Jiayou New Energy H7 LED Headlight Bulbs... Customer Comments...

Ok, You were correct.. LEDs work beautifully in the high beams on my K1300S. No faults!! Thought I'd mess around a bit (cuz that's what I do) I put an LED in the low beam, 1 LED in the high beam and 1 PIAA H7 in the other high beam. No faults until I flicked the high beam switch and then voila, LAMPF! fault. When I put the PIAA H7 back in the low beam and both LEDs in the high beams ..no LAMPF! fault. I suspect that the previous theory of the low beam being the reference circuit hence the lack of fault with abnormal amp voltage at low beam. As for brightness, I'd say the LEDs are 2-3x brighter than the PIAA H7. That's the analysis for today and NO, I didn't f@&k anything up this time.
Ken Felch / BMW K1300S
I have been using Sylvania H7 Xtra Vision halogen bulbs in my K1200S for the last few years and ridden another Kbike with HID so I know how bright those are. I was very curious as to how the LED bulb would fare... After real-world road testing, I'd say the LED bulb is about right in between in visible brightness.. Where the HID is 200% brighter than stock.. my seat-o-da-pants impression is that the LED is about 100% brighter. The LED bulb throws a wider pattern than my halogen with a whiter, brighter light, but about the same distance. I'm very happy with the result. IMHO.. the LED bulb is a serious improvement over any halogen, but nowhere near as bright as an HID. Yet.. That being said, .. the ease of install, super-long life, and price make the LED a viable upgrade alternative. I've been wanting more light up front, but honestly.. I've been too chicken-shit to install an HID kit as those take actual effort, time, and thinking..
Jerry Finley / 2006 K1200S
On my 2005 K12S. I am very happy and the difference is incredible. Running the Colorado canyons at night is much more enjoyable. I had originally planned to upgrade only my low beam but after one night ride, I found my that high beams were now useless. I would recommend to anyone considering this to replace all three bulbs. Its only been a few weeks but I will say this is one of the best and certainly most beneficial mods I have done on the bike.
Henry Walton / 2005 BMW K1200S