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The BMW K1200RS / GT Protector

Protect your 97-05 K1200RS/GT engine AND add some flash to your bike with our original RS/GT PROTECTOR.

Each Protector is hand crafted by yours truly from a heavy gauge screen that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and with excellent "air-flow" characteristics and the best part is... a mounting system that requires absolutely NO HOLE DRILLING in the lower cowling. Install time...a paltry 20 minutes!This piece really makes a stunning visual difference to the K1200RS's and GT's overlooked cowling area. Our biggest seller!! Thousands sold!

I offer the PROTECTOR in a variety of durable powder coated colors that will enhance the beauty of any BMW K1200RS or GT ...Gloss Black, Marrakesh Red, Dakar Yellow, Mandarin, and the most popular...Frost Silver.

Note: While powder coating is NOT the exact science that painting is and the colors may not be a perfect match...I wouldn't be selling them if they weren't near perfect. Also: Except for Silver and Black.. all colors are produced in limited quantities.

Color Choice : If for any reason you are not satisfied with the color match with your bike, just return your Protector for either a swap for another color or a 100% refund. No questions asked. FYI.. if you are unsure which color would look best on your specific bike, call us at 828.628.7093 ESTand we'll spew some advice. FYI.. You can not go wrong with Silver as they match the front forks and wheels perfectly.

RS/GT Protector Silver $35.US (Fed/Ex Ground Included) Sold Out! ! Discontinued 1/5/06!