Take me home, El Capitan!

Pirates' Lair wants to help you protect the backside of your BMW K1200RS or K1200GT with this beautiful rear wheel hugger from Ilmberger of Germany. Protect your bike from flying debris and add a little flash with this German import. Each piece is as light as mountain air and offers a deep, hand rubbed gloss finish for the ultimate in weight loss and spectacular looks. Provides ultimate protection for the rear shock absorber. Spend less time cleaning, more time riding!

Since 1990 Ilmberger has been producing high-quality carbon fiber products, equaling OEM quality and sold through OEM accessory catalogs. Used by top international racers, Ilmberger products are the highest quality carbon fiber we have found. IMHO.. Ilmberger carbon fiber is the best you can buy!

Ilmberger carbon fiber is TUV/ABE approved. What does a European standard mean to us here in the U.S.? It means that Ilmberger carbon fiber is the highest quality, and fits the best. Ilmberger is also the only carbon fiber manufacturer to use Kunststoffbeschichtet, or plastic powder coating, on their parts. This finish is much more resistant to scratching than standard clear-coat finishes, blocks UV rays that can damage your carbon fiber over time, is a better base for painting, and improves the appearance of each part... or so the Germans tell us. Ilmberger parts are produced using autoclaves and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques like those used in Formula 1.

You may be wondering.. "are they worth the money?" Yes.. they are expensive, but you get what you pay for and these are simply the best on the market. Trust me on this.. Arrrrg.. Fits All Model Year K1200RS and the 2002-2004 K1200GT

Ilmberger 1997-2004 K1200RS / 2002-04 K1200GT Carbon Hugger $299.US (USPS Priority Included) (1) In Stock! Last One On Earth!