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Hyperpro Steering Damper Customer Comments

Been riding with a new active damper installed for a week now. Makes a noticeable improvement overall, especially with I think I counted 22 clicks of adjustment from nothing to full damping. Steering input is lighter and more precision and stable.......I think? No, I'm sure! Hell, it feels like the bike picked up another 5hp!!!. The stock damper stiffens very quickly, probably to quickly and probably contributes a lot to complaints of bad slow speed maneuverability. Also, the new damper is a machine of beauty , especially in gun metal gray and gold. A good upgrade for me.
Daniel Reyna / 1999 K1200RS / Oxnard, CA
Had great weekend with the new steering damper! I could not believe the quality and workmanship when I took it out of the box! Put it on the day I got it and rode the next day about 200 miles. The front end has a completely different feel. Lighter and definitely more feedback. Oh yeah….much more stable too. I have it at 5 clicks now and it seems really good. My GT has about 35K on it. Makes me love my bike even more now.
Steve Joern / 2003 K1200GT / Kingston, NY
I ran into the bolt from hell that I found labled by other K1200RS owners. The bolt that holds the factory damper as it attaches to the fork bridge is a nightmare to take off. It is installed with high strength thread locking compound and it's on a tough angle to access. It strips instantly as you try and remove it. I bought a bolt extractor to remove it and in the process of drilling the bolt head for the extractor to catch and remove the bolt in counterclockwise rotation, the head of the bolt came off. It turned out to be a blessing since I was then able to remove the damper and then with vise grips I removed the bolt. To make a long story short and to save people tons of time, it would not be a bad idea to simply drill the head off the bolt from the get-go, and you'll save tons of time and frustration. The HyperPro damper is a work of art. Very nice design, easy to adjust and beautiful to look at. I haven't ridden the bike since I'm upgrading other things on it, so I can't tell you how well it actually works.
Carlos Montez / 2002 K1200RS / Marysville, Wa

So I finally got around to installing this and I wish I'd installed it sooner. After reading of other's removal difficulties with the screw angle I found that removing the piston from the fork mount allows the shock body to be rotated to perfect angle to get your T30 bit up in there and impact it off. Liberal use of WD-40 for a few minutes before made the screw come right out. Still I was glad to see the new hardware was an allen bolt to take its place. The 2 foam washers that BMW used to isolate the shock mount to the fork were shot and had to be ordered from BMW. $4 and 5 days later with new washers in hand, installation was easy. Started out 5 clicks in from minimum and eventually went to 7 clicks. The bike handles better than it ever has, so much more stable at highway speeds and much easier to ride 5 mph. Coupled with new Iridium plugs and solid copper wires, the bike seems never faster. So glad, worth every penny.
Ron Papiska / 1998 K1200RS
/ San Diego, CA
The Hyperpro Damper is the best money I ever spent It never handled so well. The thing I love about it when I want to play in the twisties, I can loosen the damper and when I am doing highway I can make it a little tighter. Bike is at BMW Miami for Service but when it gets home I will send you pics. Thanks for everything!
Brian D. Miller / 2003 K1200RS / Miami, Fla