 2003 ST1300
Hey Jerry, Sorry I took so long to comment but here in Louisiana its riding time 365 days a year! Installation was a breeze. Passengers have been happy with comfort and function. Fit and finish were excellent. I am perfectly satisfied with this product! Time to ride.
Bob Landry / Clinton, LA / 2003 ST1300
At the end of last years riding season I purchased a backrest for my ST1300. I have a Corbin saddle and backrest for my ZRX 1200. My wife is more at ease while riding with it, more support and a secure feeling. When I bought the ST1300 the first thing she said is "Where is the backrest?". Honda had none available and I didn't want to spend $900 for the Corbin saddle and backrest. I found your site and bought the Stealth backrest. Quality is every bit as good as the Corbin and the installation simple. As promised it looks stock and can be added or removed quickly. My wife has no problem climbing aboard or feeling secure while riding. You have an excellent product. It was money well spent.
Tom Howe / Erie, PA / 2003 ST1300
The ST1300 backrest looks great on the bike. The seat's shape (angular) and size (large) are a perfect fit with the bike's seats and overall design. The mounting platform looks identical to the factory luggage rack plate and without the backrest, the bike will look 100% stock. The mounting process was simple and logical, and requires no special skills or tools.
Andre Schuster / Washington, DC / 2003 ST1300
I received the new back rest for my new ST1300 as promised on Wednesday. It was easy to install and well designed. My wife and I rode 200 miles today and she found it much more comfortable than the narrow rests I've had on other bikes. I just want you to know that a long time rider appreciates the quality product you have designed and manufactured.
John R. Stevenson / 2003 ST1300
I got my new ST stealth backrest for my 2004 ST1300A , and really like it. It finishes off the bike very well and looks like it should be there. I'm not gifted at all mechanically speaking and even I was able to get it on there right. What a great product and once again thanks. P.S. I joined that ST site and am "orcoastie". It is a great place to learn more about the bike as well as other related topics.
Colin Crook / Depoe Bay, Or / 2004 ST1300A
Pirate and Crew ...Just a quick note to let you know you have another satisfied customer. We installed the backrest on our ST1300 Sunday and took a quick 130 mile test ride. My wife loved it before we got to the end of the driveway. It installed easily, looks good and offers great support during acceleration. An added bonus is the security it offers when encountering bumps, my wife doesn't feel like she is going to slide off the end of the bike anymore.. Happy Riding
Steve & Charleen Malek / Troy, New York / 2004 ST1300
Just a note to thank you on the quality of your product. I purchased my backrest from Green Country Cycle Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma--My wife felt it a must for her sense of security. I installed it this weekend and went for a two hour ride. The wife said it was comfortable and that it looked like it was original equipment. Once again, thanks for a well designed, well packaged product.
Don & Holly Squier / Oklahoma / ST1300
Got the seat, install time 10 minutes ... three looking for tools in my "organized" garage. Looks good, feels secure nuff. Now lets try to get the wife back on this bike! Ride hard ... ride l o n g !
Bob Riendeau / Navarre, FL / 2003 ST1300
I installed the backrest on my son-in-law's ST1300. It was extremely easy to install and very well built. My grandson enjoys the ride now.
Michael R. Douglas.. Owner/Partner, JBJ Cycles, Inc / www.jbjcycles.com
Greetings, Excellent craftsmanship and very good service. One minor detail. If the flat nut is installed per the exploded view the front screws will not seat. Turn the flat nut over (threaded portion lower) and its as snug as the rear screws. I appreciate the custom service brochure from Sargent, its peaked my interest in a mod for the seat. My wife said the backrest permits her to LAP and enjoy middle or lower back support (she's 5'2"). I'll send a photo soon, the red welt tastefully highlights. Blue Skies...
John Brooks / Davisburg, Mi. / Honda ST1300
The backrest arrived on Mon. It went faster than if I had shipped across Canada. Very cool design. Haven't installed it yet as the bike is in the shop for a factory recall. A few of the guys I know who also ride the ST are looking fwd to seeing it. I had no idea that the backrest mounted to a replacement luggage carrier which you provide, thinking it somehow mounted to the factory one, nor was I aware that removing it would be so simple and virtually no signs of having a backrest with it off. The seemingly high price is well justified now that I've seen the quality of craftsmanship.
Frank Bourque
/ New Brunswick, Canada / Honda ST1300
Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. I finished up my review of the ST backrest and sent it off to MCN about a month ago. I just heard today that they intend to use it in their July 2005 issue. Your ST1300 Stealth backrest really quality piece of work, and I was impressed with it. Abused the hell out of it without any problems. Once, I even had to tie a 150-lb tire and wheel to it and haul them 200 miles for a repair. I was sure I would bend or break the rest, but that never happened. / Read the Motorcycle Consumer News full review !!
Fred Rau / Freelance Motorcycle Journalist
Just want to say thanks for the great product. My wife loves it and so do I. Installation was a snap.
1. Look is great, exactly what I was looking for
2. Rhino finish - it's fine, but I would probably prefer a powder coat finish to match the bike better ..
3. Instructions are great - very easy..
4. Angle is great - wife love's it
5. Changes - I recommend you add to the instructions a note that you must remove the back seat before installing or removing the backrest - I spent about 5 minutes trying to fit the bracket into the groove before I realized i should probably just take the back seat off. Note from Pirate: Done!
Jesse... Major, United States Army / Fort Leavenworth, Kansas / 2004 Honda ST 1300 ABS.
Thanks for the prompt and courteous service regarding the ST backrest. The fit and finish compliment my 2004 ST and is greatly appreciated by my wife and daughter.The materials of construction are first rate! Can’t think of any improvements to an already great product….Regards,
Tom Dooley / Franklin, Conn. / Honda ST1300
First let me start by saying how impressed I was with your service. You said it would be delivered on the 18th (which was a Saturday) and there it was! As to the backrest itself, we couldn't be more pleased with it. The angle is just right and it looks like it came from the factory, the mounting is very simple and the Rhino lining looks great. The installation was a snap, it took longer to dig out the tool bag and the allen wrench then it did to install it. I would highly recommend this set-up to anyone, I really didn't want to go the trunk route and this fit the bill perfectly. When it comes time for the exhaust I'll be getting it from you. Thanks.
Mark S. Orlomoski / Plainfield, CT / 2005 ST1300
I want you to know that I am very pleased with your ST1300 Stealth backrest. The quality and fit are wonderful, and the look is perfect. (I’m sure that everyone who sees it will assume it was made by Honda specifically for the ST1300.) Also, the angle of the backrest is perfect according to my passenger. Regarding the black Rhino finish, I think you got that right too; I don’t think that a powder coat would look as good or be as functional.

I do have one suggestion. Though your instructions were very easy to follow and clearly warned about being careful to not lose the spacers and flat nuts on the underside, I did drop a spacer. A few days later I rode to the home of a friend who owns a flexible wand with a magnet on the end. I was lucky because on the ride to my friend’s house the spacer moved to a spot where we could see it, and retrieving it with that tool was then easy. Back home, before continuing my attempt to install the backrest bracket, I stuffed the spaces below with crimped plastic grocery bags and then put one smoothly over the others. That saved me because I dropped a washer during round 2. Though the plastic bags worked, if I were to do it again, I’d use cloth rags instead of plastic bags, and I suggest that you add a suggestion to the directions to stuff the spaces below with rags. Thanks for designing and making such a fine product. Sincerely...
Gary McGuirk / Greensboro, NC / Honda ST1300
Man what service. Shipped on Friday got on Saturday. We were gone for the weekend and got home today(Sunday) got it installed and very nice!!! The wife loves everything about it. The fit and finish is awesome!!! Took her for a short ride and she said it is nothing but awesome. This is coming from someone who has only ever ridden on a GL1500. Thanks again.
Jon Logsdon / Honda ST1300
I just wanted to write and complement you and your whole staff on the fine work you do. From ordering to delivery I couldn't ask for better. The backrest for my 2004 Honda ST1300 is high quality plus very heavy duty and doesn't look like an add on item. I'm very pleased and my wife is much more comfortable now. The instructions were great and I now see what you mean when you say to be careful with the spacers --- an extending magnet came in handy --- enough said.
Bob Andrews / Honda ST1300
Nice job. Like the rhino finish. Installation was so simple (I like simple and easy, less cussing that way) I particularly want to Thank You for going that extra step on the instructions. I have purchased stuff for the bike where the pictures were useless and the instructions were incomplete. Can't wait to test drive it with the ole lady on the back. Now I don't have to worry about losing her when I goose it.
Ralph Pedrick / New Jerzee / 2005 Honda ST1300
Captain Finley...After a couple of thousand miles with your Stealth Backrest on my 2005 ST1300 I thought I'd let you know that the wife and I are very happy with your product and support. The directions, fit and quality were great! When I opened the box I wasn't sure about the Rhino finish but after I installed it I realized I wouldn't want it any other way. In a perfect world the only change the wife would like to see would be to have the backrest just a little bit taller. The angle and curve were just fine. Thanks for a great product!
Ron Saunders / Frazier Park, CA / 2005 Honda ST1300
I received the backrest and just finished installing it. I saw these when they first came out, and had e-mailed you about the compatability with a GIVI trunk on the ST1300. Just to let you know, the backrest will work with the GIVI bracket in place (requires a hole to be drilled in the GIVI base plate) . But if you want to use it with the trunk installed the lockdown bolt for the backrest will not line up with it's hole, and the trunk position will force you to move the backrest ahead a few inches which pushes the passenger ahead as well. it is an excellent product, and I am sure my passenger will agree when she tries it out .
Jeff Stevens / Lockport, NY / 2006 Honda ST1300
I've been reading some of the comments concerning pricing on the MSN ST1300 web site. Go figure..., they spend $13K + for a beautiful work of art and then want you to lower the price (and no doubt quality) for a passenger backrest. I am amazed.

Please, don't lower your standards! I installed the backrest from you last year and the S.O. loves it! Great fit and finish, extremely fast service and a company that doesn't ignore the owner's desires of less-than-mainstream machines (Honda, pay attention!). I am grateful the ST community has a company like yours to refer to.

Thank you for your products and if word of mouth is the best advertising, maybe you and I should work out a payment schedule for all the referrals I'm sending your way! :-)
T. Wilharms / Sheboygan Falls, WI / 2005 ST1300
Hello Jerry - as promised I am forwarding some pictures of my bike with the installed backrest
1) the backrest looks great - good enough to be an OEM part
2) I like the Rhino finish - it suites the bike - took the bike to the local Honda dealer and they were impressed - they thought it looked very good on the bike and wanted to know where it came from so you may be in luck here
3) the instructions were very easy to follow - the exploded DWG showed all the parts - the only hold up from a very quick installation was the extra Rhino coating on the sides which had to be filed in order to get the part in place - your help in this manner was very beneficial
4) The better half liked the security of the backrest - the height and angle were good and the backrest firm enough to lean against - if the angle needed to be changed the bend could be revised slightly in the backrest arm
All in all it's a great looking and functional addition to the ST1300. Thanks again
Stan and Anne Chapman / Canada
Outstanding Craftsmanship, Excellent Engineering! But, even after reading your instructions and taking notice of the warning...about losing either the Fu****g Spacer, or Flat Nut...I lost a Spacer forever, somewhere internally in the body of my 2005 ST 1300. I was so angry and just bummed. And, you are correct, you have to order from the dealer, and they don't have it in stock, so now, instead of taking my wife on a nice ride (Cuz , she said she won't ride without the rest), this holiday weekend, I have to order a $1.88 spacer and wait 5 to 7 working days. When the spacer comes in...I intend to put a towel in all crevices and cracks, and this time around...I have an idea...I am going to put something sticky or tacky on the spacer, shove it in the hole, it will stay there long enough for me to put the screw through to the flat nut, and we should be successful. So...you wanted ideas?

How about bumping up the cost of your Back Rest, so you can send us extra spacers, lock nuts, etc. I would have gladly paid an extra $5.00 for a duplicate extra hardware set, "just in case". If that would have been an option...I wouldn't be sitting here, "screwed" for 5 to 7 working days, while Honda orders some. Anyway...I guess after my "spacers" arrive from shipping...I can send you a pic of my Little ST 1300 with the "Stealth" back rest attached. Thank you Jerry.
Jim Thomas / Oregon / 2006 Honda ST1300
Let me just add the chorus guys… great job. The backrest is exactly what I was looking for. It installed in 10 min, thanks to the suggestions of your customers to pack the area underneath with rags to prevent the spacer’s escape. Incidentally, although the web site only goes up to the 2005 model, it fits perfectly on my 2006. Great web site, by the way, so full of New York attitude I cant believe you guys are down in NC. You must’ve been born in Brooklyn, Capt, go ahead, admit it, I won’t tell no one.
Lars Olander / Northport NY / 2006 ST1300
We wanted to pass along these pics of our new bike and backrest. My wife just loves it, and says it provieds comfortable support. We were afraid the backrest would detract from the lines of the bike, but as you can see it looks GREAT!! . .
Gary Green / 2006 ST1300
I wanted to let you guys know that I received my backrest from FEDEX today at 2pm or so and installed it 15 minutes later. The installation was so easy and the look is great. The Rhino covering on the rack is great as well, don't change it although you may want to offer a powder coat for really picky individuals. As far as comfort, the test will be when my wife and I head out this weekend for our 150 plus mile run, i'll let you know. Pictures are on the way.
Tino Anthony / Leesburg, Fl. / 2005 ST1300
I'll add to the chorus here, this is a well built, solid, nice looking backrest, and I'm very happy with the service and interactions with Pirate's Lair. For pictures of my backrest, visit: www.ski-epic.com/2006_HondaST1300_SuzukiGS1000L/index.html (scroll down half way down the page to see the backrest). Oh, and yep, I dropped the flat nuts and spacers like everybody else on this page installing it on an ST1300. :-) I guess I was lucky, I could fish them back out where they dropped with a pair of tweazers, but it did stall me up for 10 minutes.
Brian Wilson / Palo Alto, CA / 2006 ST1300
In response to your questions concerning the backrest for my ST1300......:
1. Looks great and matches stock seat well
2 Rhino finish looks good / powder coat should be an option even though I probably would not have chosen it- options are a good thing
3. Instructions are clear and simple-one mistake I found in the diagram is with the front flat nut. It is illustrated wrong side up.The front flat nut must be installed the same way as taken off or the screw will not seat properly.
4. Just returned from a 250 mile cruise this afternoon with my wife. She has only good things to say about it. This is a big deal because it affects how many miles she will ride with me. Good back support for her and great for me because she is not leaning on me. She gives it thumbs up.
5. No changes seem necessary to me.
6. I would like to possibly see a rubber seal for the slot and screw hole when the backrest is not in use. I will let you know if I come up with any "bright" ideas.
Thanks for the prompt service and delivery. I ordered it on a Friday and had it on by the following weekend (actually Thursday) Good job!
Mark Kopecky / Helotes, TX / ST1300
My wife loves the backrest. She is very comfortable with it. She likes the angle, shape and padding. She has only ridden about 200 miles so I'll keep you updated if she changes her opinion after she gets a few more miles on it. All in all it seems like a well built high quality piece.
Tom Schaefer / San Diego, CA / ST1300
Ordered the Honda St1300 Stealth backrest on Monday 3/26/2007 for my new 2007 St1300! It arrived in the Am on Thursday 3/29/2007! Was pleasantly surprised that it arrived so quickly! Found it to be well packed and was able to install it in approx. 30 minutes! Most of that time involved packing paper and cloth towels under the back nut area , heeding everyones warnings on possible loss of the nuts! (great instructions enclosed) Having seen the backrest on earlier models I was aware of its looks and quality! I like the Rhino finish and would not have ordered powdercoat, if it had been available! This St is a 2007 with ABS, which took 5 months to get, as they are very rare in the northeast so far! I am attaching a couple of pictures with the backrest installed, Hope you can use the pics in your website! Again Thanks for the quick delivery & a great product!
Wayne T. Mitchell / Georgetown, DE / 2007 ST1300
I purchased your ST1300 Stealth backrest for my 2007 ST1300 from Sargent Cycle. I am very happy with it, and more importantly She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) is also happy with it. I installed it last Friday, and we immediately took it out for a ride. Herself pronounced it exactly what she had wanted. I like the Rhino finish, although a powder coat would look more original. However, since SWMBO is likely to try to strap some type of bag behind it, the Rhino is probably the best finish. The instructions were easy to understand, and I did drop one of the front nuts down inside. A piece of wire shaped like a hook got it out OK however. Otherwise, everything is great. Not many ST1300s around here, but if I run into anyone who has one and wants to know where I got the backrest you can be sure I will point them in your direction. When we get some decent weather, I will get some pics and send them to you. Thanks much for a great product!
Tom Gafford / Altavista, VA / 2007 ST1300
Instructions were easy to figure out and the seat went on quickly. The angle is fine, my daughter who is 18 rides with me a lot. Our past bike was a 03 Suzuki Intruder.Last night we drove 120miles and she said the back rest is more comfortable than the one on the other bike. The width and the curvature is what I think makes the difference. Over all....it's a bit pricey but then again as with anything you get what you pay for. Great Job!! Thanks a lot.
John Hiebert / Calgary, Alberta, Canada / 2007 ST1300
I installed the backrest last weekend in less than 10 minutes with no issues. Installation and instructions were straightforward. The quality of the backrest and bracket are top-notch. Excellent. My wife says there is nothing she would change about angle or position. I've attached a few pics of the bike with the rest installed (bike not clean, but I'd rather ride than wash). I will probably be snapping more pics during the summer. Will send some along if they turn out good.
I'm very happy and impressed with the product. Thanks very much..
Keith Kendall / Newfoundland, Canada / 2007 ST1300
I recently received my order for the ST13 stealth backrest and the universal helmet bag. I am real happy with the product. The installation instructions are very clear (right down to the warning about loosing the fasteners for the bracket) and it did not take long to install the backrest. The backrest is comfortable and the finish is good; it does not take away from the appearance of the bike. It is also handy to be able to attach the bag in 2 different positions. Now we are ready to make some trips this summer. Thanks!
Rudy Braun / Vancouver, BC / 2007 ST1300
Love the Stealth backrest on my '06 ST1300 as does my wife! First rate craftsmanship, looks, and instructions. I like the rhino finsh as it is non-skid and less susceptible to chipping than a powder coat would be. Here's a wonderful pic of it on my bike!!
Kevin Jones / Montrose, Colorado / 2006 ST1300
Just thought I'd drop you a note regarding the SIMPLICITY of the installation. Your package showed up on Thursday - a day ahead of schedule - and my girl was excited and started letting me know on no uncertain terms that she wanted the thing on SOON. So, there I was in my garage, surrounded by my pets (bicycles, VTR1000, nice little Acura RSX) installing the backrest! To prevent loss of front spacers, I laid an old towel under that area to catch one if I dropped it and also put a little dab of grease on the spacers. REAL easy. On a Saturday morning after an evening of drinking beer! So...A monkey CAN do it!
Well the weather didn't look promising but we were out and about by late morning and for the first time with my girl on the back I was able to crank it open a bit. She's happy AGAIN! Well we did end up getting wet on the way home, but what the heck. I always say if you don't see some rain, you just didn't ride far enough. So, summing up: Simple installation and clear instructions Very good packaging Looks great on the bike!
Christopher Benoit / Alberta, Canada / 2006 ST1300
Jerry- 1st, let me say thanks for the great customer service. The backrest arrived within 3 days of my order, packaged safely and professionally. Thanks for the quick e-mail response to my order and letting me know the order’s status. That kind of service will make me a devoted customer!

The backrest is awesome! Easy to install (thanks for the heads-up on not losing the spacers and the tip on using the loc-tite) and very well-made. My wife’s comment was her ride is now 100 times better than before, and she feels much safer and more secure when I feel the need for speed, and consequently she enjoys the ride much more. I researched some other backrests before finding yours, and the width of the pad and the overall way the backrest blends with the rest of the bike sold me. After getting the backrest and installing it, I’m glad I did and would recommend it to anyone. I feel the “look” is perfect! I wasn’t so sure about the rhino finish, but after installation I’m very happy with the way it looks on the bike. Powdercoat would be nice I guess but I like the rhino finish just fine. As I said, installation was a breeze. Your instructions were not only easy to follow but I appreciated the hints that I mentioned above. All part of a great experience with Pirates’ Lair. The angle of the backrest seems to fit my wife very well- she’s tickled to death. She’s about 5’3’’ and the contour of the pad and the height seem pretty much exactly right. Can’t think of any changes other than adjustability, but that’s not an issue with this backrest for us. Very sturdy, very well-made, very comfortable. Thanks for a great product, Jerry and I’m sure I’ll be shopping with you in the future.
John Parker / Cookeville, TN / ST1300
Just received me ST 1300 backrest. Arrrgg, she’s a real beauty she is. And me thinks the tuff-kote is a fine look’n way to cap off the stern of the old ST. The crew and I installed the bloody thing in five minutes time, and good old Lucky (me foul and mean parrot) was able to snatch up the bits of hardware I dropped on the deck quicker than I could turn the hex screws. The slave master and I then set sail aboard the ST. About 100 miles out she says to me that your backrest is the most comfortable thing she’s slouched against since I stole her that feather bed for her birthday. Cawwww – we had some fun in that! Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to you scurvy dogs for the great service and great product. And tell that wench on the disclaimer page I’ll be glad to climb her rigg’n next time I’m in port.
Chris Brown / Portsmouth NH / Honda ST1300
: 500 miles later and I can say that the backrest is a real winner (nothing but praise from behind me). The installation was a breeze. I like the Rhino liner and the "clean" look the bike retains when the unit is removed. Actually, I like the "clean" look with it installed. Reading your comments page, one customer had stated they would like something to cover the screw hole when the backrest is removed. I used a 'goof' plug, which I got from the rear fender of the bike. There's a black goof plug in the fender for who knows what. I had removed it prior to installing the backrest and had replaced it with a small 1" red reflector. After installing the new plate for the backrest and seeing this hole I placed this plug in the hole. Low and behold it gives the plate even a cleaner look when the unit is removed. These can be purchased from Honda or similar ones from an automotive parts store. Also, the Roll T Bag is a hit for us too. Again, it complements the lines of the bike.
Terry R Earle / St Pete, FL / Honda ST1300
: I bought your ST1300 Stealth backrest for the sole reason that it looked factory when installed. The shear beauty of the ST13 is NOT compromised with the addition of your backrest. It took literally 10 minutes to install (Thanks for the warning of dropping the spacers and nut plates.) Hit: Thankfully they are magnetic. Also: Wrap masking tape around the finger with the adhesive side out and stick those little buggers to it. It helps when holding them in place when starting the screws. Great product! The wife loves it. Rhino finish is great! A third grader could read the instructions and get it. Love my bike and I love this backrest.
James Grasmeyer / Norwalk, CA / Honda ST1300
: Just a note to say i got my new STealth backrest for my ST1300 today. It installed in like two minutes. I think this is going to work perfectly. I sure looks great on my new bike. And the Mrs. like it too. Thanks for the great product and timely shipping. Now if I could get a autographed pic of the "Disclaimer Girl" (Sydney Moon right?) or even the scantily clad Amber, that would be great!
Gary Waldron / Ada, MI / 2006 Honda ST1300
I'm not one to write upon receiving shipment of a product I've ordered, but I wanted to let you know how happy I was with your ordering process and the quality of your product. I just installed my Stealth backrest onto my Honda ST1300 today and it looks sharp! Installation was quick and straightforward. I first learned of your product via web postings on stowners.com and am glad I did. Well done!
Scott Springate / Burlington, KY / 2007 Honda ST1300
Greetings Ya Scurvy Bilge Rats and Gutter Wenches, A quick thanks for the prompt shipping of my new Stealth backrest for a Honda ST1300. Went on with ease with your excellent instructions. Looks great on the bike, and the 1st mate (Admiral) is wicked happy; enough to mimic your beautifully politically incorrect ogled "attention getter." Keep up the good work and kudos for a fun website. Steve
Stephen Faives / Tilton, NH / 2008 Honda ST1300
Thank you for sending product so quickly, installation instructions made it quick and easy. Wife enjoys and says will ride with me more often... which was my intention. Thanks again
Tom Battle / Tampa, Fl / 2008 Honda ST1300
Wanted to drop you a note to say the Stealth Backrest is installed on the ST1300 and we couldn't be happier. Thanks Captain!
Michael Cross / Jacksonville, FL / 2009 ST1300
Just to say thank you and good job ! The backrest arrived in perfect condition 2 weeks ago and is now installed on the ST 1300. It fits perfectly with the Sargent seat on the bike. Passengers are very satisfied of the added confort and size. Thanks again !
André Marquis / Québec, Canada / 2011 ST1300

I wanted to thank you for your prompt service and quality product. The back rest on my ST1300 looks great and installed with minimal effort. It looks as well as an OEM product. I planned to use it on occasions when I had a passenger but it looks well enough to leave on my bike full time. Thanks again...
Henry Gillotte / Crystal River, FL / 2012 ST1300
I'm the guy who recently bought the Stealth Backrest from you guys that I was unsure would fit with my new Bill Mayer Saddles seat. The good news is that it fit fine and have been real happy with both the look an performance of the backrest...as is my serving wench!
Tim Helms / Corona, CA / 2013 ST1300

Thanks, Jerry. I appreciate the prompt service and delivery. Instructions for installation were in English, which is far easier to understand than Mandarin. Since my most effective motorcycle tool is usually a credit card, it made the process far less stressful for the likes of me. The seat is elegant and does not detract from the ST's lines. Very happy. Thanks for a great product and great service. Can't think of a pirate farewell. Best of luck and be safe.
Christopher Kiesler / Lakeway, TX / 2012 ST1300