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BMW R1250RS / R1250R / R1200RS / R1200R Stealth Backrest Install

We have designed this backrest to be a very easy install. The whole process should take 10 minutes. I strongly suggest you put the bike on a centerstand or rear wheel stand for the install although that's not necessary. It'll just be easier. If you have a BMW R1250R or R1200R you'll need to install the optional luggage rack available from any BMW dealer or on-line. Please read and follow my instructions as written.


1. If you have a centerstand or rear wheel stand, the following will be easier if you lift your bike up. Remove the plastic silver cover  on your oem rear rack. There are (2) T20 torx screws . You won’t need this cover or those screws any more. Store them..

2. Remove the (6) T30 torx oem screws which secure your oem rear rack. Leave the rack in place.

3. Place the (6) furnished aluminum spacers atop your oem rear rack on top of the screw holes. (image top right). Be careful if you do this while the bike is on the side stand as the spacers may fall off. A small dab of grease on the bottom of each one will hold them in place although that's not necessary.

4. Carefully place the aluminum Stealth bracket on top of the (6) spacers. Be careful NOT to drop or lose any of your spacers. If you lose one.. you can stop right here and start drinking and cussing.

5.  Spray a little WD-40 on all (6) of the furnished low-head socket cap screws, put the furnished wave washers on the screws, then insert all (6) through the Stealth bracket.  DO NOT TIGHTEN YET.

WARNING: I’ve discovered that some (not all) of the threaded inserts BMW has installed on the oem rack are aluminum.. Not steel...WTF?! Meaning.. some of them can strip easily so for the love of God.. follow the next step verbatim to avoid a potential bad situation..

6.  With your fingers (or a 4mm hex wrench), get all (6) screws started before tightening. (image at right) Again.. Be careful NOT to strip any of the oem threaded inserts. Do NOT force the screws.. Ease them into place. Once you get them started, tighten them down until they are snug.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Just use common sense. Snug and a 1/4 turn should do.
The wave washers will keep them from backing out.


1. Slide the backrest in until the holes line up.

2. Lock it in place with your furnished securing knob. Only one screw is needed to secure the backrest to the bike.

3. Revel in your own magnificence. Go riding! You’re done!

Warranty: Pirates' Lair will replace the Stealth bracket and/or slide bar assembly FREE of CHARGE for a period of 5 YEARS from date of purchase should your bracket or backrest section break or crack. We will also warranty the upholstery portion for ONE YEAR. Just contact us via email or phone at 828.628.7093 EST if you encounter any problems.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the backrest you are agreeing to install and use on your BMW has not been tested under EVERY conceivable condition. Every effort has been made to design a sturdy and durable product, but at this time.. there are numerous "real-world" variables that may or may not cause possible injury to passenger or rider or both. Please be aware that you are hereby forewarned as to these "variables" and by proceeding with the installation of said backrest, you are in effect waiving all legal recourse /rights in the event of accident caused by.. or damage inflicted upon..or contributed to... by the Stealth backrest. In no case will Jerry (a.k.a. Pirate) Finley, Pirates' Lair or any other of the contributing participants be held liable for injury or damage (consequential or otherwise) resulting from or arising out of usage of the Stealth backrest by you or your passengers. The reader should recognize that motorcycling is a dangerous activity that can result in injury or death. You are hereby notified that, should you decide to proceed, you do so at your own risk. If you do NOT agree with all aspects of this disclaimer... please return the backrest and I'll gladly refund the entire purchase price (excluding shipping)