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BMW R1250RS / R1200RS Stealth Backrest ..... Customer Comments

7/7/20: I have completed the installation of the Stealth backrest. You were absolutely right….It was chimp easy, so before I did anything, I popped a cold one on this hot day. My comments & notes are on the copy of the instruction sheet that came with the backrest. After the install, I took my 17 year-old daughter for her first 30 mi. ride…She loved it! Position of the backrest was just right. Her comment: “My ass woulda sled off the seat”. Thanks for staying with this project! Regards..
Hiro Shiba / Littleton, CO / BMW R1250RS

6/20/20: First of all, thanks for your efforts in bringing this project to reality. I remember when this popped up on the old (deceased) R1200RS forum. I even have a CAD file for it. Made an effort to source a fab shop myself, but there's no way it would have turned out this nice! Received it earlier than anticipated. Excellent packaging and instructions. Installation was as described. I ended up using anti-seize, as I do anytime I'm dealing with aluminum threads. The fit and finish are perfect and the little extra for the badge really sets it off. Rear seat comfort is great.

Typically I've used the BMW Soft Bag 3 as a backrest for my wife. Acceptable, but the Stealth has the curve (the pad on the front of the bag is flat) and positioning to allow slightly more room for her. The cover material is very nice and matches up well. Actually much better than the easily scuffed stock material. The OCD in me appreciates that you included alternate ways to secure the backrest. I actually drilled and tapped a second hole in the backrest bracket (not the base) to allow another 10mm of rearward travel.

Finally, the new base still allows the BMW soft bag (sold at Revzilla) to mount up as normal. Something I wasn't sure of initially. Long and drawn out, I know. But I thought you would appreciate the feedback.
Daid Taylor / Kernersville, NC / BMW R1250RS