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Honda ST1300 Staintune Slip-Ons. We all know that the factory ST1300 exhaust cans are as ugly as Nick Nolte's mug shot. Here's one sweet looking alternative. Staintune Exhausts are simply the best looking, best sounding exhausts on the market!!... There.. I've said it. Disagree with me? Then you're wrong. It’s smaller, quieter, sleeker, has a removable baffle, never needs re-packing, and IMHO.. is simply beautiful. For the ST1300 owner who wants only the best, the Staintunes are hard to beat.

Note: According to their literature, Staintune exhausts systems will outlast all others, especially under the high-heat, high-corrosion demands of urban driving. The effort required to use only stainless-steel pays off in the long run for you. Even after the 12-month warranty has expired, small scuffs and surface imperfections can be polished out at any machine shop for a reasonable charge.

The Australian made 100% Stainless Steel Staintune is the ONLY aftermarket exhaust on the market that features a removable sound restrictor. This allows you to adjust the sound levels to your liking.The 2 piece ST13 Staintune comes in SS Oval only.

Pirates' Lair also sells Staintunes for Aprilia, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha. For the new lower pricing and info for these bikes Click Here As these are imported from Australia, it's always best to call before ordering.. 828.628.7093 EST

INSTALLATION: Not too difficult, and could be accomplished by any owner with a decent set of hand tools. Working carefully you should have the old mufflers off and the new Staintunes in place in about 20 minutes. Line up everything before tightening all the clamps and hangers. The new pipes will fit perfectly.

RESULTS: It weighs exactly half as much as did the stock setup--13 pounds vs. 26 pounds. The look is aggressive. Don't bother with a dyno test to check performance gains, because both Staintune and Two Brothers have shown that their systems will give only a small (2-3 hp) increase in horsepower on an otherwise stock bike. Exhaust sound is a very subjective thing, but I like the music played by this system. It comes with a restrictor for each muffler that allows the owner to choose from two different exhaust notes--one just a little louder than stock and the other pretty rowdy. I prefer the quieter sound with the restrictors in place.

CLEANING: You may or may not have heard that Staintune pipes turn a golden color after use. This is true. The nature of stainless steel. Some do not like this aspect of it, but in reality, there are at least 4 products on the market that can keep your canister looking new. Staintune's own polish called Liquid Mirror Polish. Wenol or Semi-Chrome Polish are very good, but we prefer Boms Away. Why? It's an unabrasive liquid and is simply easier to use involving less effort/time. It also leaves a glass-like finish on the metal when done. Of course, all of these polishing compounds do require a little "effort" as the main ingredient. Is the 'tune worth it? Absof#*#inlutely!

Sound Clip of Stock Exhaust* Click Here
Sound Clip of Staintune Exhaust, No Restrictor* Click Here
Sound Clip of Staintune Exhaust, With Restrictors* Click Here
Another View Of the ST1300 Staintune.. Click Here
* Sound clips and some text courtesy of Jack A. Phelps

Note: There will be a handling/processing fee imposed on ALL phone orders over $750. This does NOT apply to PayPal purchases or personal checks. FYI.. PayPal is a FREE and 100% secure service where you can use your credit cards, debit cards, and even send money directly from your bank account. When price shopping keep in mind that my prices INCLUDE shipping charges. Most places DO NOT. We order directly from Australia. It takes us about a week-10 to get Staintune systems if they are in stock in Australia at time of order. We do NOT keep these in stock. Therefore, delivery times to our customers are generally 2-3 weeks.

05/16/16: Here Ye Here Ye.. As of today, we are no longer doing business with Staintune.. Read the full story here..... We have only two Staintunes left in stock.. (1) Concours 1400 slip-on, (1) 2000-2003 Suzuki Bandit slip-on kit, and a hand full of silencers of various sizes. Email us or call for info 828.628.7093 EST. So sorry friends.. Click Here for our extensive selection of Remus Exhausts..
Honda ST1300 Staintune Slip-On's Complete $1424.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) Not Taking Orders 3/10/16!