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Witness the bad-ass looking Remus Hexacone Full Exhaust Systems for the new kings of sport touring motorcycles... the BMW K1600GT & K1600GTL. This kit fits the 2011-2020 models only.

The Remus Hexacone, featuring a fixed silencer, offers a European approved deeptone sound level. The benefits of the Remus Hexacone are: Ultra lightweight... deep, sexy sound... high quality materials .. a few extra ponies ... longer lasting erections. Reviewing the performance gain shown in the dyno link below, it is clear that max rpm peak horse power (162hp/ rear wheel) was not the focus as it would be with a race bike such as the S1000RR. Rather.. Remus' goal was to exploit the very best torque gain possible at mid range rpm (19.8 ft/lbs!!!) assuring a hard pull, without hesitation, we all love so much when making the decision.. ie.. “This is the place to pass that RV caravan”.

Quality of Remus exhaust systems, which are made in the Austria, is first rate and sets new design standards in the exhaust community. The innovative design improves both performance and noise reduction while reducing dead weight on your big "6" while providing that deep sexy Remus sound. This Remus package comes in at only 23lbs. Simple install. No mods necessary. Just bolt them on and ride.

The K1600GT / GTL Remus Hexacone Full Exhaust System includes both left and right side canisters, connector pipes, stainless steel header system, and all mounting hardware. We offer them in either a Titanium with Carbon Fiber end cap or Carbon Fiber.

Disclaimer: Remus (and Pirates Lair) recommends that the Remus header system be installed by an experienced BMW technician or shop. Trust us on this one.

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In case you are curious, the Stainless Steel header system eliminates the catalytic converter and replaces it with free flow down tubes providing significant performance increase. The Remus Hexacone comes with a removable 'street legal' silencer. All exhaust piping and hardware are made of lightweight 321 aircraft stainless. The logos are adhesive style decals which can be lifted off the canister by the customer. The 0101 089911 K16oo headers (listed below) fits the 2017-2020 K16 series.

The Remus Hexacone, which fits the 2011-2020 models only, comes with a 1 year warranty against breaking, cracking or rusting. System retains center stand capability. Wondering about bag clearance? There's plenty. Mounting system is super clean.. No bands!

For Slip-On Remus Hexicone Exhausts.. Click Here.

3/2022 - Carbon Fiber Heads Up Notice: Remus recently changed the design of their Carbon Fiber canisters. They no longer have a shiny finish, but now have a matte finish as pictured above left.
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Remus Titanium Hexacone Full Exhaust System / 2011-2020 K1600GT / K1600GTL $3742.US (UPS Ground Included) Discontinued 11/23!
Remus Carbon Fiber Hexacone Full Exhaust System / 2011-2020 K1600GT /K1600GTL $3742.US (UPS Ground Included) Discontinued 8/22!

If you ever want to upgrade your current K16 Remus slip-ons to a full system or just get rid of the cat on your oem system, Remus offers stainless steel headers which are 100% compatible with your current Remus slip-ons, the oem cans, and most aftermarket cans. With this purchase you get left and right side headers only. Connection dimensions match the OEM headers. Remus (and Pirates Lair) recommends that the Remus header system be installed by an experienced BMW technician or dealership. Trust us on this one. Stats for the full system can be found here.

K16 Header Application: We found out the hard way that BMW made a change to K16 headers on late 2021 or early 2022 models. The headers that have fit all the K16's thru (as best as we can tell) late 2021 had (2) O2 sensor ports in them. One on each side. The 2022 headers now have (4) O2 sensor ports due to the 2022 Euro 5 emission standards, similar to cars. Subsequently, we now know that the Remus part# 0101 089911 headers (sold exclusively in the US by Pirates Lair and listed below) fit only the 2017-2021 K1600 series BMWs with (1) O2 sensor port per side. If your bike has (2) O2 sensors per side (4 total).. this kit will not fit. If in doubt.. check before ordering. Lastly... we have asked Remus to produce kits for the 2022 (4 port) bikes and hope to see those soon.

REMUS HEADERS ONLY for BMW K1600GT / GTL / Grand America / Bagger- 2017-2021
Remus Stainless Steel HEADERS ONLY for 2017-2021 K1600GT / K1600GTL - $1570.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)