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Perfected on the race tracks of Europe.. brought to you by Pirates' Lair. Witness the bad-ass looking Remus 8 Slip-On Exhaust Systems for the 2015+ BMW R1200R & R1200RS. The multi-pass interior design of the innovative "8" muffler offers a big expansion volume to enable an increase of engine power and torque in combination with the well-known sonorous REMUS sound. Of course the REMUS 8 sound is within all legal limits and the sport muffler is delivered with EEC approval papers. Despite the big volume of the muffler, the slim design enables the easy mounting of standard carrying cases.

The Remus 8 slip-on exhausts are available in Matte Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel. Both choices come with a Carbon Fiber end cap, Connecting tube, and a Carbon Fiber heat shield which, IMHO, is the reason for the high price. All mounting hardware is included. The logos are adhesive style decals which can be lifted off the canister by the customer.

In case you are curious.. No.. the Remus 8 slip-on systems do not eliminate the catalytic converter, but we offer an optional header kit that does. The header system (which eliminates the cat) works with everything: Remus 8, Remus HexaCone, oem canister, and/or any other aftermarket slip-on system.

The dimensions of the "8" are.. Length: 480mm / Width: 110mm / Height: 150mm–180mm. The conical muffler's sleeve length is just 350 mm. The inlet cap as well as the interior body is made of stainless steel. The mounting of the REMUS 8 is done with a bracket, because a clamp will destroy the optical appearance of the octagonal-conical shape of the sleeve. Silencers are included and fixed. They are NOT removable.

Each Remus 8 kit comes with a 1 year warranty against breaking, cracking, rusting, or erectile dysfunction... Fits the 2015+ BMW R1200R & R1200RS.

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FREEBIE GIVEAWAY! Here ye.. Here ye.. Pirates Lair is giving away a Free Pirates Lair Tee with every exhaust system sold while supplies last.
Just ask at time of order and we'll either include your tee with your shipment or ship separately. Just let us know what size you want at time of order and we'll make it happen.
If we are out of the size you want we'll ship the next largest size. You can choose any color you want as long as it's black. Supplies are limited.
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