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Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!
Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!

My guess is that SSR's Dual Street/Off-Road Wide Footpegs may be just what the doctor ordered. These wide pegs offer removable rubber inserts for off-road grip in slippery conditions (i.e. rain, snow, mud, etc...) with an added benefit of multiple angle adjustment positions. When off-road, they provide excellent grip through aggressive teeth design. When you are back on the streets just replace the rubber inserts for supreme comfort. The best of both worlds. Not only are they adjustable and lightweight, but they come in various color combinations. Sweet!

- Made of 100% CNC Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum [6061-T6]
- Finished with Anodize Coating
- Removable Rubber Inserts for Off-Road or Slippery Conditions (i.e. rain, snow, mud, etc...)
- Provides Excellent Grip through Aggressive Teeth Design
- Multiple Angle Adjustment Positions (not all positions are suitable or useable)
- 12-hole Pin Lock System
- Footpegs are 50mm (2 11/64th") width at widest point
- Footpegs are 86mm (3 25/64") in length

Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!
Obviously with all the color combinations available, I can't keep these in stock. That's why I've chosen to make these a special order item. Basically.. you place the order from this page, then either in the message field or in a separate email, you let me know EXACTLY what year and model bike you have and what color combination you want.. The carrier (the part that bolts to your bike) comes in silver or black only. The pegs come in Red, Black, Blue, Gold, Silver. Expect about 2 weeks from time of order to delivery. Each single kit includes: (2) Footpeg Adapters (2) Footpegs (2) Rubber Inserts. Spare pegs and spare rubber inserts are sold separately.

Note: SSR only offers front pegs for the BMW S1000XR. They are NOT available for the passenger.

Color Options ..

Install: It's about a 10 minute/ 1 beer install using basic tools and only a few brain cells. It's so easy that they don't even include instructions. Customer retains the oem footpeg springs. FYI.. these SSR pegs do NOT lower your pegs.. They are just replacements. Yours new SSR pegs will be in the same position as oem.

We also offer a shift lever extension as an option should you need them.. Some do.. some don't.

Bottom line...this is a viable, good looking solution to to those who are unhappy with their oem pegs and want a little more. Available for virtually all late model BMWs including....S1000XR All Years, K1200S / K1300S All Years, K1200R / K1300R All Years, 2004 - 2016 R1200GS & Adventure, R1100GS / R1150GS / R1150GS ADV All Years,

*Specify year and model bike and what color combination you want either in the message field or in a separate email at time of order. If you don't contact us.. we'll contact you. No worries.
SSR Dual Street / Off-Road Wide- Front Pegs Only / Pair $132.US (USPS Priority Included) Special Order Item!
SSR Dual Street / Off-Road Wide- Front & Rear Pegs Combo / Pair $250.US (USPS Priority Included) Special Order Item!

BMW Shift Lever Extension $44.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)